Archos PMA430. Who buys stuff like this?

April 14, 2005

ArchosPMA430 Apparently Dave Winer does.

I suppose the only thing is that I don’t understand why it’s ~$700. I mean, if you can add extra functionality for minimal cost, go ahead. But I definitely don’t justify a huge pricetag with the fact that it does 4 or 5 other things. And it’s only 30GB?! What’s with that?!

I guess I’m just not entirely sold on the “all-in-one” convergence devices. I’d rather have multiple items that each do their respective function extremely well and have the smallest form factor possible – I don’t mind having 4 or 5 seperate devices if they are each best in class products. Then, I can choose what functionality (and thus devices) I want to bring with me everyday.

Maybe I’m abnormal, but for my $700 I’d rather have a PSP, iPod and PDA…

UPDATE: In my haste, I didn’t stop to check my figures. As Chris points out, a PSP + 20GB iPod + PDA = closer to $1000 than $700. Looks like PDAs are a bit more expensive than I thought. Thanks for the catch Chris!

I still wouldn’t buy the Archos though. šŸ˜›


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  1. or a laptop … šŸ™‚ Dell’s 700m can be had for around $700 to $800 on a good day.

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  3. You can get a dell handheld for $342, 20GB mp3 player for $249 and PSP for $249. Adds to $840. Not far off šŸ™‚

  4. terry chay Says:

    Really? Let’s see iPod Mini $175 + PSP $230 + Zire 21 $100 = $505 TapWave Zodiac, you can chuck the PSP.

    Yeah, I know there is no wifi. But I’ve been there, done that since the days of the Tungsten C. It’s fun to show off how you can ping all your servers at your co-location at a geek get-together, but I never really found a use for beyond that. I’m sure there is an advantage for carrying around everything in one device, but my guess is that in a few months, Dave will be leaving it at home, while I’ll still be running with my iPod (don’t have a need for a game machine and I got rid of my Palm).

    (Then again, I don’t own one of those all-in-one printer/copier/fax machines either since I am not made of money which I’ll need to pay for the inkjet refills, Rhinotek or no rhinotek.)

    Yes, I know it’s not 20 GB of storage, but good luck with the iTunes Music Store music, finding a decent set of applications for the PDA, or finding any games worth actually playing on the thing.

    While we are at it, I noticed that you can also record TV directly to this device. I’m sure this will please the twelve people who actually bought a Sony Watchman back in the 80’s.

    It comes down to platform. The accessories section of the iPod at Fry’s is larger than the combined sales section of all the other MP3 players put together. The Palm hardware, accessories and software sections is barely enough to “hold it together” there in the face of PocketPC and iPod encroachment. The PSP may not have a huge presence now, but there is little doubt that either Sony and Ninetendo will share the three rows of Gameboy goodness you see occupied by the Gameboy at Fry’s.

    To each his own. The price will mean that the PMA430 will be a niche product at best. Apple is lucky that they have droves of rich design-centric customers who can afford a $300+ iPod or iPod photo, all while companies like Archos are left scratching their heads on how they were there first but nobody but Dave Winer buys their product.

    When a company called XtremeArchos sells off all their peripheral division to concentrate on PMA430 accessories, then you know the PMA430 has made it. Until then, I’ll just wait to the next geek party for someone to try to convince me how their latest Frankenplayer is the latest iPod/Palm/Nokia/Canon/Nintendo Gameboy killer.

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