Plaxo's Communication (Blogging) Policy

March 29, 2005

Since joining Plaxo, I’ve been on a team that’s working to define our policy regarding employees that want to participate in public communication. We wanted to include blogging, message boards, e-mail groups and any other media by which people are able to share ideas nowadays. Here’s what we came up with; have a gander at it and feel free to give feedback through the comments or e-mail me: mark @t

Plaxo Public Internet Communication Policy

The following policy applies to all employees and contractors of Plaxo, and covers all publicly accessible communications via the Internet relating to Plaxo. This includes, but is not limited to: blogs, discussion forums, newsgroups, and e-mail distribution lists.


This company depends upon not only the strong formal competencies of its workers (programming abilities, writing skills, etc.), but their “soft skills” as well. Specifically, the fabric of this company is sustained by a sense of camaraderie and trust.

While we encourage open communication both internally and externally in all forms, we expect and insist that such communication does not substantively demean our environment. This means that constructive criticism — both privately and publicly — is welcome, but harsh or continuous disparagement is frowned upon.

Externally communicating about aspects of the company that are part of your non-disclosure agreement (partnership deals, earnings, upcoming unannounced features, etc.) is ALWAYS forbidden, however, and grounds for immediate termination and legal action.

In a nutshell, be prudent. Ask yourself: “Would this public expression regarding Plaxo impair my ability to work with my colleagues on a friendly basis? Would it give a leg up to our competition? Would it make our current or upcoming partners uncomfortable?” If you could answer yes to any of those questions, please avoid this communication.

Additionally, you should first express with your management and co-workers any Plaxo concerns you may have. Voicing concerns about Plaxo publicly without first communicating such concerns to your management and co-workers is counterproductive and inadvisable.


  1. Your public communications concerning Plaxo must not violate any guidelines set forth in your employee handbook, whether or not you specifically mention your employee or contractor status.
  2. You may participate in Plaxo-related public communications on company time. However, if doing so interferes with any of your work duties and/or responsibilities, Plaxo reserves the right to disallow such participation.
  3. You must include the following disclaimer on published public communications if you identify yourself as a Plaxo employee or if you regularly or substantively discuss Plaxo publicly: “The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of [your name]. Content published here is not read or approved by Plaxo before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Plaxo.”
  4. You may not communicate any material that violates the privacy or publicity rights of another.
  5. You may not attack personally fellow employees, authors, customers, vendors, or shareholders. You may respectfully disagree with company actions, policies, or management.
  6. You may not disclose any sensitive, proprietary, confidential, or financial information about the company. This includes revenues, profits, forecasts, and other financial information, any information related to specific authors, brands, products, product lines, customers, operating units, etc. You may not disclose any information about any specific customer. Further detail is provided in the “Security and Confidentiality” section of your employee handbook.
  7. You may not post any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to another person or any other person or entity. This includes, but is not limited to, comments regarding Plaxo, Plaxo employees, Plaxo’s partners and Plaxo’s competitors.

Failure to follow these policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge. Only a written document signed by the President of Plaxo can approve an exception of any of the above policies.

Additionally, here are some guidelines you may wish to follow for your own protection. This is not a comprehensive list and Plaxo will not indemnify you from legal action if you follow these guidelines.

  1. If you think you will get in trouble directly or indirectly because of any communication you are about to make, please discuss it with your manager first.
  2. Remember that you are not anonymous. Even if you write anonymously or under a pseudonym, your identity can still be revealed. You should communicate as if you are doing so under your own name. Indeed, it is recommended that you do communicate using your real name.
  3. You will probably be read or heard by people who know you. Post as if everyone you know reads or hears every word.
  4. You are personally legally responsible for any content you publish. Be aware of applicable laws regarding publishing your content or regarding the content itself before you post. This includes adhering to applicable copyright laws.

111 Responses to “Plaxo's Communication (Blogging) Policy”

  1. S. Chen Says:

    There are ways to make yourself more anonymous when you post on the Internet. Of course, one of those ways is to not identify your employer or post anything identifiable about your job. And use a pseudonym that no one would associate with you, and don’t use your computer at work.

  2. ekapa Says:

    i like the policy. nice one! google, chew on that! 😉

  3. Two parts of the policy/guidelines are in direct conflict:

    Failure to follow these policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge. Only a written document signed by the President of Plaxo can approve an exception of any of the above policies.

    … and …

    If you think you will get in trouble directly or indirectly because of any communication you are about to make, please discuss it with your manager first.

    What if both an employee and his/her manager both believe something is OK, and it isn’t? I’d say you’d either have to authorize managers at a certain level to authorize any communication, or you will have to leave the “talk to your manager” part.

  4. S Says:

    Look here:

    They’re trying to deal with the same issues. You might find some good ideas there.

  5. S Says:

    Okay, who turned the “caps” off? Cute…not!

  6. Dave Says:

    It seems like a whole lot of common sense (don’t do things that will piss off you’re co-workers or get you in trouble). But I guess that’s a good thing.

    But I wonder, could you or would you have said anything like you did about Google if they had a policy like this?

    Which reminds me, we’re still all waiting for an objective comparison of Microsoft vs. Google vs. Plaxo’s salaries and benefits packages.

  7. Teri Solow Says:

    “Would it make our current or upcoming partners uncomfortable?”

    I think that’s rather far reaching. It is likely that someone, somewhere, if offended/made uncomfortable by nearly anything. For instance, it is quite likely that certain persons owning businesses (which may be potential Plaxo partners) are deeply offended by the idea that minorities and/or women can/should be considered equals to white middle aged men. Of course, that doesn’t make it right to avoid talking about working at Plaxo if one happens to be a woman or a(nother [according to some employers]) minority.

    Maybe changing the above to say something like, “Would it reasonably make our current or upcoming partners uncomfortable?”

  8. markjen Says:

    Arve – Good observation. The first section is meant to allow for exceptions to parts of the policy. For example , (and I’m not saying this would happen, but) if there was a post that we wanted our CFO to make about earnings, we could get an exception granted.

    If a manager approves an employee posting an entry that is in direct violation of a policy, the manager will also be reprimanded.

    Good stuff though, thanks for the comments!

  9. markjen Says:

    S – Thanks for the link to Thomas Nelson Publishers’ new blog policy draft. I did get a chance to take a look at this while I was drafting up this policy; some things in our policy closely mirror what they’ve set in their policy. One difference is that I believe Thomas Nelson Publishers is starting up an employee blog portal. We’re also looking to add something directly into the employee handbook, thus the more formal language.

    Thanks for the feedback though, we’ll be watching the discussion at Michael Hyatt’s blog.

    BTW, you can toggle whether you want caps or not by using the “cased style”/”classic style” link at the top of every page 😉

  10. markjen Says:

    Dave – Part of the idea of this policy and the guidelines is to try to maintain as much employee freedom as possible while helping prevent people from making the same mistakes I did while I was at Google. If Google had a policy like this, I would definitely have followed it and my posts at 99zeros would probably have had slightly different content.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

    P.S. Plaxo’s compensation package is extremely competitive and in line with an employee’s demonstrated results. 😉

  11. markjen Says:

    Teri – Thanks for the comments. You are right, that area of our policy is a little fuzzy. We felt that we had to have something in there about making comments about Plaxo’s partners. But we see your point about how some partners may have views that we aren’t aware of; or even views that we are aware of but don’t agree with. We’ll do some work on this area. Thanks again!

  12. Olaf Gradin Says:

    I find points 5. and 7. to be a little too strict. I should, personally speaking, be allowed to write anything I want that may be negative towards another person. If I choose to do so, I can agree to use anonymity with those people are reference them as “John” and “Jane.” For that matter, it would appear that I don’t have the opportunity to make gross statements like, “everyone at the cafeteria today had ugly hair.” Not that you’d say that, I’m just using it as an example.

  13. Olaf Gradin Says:

    use anonymity with those people are reference them as “John” and “Jane.”

    should read…

    use anonymity with those people and reference them as “John” and “Jane.”

  14. markjen Says:

    Olaf – We’ll take a look into how to relax those requirements a little bit; perhaps we’ll move them into the recommendations section instead of the policy guidelines section. I too think that it might be a little too strict, but we want to make sure employees aren’t flaming people recklessly…

    Thanks for your ideas!

  15. dali Says:

    Well, I know you should not say this about current employers, but why cann’t you tell us what a APM makes at Google? I don’t think it breaks any rules, and will help people know how much they are worth if they think going from current job to something like APM or PM job… if you can not post it, can you at least send it to me in email? thansk. csmba AT “removeThis”

  16. keso Says:

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  17. Joe Says:

    Mark, can I take some of your ideas/wording for use in my own companies blog policy?

  18. markjen Says:

    Joe – You definitely can! You may either use it in its entirety or you can make derivative works off of it.

  19. Adam Says:


    Yes, but only if you get EVERY person at your company to sign up for Plaxo!

    Kidding, just kidding… 🙂

  20. Joe Says:

    Putting together my company has been a real chore with being over here but I am just about read to file. Actually almost all of the contracted people I am in contact with from over here are members of Plaxo. I joined the moment you wrote about it as I know you know your stuff. Anyway, thank you!

  21. rose Says:

    i think plaxo’s benefits should include plane tickets for significant others.

  22. Mark Jens, fired Google blogger, helps Plaxo draft a blogging policy

    Bloggers with jobs were all a twitter when Mark Jens, the “Google blogger,” was fired from his job because he posted some complaints about Google’s…

  23. sport Says:

    # You may not disclose any sensitive, proprietary, confidential, or financial information about the company. This includes revenues, profits, forecasts, and other financial information, any information related to specific authors, brands, products, product lines, customers, operating units, etc. You may not disclose any information about any specific customer. Further detail is provided in the “Security and Confidentiality” section of your employee handbook.

    Gee wiz Mark – when are you gonna spill the beans on #6? I bet you don’t last at plaxo one year [=

  24. Damion Says:

    Mark, this looks great. I believe scores of people could learn a thing (or six) from your replies – excellent handling of your viewer’s feedback. I dare say even some chief executives could benefit from studying your technique.

  25. […] Policy
    Sunday 3 April 2005 @ 6:01 pm

    Mark Jen of Plaxo (ex of Google) has posted Plaxo’s draft blogging policy for comment. Thanks to David Jacobson for the tip.

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  26. […] g experiments in marketing are causing. Mark Jen of Plaxo (ex of Google) has posted Plaxo’s draft blogging policy for comment.

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  27. Hi Mark, Couple of things, which I did not see
    1) Can an employee engage in public communication during normal business hours.
    2) Large corporations alway encourage their employees to indentify the company they work for.
    3) Putting a disclaimer does not necessarily help,though it helps in maintaining sanity.
    4) In my opinion it is imperative they have a “naming policy” too. With many providers providing spaces for blogs, imaging a situation like this http:///.
    Since you have the “name of your coporation” as a blog address, does not mean, you are a company authorized blogger. are you?
    5) And if you have identified youself as this “corporations employee”, it helps if your HR is aware of it and pls, pls do not display any adult content in that domain.

  28. PR Opinions Says:

    PR Misc – April 05, 2005

  29. markjen Says:

    Hi Venky –

    1. Yes, see #2 in the policy 🙂
    2. We do encourage people to identify themselves (see recommendation #2 at the end of the policy). I think most people at Plaxo would readily identify themselves, but I think people should retain the choice of whether or not to identify their employer.
    3. Agreed. The disclaimer does set up a “frame of reference” for the reader though, which is why we are thinking of requiring it.
    4. Ah that’s a good one. I don’t think we’ve thought too much about blog naming policies…
    5. I don’t know if we’d want to have all employee bloggers report their activities to HR. I’d hope this policy would make it so that employees would be able to minimize their contact with HR while blogging.

    If an employee keeps a personal blog and decides to post mature content that has no relation to Plaxo, I think that should be ok. I’m not sure if people would post such content, but restricting it wouldn’t seem quite right 🙂

    Thanks for your comments, we’re currently working on v.2 of this policy!

  30. […] g experiments in marketing are causing. Mark Jen of Plaxo (ex of Google) has posted Plaxo’s draft blogging policy for comment.

    | Posted in Weblogs, Employment |


  31. Politiques de publication de blogs: Plaxo

    Vous connaissez sans doute Plaxo, une compagnie qui vous aide à maintenir vos carnets d’adresses — et à cause de laquelle je reçois plusieurs emails chaque semaine me demandant de mettre à jour le carnet de quelqu’un d’autre. Plaxo a embauché …

  32. Corporate Blogging Policies: Plaxo

    You probably all know Plaxo, a company that offers electronic address book updating services — and because of which I’m receiving several emails each week asking me to update someone else address book. Plaxo hired Mark Jen, who was fired by Google be…

  33. Wolf Harper Says:

    Hmm, do these rules apply only to blog entries that mention the company? Or do they apply to blogs that mention the company? Or all employee blogs period? I mean, I routinely see personal drama on blogs that would, strictly speaking, violate the policy…

    At a practical level, could one get called into a manager’s office for
    – Grumping about my local cable company (and prospective business partner of my company, who knew?)
    – Spirited ranting about my local sports team, who (whoops) plays at [My Company] Field?
    – Talking at length about dealing with my friend and her stalker and his psychotic friends?
    – Posting some rather intense erotica?

    How far does the corporate arm reach into the blogosphere? I hope they aren’t expecting Pleasantville… it just wouldn’t be the blogosphere if everyone were polite, apolitical and non-controversial…

  34. markjen Says:

    Hi Wolf,

    Thanks for the comment. The points you bring up are very important for us to consider. There is a grey area between allowing employees to blog freely and having them negatively impact business relationships. If you recall the case with Niall Kennedy at Technorati a few weeks ago, he was hitting right in the middle of that grey area. Nothing he posted was illegal, but it reflected badly on himself and Technorati; he subsequently voluntarily removed it.

    This section of our policy definitely needs to be looked at and probably revised a bit. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


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  39. Paranoid Says:

    “You may not disclose any information about any specific customer.” – imho this should be relaxed a little. While it’s clear that you intend to restrict employees revealing sensitive info, I think it would be beneficial if they could still discuss some aspects of working with the customers, may be without naming them. Limits should be placed on it, but prohibiting mentioning anything about the customers outright is imho counterproductive.

  40. markjen Says:

    paranoid – good point. I think specific customer means you can’t name customers. I’m not too sure on whether we want to allow people to talk about customers even if they don’t name them though, since it can be painfully obvious to some people who the employee is talking about.

    I think it’s OK to talk about customers in aggregate though.

  41. Blogworks Says:

    Corporate blogging policies

    Every company should have a blogging policy. Even if you don’t have a company blog, one of your employees, somewhere, is blogging. Are they blogging about where they work? Of course. Here are some policies to get you started:

    1. Charlene Li, Forreste…

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    looks kind of like ours (link to IBM policy). Hmm… coincidence? I’d like to think not. However, I wou […]

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  47. An O. nymous Says:

    Mark – you are not thinking out of the box. This is exactly what Plaxo (and for that matter any corporation wants) they let you draft the policy and thus turn you into its own policeman, you will be the last one to complain about it and the first one to enforce it. You could have to blogging what Napster was to music… but corporate america short-cut you way to quick….

  48. BlogWorks Says:

    Your job or your blog

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  50. […] They include Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto, along with corporate-ese policies and guidelines from the likes of IBM , Yahoo , Feedster, Plaxo and Groove. The EFF’s legal guide for bloggers is worth pointing to about basic legal concerns like trade secrets, copyright, libel & slander. […]

  51. […] I follow Plaxo’s Public Communication Policy, but other than those relatively loose guidelines, I blog whatever I’m thinking. […]

  52. […] Fredrik Wackå has compared and categorized the corporate blogging policies and guidelines of IBM, Yahoo! (pdf), Hill & Knowlton, Plaxo, Thomas Nelson, Feedster, Groove and Sun. […]

  53. […] I follow Plaxo’s Public Communication Policy, but other than those relatively loose guidelines, I blog whatever I’m thinking. […]

  54. […] But in the end I have to say I’m not surprised that the policy sucks, despite the fact that is has many good elements. I really hate to be so blunt – I abhor conflict and I always want to be a positive part of the solution. But I just can’t get around the fact that (so far) this policy fails at keeping true to the essence of what makes blogs work. […]

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  70. […] At Plaxo the policy is pretty straightforward. […]

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  72. […] Nicht, dass man mich falsch versteht …. webbasierte Netzwerkplattformen sind was Feines und eine konsequente und direkte Weiterentwicklung der Usenet-Newsgroups sowie der späteren Web-Communities. Im Gegenteil: Feinere Abstimmungen und Instrumente sind wünschenswert. Z. B. vermisse ich differenzierte Freigabeoptionen für Kontaktgruppen, welche ja freundlicherweise bei den großen Anbietern (openBC/XING, Studentsclub, Cap-up usw.) bereits möglich sind. Und da sind wir beim nächsten Wunsch oder Problem – je nach Perspektive: Es hat nur einen Sinn, die Plattformen zu nutzen, die viele potenzielle Wunschkontakte nutzen. Besser noch wäre eine Verknüpfung der Plattformen, so wie es beispielsweise Plaxo über den Outlook-/Notes-Abgleich bietet – obwohl man sich über die heeren Absichten auch dieses Dienstes streiten kann, so dass von plaxoed gesprochen wird. […]

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  75. Andrew Says:

    I saw the piece about Mark during my reading on blogging in my Psyc 307 class with DeVry. This lead me to search about Corporate blogging policies, which lead me to the website: then to here.

    I believe that this information on blogging should be more wide spread as to protect an employee from losing his or her job. My current company has been trashed and I am sure that if it continues then someone will be fired, if they have not be already, and will wished that they didn’t post their blog about the company. I am sure that if more worker knew about their companies police then their freedom of destruction would come to a halt.

  76. Lee Copeland Says:

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  79. […] Plaxo’s blogging policy […]

  80. […] some appreciation for irony, Plaxo makes it his first task at the company to write the Plaxo Blogging Policy. This is one of the first examples of a corporate blogging policy and still the gold standard for […]

  81. […] follow Plaxo’s Public Communication Policy, but other than those relatively loose guidelines, I blog whatever I’m […]

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