The wonders of JavaScript

March 28, 2005

So with a little help from Terry, I’ve added a small JavaScript link at the top of my blog that allows you to switch between “cased style” and “classic style”.

As I was hacking away at my header file, Terry commented that I was so “old school”. It’s been a few years since I’ve done any JavaScript so I naturally created a script tag with language=”JavaScript”. Apparently the correct way to do this now is to set type=”text/JavaScript”. I’ve never been called “old school” before… makes me feel all grown up 😮

Of course, for all those reading through aggregators, you’ll always get cased style.


No Responses Yet to “The wonders of JavaScript”

  1. Spyder Says:

    You’re not alone… I’d never heard of using text/javascript until today :S

  2. Joe Says:

    So do you write your entries twice or are you running a script that goes through and converts the text to the correct grammar. Probably not the smartest of questions but with the right scripts it can be done.

  3. Joe Says:

    Nevermind, the script just answered my question haha.

  4. rose Says:

    forget javascript – read this book if you really want to learn about punctuation.

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