I'll be back? Maybe, but not anytime soon…

April 20, 2005

I’ve been reading the Mini-Microsoft blog for a while now and the author makes some very good points. I don’t think any of the suggestions will ever get implemented, but hey, someone’s gotta point out the emperor’s new clothes.

The latest post includes this little tidbit:

As folks left for start-ups, Microsofties would give them a cheery goodbye and (if they were good) say (once they were out of earshot), “They’ll be back.”

Now folks are leaving to relish the passion of creating and shipping great software. And I haven’t heard anyone mutter, “They’ll be back.” I’ve seen far more moments of wistful envy.

When I left Microsoft, quite a few people told me straight up to my face that I’d be back – they didn’t even wait until I was out of earshot ;). Indeed, one day, I might be. But in the meantime, I’m loving the experience of working at a fast paced, nimble start-up.

On a related note, quite a few Microsofties claimed that although start-ups seemed to ship software faster, the Microsoft way is the most effective, having been refined over almost 30 years. They may be right on that note as well, but I’m not the type that just takes someone else’s word for it.

I do see a lot of promising stuff coming out of MSN though; I’m an avid watcher of the MSN/Google/Y! war, may the best solution – or at least best marketed one – win!


No Responses Yet to “I'll be back? Maybe, but not anytime soon…”

  1. Drew Says:

    Your Emporer’s new clothes link leads to a 403.

  2. markjen Says:

    hmm… the link works for me. Just in case, here’s another copy of the story.

  3. tyler Says:

    Don’t revert back to the darkside. 🙂

    You should find employment with VA Software…

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