February 20, 2005

i just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”. personally, i liked it even more than tipping point – and tipping point is already on my list of favorite books. i guess i’m just simply fascinated with thinking about human interactions and communication.

over the past few weeks, i’ve been meeting a ton of people and going through a lot of interviews. i’ve always had a “gut feel” about people i meet and now that i’ve read blink, i’m actually conscious of where that feeling comes from. i’m also weary of scenarios where it might go wrong. hopefully, i can fine tune my abilities and become cognizant of all the snap judgments i make everyday. thin slicing… very cool stuff.

it also made me think about the hundreds of thousands (maybe millions :O) of people who have blinked me. hundreds of people’s impressions can be found in my blog’s comments and even more across the blogosphere. it’s really interesting how certain people focus on some things while others pick up something completely different. the real kicker is, people are so used to making snap judgments about others around the internet that it seems to be almost an involuntary reaction. if you’re in any sort of profession where you need to interact with a large number of people, i would say this book is a crucial read – if you can’t tell, i’m a huge gladwell evangelist now 🙂

next up is “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond. this book has been heavily recommended to me by both colleagues at microsoft and people around the blogosphere. i’m not much of a history nut, but everyone assures me i’ll enjoy this book anyways.

someone also recommended “Disciplined Minds“, a book about how the corporate system affects its employees. sounds like an interesting read given the events i’ve gone through, but i’m curious as to whether it really applies in the internet/tech industry. anyone have opinions on this book?


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  1. Franklin Says:

    Another now-famous person who got fired for blogging is Queen of Sky, a former Delta flight attendant. Her “crime”? She posted some mildly flirtatious pictures taken in an empty plane while she was in uniform.

    It’s sad to see employers so driven by fear that they fire people who they feel might tarnish their reputation. It feels to me the US is becoming ever more a hypocritical culture where we’re all supposed to pretend to be so pure — but we’re not (remember Nixon’s deleted expletives? And why are “red” states less “moral” on many measures than “blue” states?)

    Good luck, Mark! Glad you’ve taken this as a learning experience; I’m impressed with your grace and equanimity.


  2. Pete'y Says:

    sounds like your doin alot of great reading mark. keep it up! Are you a fan of a guy called ‘Stephen Covey’? He wrote ‘7 habbits of highly effective people’. I full recommend him. I feel the same way you do about Malcom, i’m Stephens evangelist!

  3. if you’re working at a startup company of less than 40 people, the experience is unlike the typical corporate situation. there’s not much room for hierarchy. people know each other and treat each other as peers. even engineering and marketing seem to get along well.

    this desirable state of affairs seems to begin to unravel past this number and, of course, there is the other well-known ceiling of 150.

    a smart friend of mine has read the book and he liked it. in general, unless you’re the CEO, i think books like that have a tendency to be a bit depressing.

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  5. Barlas Says:

    If nothing else, atleast I am getting lots of books to add in my “To Read” list, from this blog. 🙂

  6. mosdef Says:

    Just read another blog about you at another site. One of my buddies sent me to this site and I thought it was pretty good. http://www.texashorns.net

  7. Rose Says:

    now if only mark turns his snap judgments into snap decision-makings… :-O

  8. TuckerMax Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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