Plaxo == Privacy

April 15, 2005

Plaxo Privacy Matrix My pubsub picked up this semi-recent post on Plaxo by The 463. All I have to say is: Amen!

I know many people get the heebee jeebees when they find out that Plaxo helps them keep their contacts up to date. It’s easy to see why. Tons of services out there ask for your contact information and promptly add you to spam lists. Everyone’s been burned by a shady e-tailer, online offer or some cool new service.

Plaxo is legit. We are not in the business of spamming, identity theft or selling information. We have an address. Contact me if you’d like to visit.

It’s upsetting to see all the naysayers who didn’t get all the facts first. By the way, for the conspiracy theororists out there:

Want to see how Plaxo stacks up? Check out our privacy matrix and judge for yourself.

By the way Judith, David Coursey changed his mind about Plaxo 🙂

UPDATE: Apparently, Judith changed her mind too, I only found the negative post in my Google search. Sorry Judith, my bad 🙂


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  1. thelearner Says:

    Off topic, but I do not like the ‘==’ in the subject, as it does not make sense. You’ve evaluated an expression but have left it hanging in the air… leaving the question, Is (Plaxo == Privacy)?

    Should be Plaxo = Privacy, in my humble opinion, and may geeky C-ness go to hell if it does not convey meaning.

  2. markjen Says:

    Ah good point. I suppose when I was thinking of title, I thinking that this would just evaluate to true; not so much that it should be a line of executable code.

    But I suppose since I’ve set it up this way, people could also make the interpretation that the title evaluates to false which wouldn’t be my intention.

    Oh well, it’s just a title. But your c-geekiness is appreciated! 🙂

  3. Carl Says:


    Maybe you could explain to me how a perfect stranger has gotten “connected” to me? I had never heard about him before, least of all sent him an invite. I phoned him up and he said he’s never sent an invite to me, nor has he accepted one from me. This is what is scaring me about Plaxo and why I only recently started using it. After that incident my usage has dropped significantly, though it is a very compelling idea.

    Regards, Carl

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Carl, all you need to have to connect to someone is their e-mail address. Either you had their e-mail address or they have yours. If you’d like, I can have someone take a look at your situation and we can investigate exactly how you got connected.

  5. Michael Says:

    Just wanted to send a note about how much I enjoy using Plaxo. Of course, sometimes Outlook doesn’t play nice, but overall it has been a wonderful add-in. I’ve noticed more of my friends are staying connected, which has helped because all of us are moving around the country now and I’m pretty bad about staying updated anyway. Having Plaxo take care of all this for me is great. Keep up the great work on Plaxo and your blog. 🙂

  6. markjen Says:

    Thanks Michael! Good to hear that Plaxo is helping you keep in touch with your friends. If you ever have any feedback, you know where to find me 🙂

  7. Chris Peterson Says:

    Plaxo is a complete scam – I strongly warn against its use. Their software mined from my computer, and distributed to literally dozens of other computers, very private security information that was not in any way connected to my address book or date book, but instead located elsewhere within my Palm and Outlook based organizer setup. This information included how to disable our home security system! SOME PRIVACY! The concept is great but they are clearly greatly violating everything decent about the concept.

    Plaxo’s security ‘glitches’ are far more risky than the benefits justify in using this software. What’s worse, I personally never authorized ANY sync of my data with Plaxo, I merely set up an account because of an organization I work with who uses Plaxo. When I installed and sync’ed Outlook to my Palm PDA, Plaxo’s software ‘self-authorized’ that sync, which I had intentionally NOT done. I have read blogs of others that this has happened to.

    To illustrate how much Plaxo really cares (none) their so-called head of security/privacy issues “Mac” refused to even look into the situation outside of giving me the same feel-good PR responses that Stacy Martin posts everywhere on the web I have found any blog about Plaxo. Plaxo has no interest in doing anything other than covering this up – including having a blog on their own website that of course they edit and/or block unless they like it…some blog. However, they are great PR hype’rs, since Stacy Martin seems to catch and counter all negative (read: honest) blogs I can find on the web about this, pretty much the same brush off I got from Mac when I brought this most amazing breach of privacy to their attention. If they spent half the time and attention fixing the violations in their own policies as they do in combing the web for those that have discovered the truth about their software, they might actually have a great product.

    DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE IF THERE IS ANYTHING PRIVATE OR SECURE ON YOUR COMPUTER. If that isn’t a concern, then I guess they are the best out there at personal information sharing…maybe too good at it.

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