The iPod has landed

April 13, 2005

iPod shuffle docked to my Dell 2001FP
Well, after a quick stop by Fry’s on my way home tonight, here it is! It’s been charging for a few hours now, but in the meantime, I’ve already set it all up with Martin Fiedler’s hack. It was remarkably easy; here’s all I had to do:

  1. Install iTunes and have iTunes setup the iPod shuffle
  2. Download and copy Martin’s small program onto the iPod shuffle
  3. Copy music straight over to the shuffle in any directory structure I want
  4. Run Martin’s program, right from the shuffle itself

Being able to put the program on the shuffle itself is genius. Now I can rebuild my shuffle’s music database even on the go.

While at Fry’s, I also spied the Creative Muvo Micro N200. It’s got a lot more features so I almost decided to buy that instead of the shuffle, but in the end, the shuffle’s smaller form factor won me over. That being said, if my new shuffle doesn’t meet expectations, you might see a post in about a week titled “the Muvo Micro has landed” 😛


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  1. I’ve got the Creative MuVo NX, and for my needs it beats the Shuffle. Its got a great little backlit LCD screen, great sound quality, and its tiny. And it also shows up as a USB hard drive when I plug it in my Linux boxen so I don’t have to jump through any hoops to use it without iTunes.

    It doesn’t have that iPod Shuffle “cool” factor though. But I did whip up my own little Shuffle shuffle loader script in perl.

  2. markjen Says:

    Hi Chris!

    So far, the shuffle is working out ok. If I find myself wishing I had a display or other features such as a FM tuner, I’ll probably exchange it for the Muvo Micro.

    When I plugged my shuffle in, it was automatically recognized as a 1GB USB mass storage device; there’s a version of the no-iTunes hack written in Python so you could use it on linux too methinks 🙂

    Next time we’re in the same city, we’ll have to meet up to compare.

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