Fortune article about Microsoft vs. Google

April 19, 2005

Cover story for Fortune this issue sheds some light on the competition heating up between my two most recent former employers. Fred Vogelstein does an excellent job writing it up and got some really neat perspectives – including mine! I met Fred a few months ago after my Google incident and we chatted about the state of the technology industry in general. For coming from a non-technical background, I thought Fred was quite well versed in current tech. Of course, I guess it is his job…

I love how much tech industry coverage is in Fortune nowadays; it actually makes the magazine relevant to me. I think it displaces GQ (Men’s Health was a close second) as my favorite magazine :O


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  1. rose Says:

    how come when i do a search for “nerd” on this site it returns no results????????

    so do you really have that much poo or do you just do time in my bathroom to read my magazines?

    are you going to do anything about the ugliness on this site?

  2. rose Says:

    i dont want to wait for moderation. let me in.

  3. […] latform. He’s got Gates on the record on Google, which is a pretty big deal.“ Fortune article about Microsoft vs. Google – Mark Jen on 19 April 2005 wrote “Cover story for Fortune this is […]

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