adsense works!

February 16, 2005

just checked my adsense account today and i’ve already racked up enough money to get paid. as alekkomar mentions in my blog’s comments, my first check goes out to Celiac Disease research. looks like adsense really does work, although i wonder what the revenue share is. i’ve heard people around the web complaining that they don’t make as much as they used to and i wonder if that’s because google adjusted the revenue share or if advertisers are bidding less per click.

either way, my google ads are far outshining the amazon associates links i put up. so far, i think i’ve only made a few bucks on the amazon links.


17 Responses to “adsense works!”

  1. Thomas Hawk Says:

    I like this. Financial details on the adsense program. How many hits did you get to get your $100? I know that Google is pretty clandestine about the whole program and how it works. You might be just the guy to open the adsense program up and show us all how it works.

  2. Thomas Hawk Says:

    in fact the more I think about this you really should push the envelope on this one. open this whole adsense thing up. talk to other bloggers who won’t publish financial details and put together an analysis for all of us. point out inconsistencies if they exist. sure google will take you adsense account away, but all the better — can you imagine the new headline, google fires blogger then takes his adsense account away.

  3. Dude Says:

    The only way you can get better hits is if you’re popular..

  4. Carmi Says:

    You are to be commended for your good-heartedness. You’ve had quite the month, and to still take time out to help a worthy cause is laudable indeed.

    That sets a great example for everyone who drops by to read your blog.


  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Actually, Blogger is wholly owned by Google. So…they could fire Mark, take away his adsense, AND remove his blog altogether. They could justify the latter by claiming it was sucking bandwidth.

    CubicSpot – Covering the Tech. industry since 2004.

  7. alekkomar Says:

    Hey, thanx Mark for donating your first Adsense check to – quite classy of you! 😉

  8. Ram Says:

    Just what is wrong with you?

    Have you read Adsense TOS (Terms of Service). As a publisher, you, are NOT allowed to discuss any financial aspects of Adsense on your site (e.g. CTR, CPM, $/month etc). There are several folks who are kicked out of the program because of it.

    Anyways, you are cool. And great stuff contributing. But, revealing $ earned, gets you kicked out. And if you really care about charity, you would take the $ amount out.


  9. Magi Says:

    Hey Mark,

    What a coincidence, I have celiac disease, one of the first adults diagnosed in Australia back in the 70’s!

    I’m off to click on some of your adsence ads before they cut you off that too!


  10. Josh Says:

    I’m curious, why disclose the amount. Doesn’t that just cause isses with the TOS?

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  11. Christine Says:

    It’s nice to hear Google didn’t yank your adsense account away from you. Produce enough blogs on hot topics with adsense and you’ll make enough that you won’t have to find a job.

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  12. Ravneet Says:

    Good move Mark to remove the $ amount from the blog post, but it still gives a hint 😉


  13. jdragon Says:

    What an idiot, now he’s breaking ToS. Will you ever learn?

  14. Arjun Prabhu Says:

    I suggest you keep quite about this ! :)…

    Adsense is a program to make money silently!.

    Arjun Prabhu

  15. TuckerMax Says:



  16. Todd Says:

    Damn, I came in late to this and didn’t get to see how much $$$ was posted before it was re-edited. Somebody tell me how much it was. God damnit!

  17. iqcrave Says:

    Congrats! i still have a long way to go on my first adsense check lol!

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