24 hour fitness crapness

May 11, 2005

24hoursadness I’ve been trying to sign up for 24 hour fitness these past couple days and it sure feels like I’m at Shady Joe’s Used Car Dealership.

If you read nothing else in this entire post, read this: if you are in the Mountain View area and you are looking to sign up at the 24 in the San Antonio shopping center, avoid a sales guy named Michael Parker like the plague. Let me tell you a little about my experience…

A few people I’ve met have told me about the deals they’ve gotten from 24 hour fitness. One guy I know pays $20/month (no contract, no enrollment fee, etc.), other people I know paid $600 / 3 years and $49 / year after that. Still, others paid $750 / 3 years, $99 / year. Well, I figured that I could get a similar deal. Nope, not with Mr. Parker.

He’s well trained and he tried to use a high-pressure sales tactic on me. He threw out gems like “clearly, you need to get back into a gym routine” and “you didn’t come in tonight looking for a deal, you came in looking to join a gym. Let’s get you started right now.” Um… ok, not exactly the angle I would’ve chosen, but I guess he’s the sales guy, and I’m the unwitting customer right?

He was closing the whole time; I’m sure he was doing whoever trained him proud. On an average day, I’m sure he gets at least 10 people to join and he probably makes a tidy commission off of it…

Except, here’s the problem: now that there’s this thing called the Internet, information is everywhere. Including what people pay for gym memberships.

I told this to Michael and he proceeded to tell me how the Internet was full of lies. He said: “obviously, people on the internet don’t know what they are talking about. Do those people work at 24 hour fitness? No, they don’t. I actually work here, why would you trust those people you don’t know over me?”

Actually, the logical question is: why would I trust you, Mr. Parker, a sales guy who is obviously trying to make a healthy commission off of me?

Being the oblivious, hard-driving sales guy he is, he completely dismisses that when I bring it up, claiming that he’s a man of “integrity”. I don’t really see how that proves the internet is full of lies, nor how it proves that he isn’t lying to me, but I guess I can’t really stop him from making wild accusations.

Anyways, in a moment of weakness, I bought a membership last night. Then I found out I had been ripped off so I canceled it under a “3-day buyer’s remorse period”. The fact that they even have that in their contract should make potential buyer’s weary. Now, I’m shopping around and looking for a decent deal. $840 for 3 years and then $99 / year after that? I don’t think so. Not when people are getting $550 / 3 years and $20 yearly renewals.

Sound like trying to buy a used car from Shady Joe? Yep, thought so.

Anyone out there a member of 24 hour fitness? E-mail me with your experience or leave me a comment with the deal you got. 🙂


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  1. AC Says:

    Don’t buy anything that doesn’t have an advertised price.

    • yannaleah Says:

      well i had an experience like the one you had but I also cancelled when i went to work-out at another 24 gym out of state and was told about the good deals… and how i over paid… but like i said i canceled and purchased a gym membership with the other sales person for half the price originally $1000+ for a year membership with a trainer and ended up paying $500+ for a 4yr membership and $50 renewal after the 4yrs are up… i much like my plan and so far its the best ive heard about… good luck with your search

  2. Adam Says:

    I paid $750 for three years, then $8.25/month thereafter.

    About a year ago, I saw an advertisement for $750/3 years, then $20/year. I was told that I could get in on it, but only after paying — you guessed it — $750 for three years, even though I was already in my 4th year with 24 Hour Fitness.

    What a bunch of jerks. Why are gyms (yes, most gyms) so much like used car dealerships when it comes to memberships? Hmm… I guess that’s rhetorical. I suppose there are enough folks who bend under pressure…

  3. Joe Says:

    Thanks for using the internet to show these kinds of tactics that happen behind close doors. So many of the big Gyms (Ballys and others) have this tactic of sending you behind a closed door to ‘work out a deal’. This is the WORST kind of practice imaginable. Hopefuly others will post as you did and we can all get a better idea of what happens. Then those that are getting ripped off will a – realize they are, and b – know that they are not alone.

    Here in the Midwest we have an EXCELLENT chain called World Gym. They are all smaller and more focused on the person working out. They also ADVERTISE their prices and are completely open and honest.

    Also, note that almost every business contract in the US has that same three day clause. It’s mandated by most state laws. … and now you see why 🙂

  4. Joe Says:

    sorry about the triplicate post … I got an error that stated:

    No Truetypefont available for the CaptchaClass.

    and of course assumed it was not posting.


  5. ph Says:

    If you don’t have a pressing need for a gym membership then try waiting until they start getting desperate. Two weeks after my initial visit the sales guy dropped the 3 year cost by $200 and the annual renewal by $50/year. Got the $600/3yr and $50/year renewal deal.

  6. markjen Says:

    Joe – Sorry about the Captchaclass error. I guess it’s not installed correctly on this server. I’ve disabled it for now, thanks for the heads up!

  7. Tom Says:

    I like Express Fitness better. I use them in Pleasanton, and I know they have a location in Sunnyvale. They are a no frills gym that has great pricing, and is good quality. Unless you want all the frills (towels, pools, etc.)

  8. Joe Says:

    Hmm, my suggestion is to find a local community and social engineer your way into their gym. As a poor college student- I had done that plenty. Good read, lol.

  9. maggie Says:

    While not guaranteeing the best deal, you can get a decent deal through 24 hour fitness through some corporate deals. I was able to get $550/3 years, $20/year through my roommate’s company. They will also offer family deals for people who live at the same address if you have roomates. But the best deal hands down is if you find someone who works at 24 hour fitness. They offer great month to month deals then.

  10. Thomas Hawk Says:

    Who has time for a gym with all that computing that still needs to get done?

  11. Roderick Says:

    I have membership $100 down and $18 a month, no contracts no commitments and I can use any 24 hour fitness center in the country. I have had an excellent experience with them. I believe their quality varies from facility to facility, based on their average customer.

  12. tyler Says:

    What an asshat! I work for a company that’s in talks with 24-hour fitness to provide them with ready to eat diet meals for their customers. Isn’t 24 hour fitness the one that provided financing for that show on Fox? The Biggest Loser or something like that…

  13. Ron Says:

    Mr. Parker is really (Agent)Mr. Smith!
    No seriously, I live in denmark and I pay about $220/year (minus 15% students rebate) for as much training as I want and a personal program.

  14. Mike Says:

    Just pay for the membership and stop cry’in.

  15. markjen Says:

    Hmm, this is interesting. This last comment by “Mike” is from Mike@24fitness.com. I wonder if it’s Michael Parker from Mountain View. Sure sounds like him… I think I heard that same comment while I was canceling my membership and making sure he didn’t receive a cent of commission from me…

  16. Duke Geren Says:


    Here’s the deal that 24hour Fitness gave our Utah employees:

    24 Hour Fitness News
    Apr 5, 2005
    The MILLION DOLLAR GIVEAWAY is in full swing. There are numerous ways to enter this drawing, be sure to visit one of our clubs before the deadline (April 14) and find out how you can qualify for this extreme cash prize!

    You will be hearing much more about 24 Hour Fitness in the coming months. Our television, radio, and print advertising is going to be everywhere. You already have a program in place for your employees, all of this attention will no doubt remind them that they need to use their membership in order to reap the rewards of better health and fitness.

    24 Hour Fitness has recently conducted a market study to determine how we can better serve

    you. We asked, and you told us:

    You LOVE 24 Hour Fitness
    24 Hour Fitness has the friendliest staff
    24 Hour Fitness has the cleanest facilities
    24 Hour Fitness is too expensive

    Our response? You, as our corporate partner, already recognize the importance of your employees’ health and you’ve covered the biggest financial hurdle of their memberships….the start up costs. However, because you are a valuable part of our team, we want you to benefit from this campaign as well! In addition to the phenomenal rates you’ve already secured through your agreement with us, we’re going to offer your employees the following additional option for the next 5 months:

    $0 Enrollment Fee, $49 Processing Fee, and $14.99/month on a One Club Membership

    $0 Enrollment Fee, $49 Processing Fee, and $24.99/month on an All Club Membership


    It’s obvious from this that deals do exist. Maybe you should take it from the corporate angle and see if Plaxo is willing to negotiate a deal on behalf of it’s employees.



  17. moman Says:

    Check into a local YMCA. They are generally cheap and offer good services. I’ve been to a few in different states and have no complaints.

  18. Cameron Says:

    Duke Geren is accurate in the 24 Hour Corporate rates quoted. I keep an all club membership for 24 Hour Fitness for use only when I travel. You’d be surprised how much cleaner the 24 hours are ouside of California. In places like Salt Lake City, it is actually one of the better gyms in the downtown area. All I pay is $24/month. I had no initiation fee and I just go month to month. You should get Plaxo to get a corporate agreement with 24, however, the $24/month might only be a possiblity with larger companies.

    Having said that, you don’t want to go to 24, anyways. Those gyms are only good for staring at hotchicks, not getting a workout in. If you really just want a good gym to use in the vicinity, I’d recommend Club One in Santa Clara. It is a very clean gym, newer and abundant choices in equipment, and never a line for anything.

    Finally, if you take a look at how much money you would spend with 24, you’d probably be better off joining the Decathalon Club in Santa Clara. At least you get nice pools to use, good massages, and good food.

  19. Cameron Says:

    Ohh…nothing beats the ProClub in Redmond:-)

  20. markjen Says:

    Very true, nothing beats the ProClub.

    The one thing that 24 has going for it is the number of gyms they have. It allows me to go to the gym whenever/wherever it’s convenient. IMO, it’s the best part about the chain.

  21. Discfree Says:

    There will always be high pressure sales tactics because the gyms know that people won’t go back everyday to workout and that by tying you into long term contracts, they can take advantage of a moment of weakness (or strenght) when you are motivated to use their services. If what they offreed was really that compelling, they wouldn’t need to force long term contracts. Believe it or not, you can actually negotiate better contracts with the guy, but you need to make him sense that you won’t take a membership without a deal (half a commission is better then no commission at all.)

    What’s troubling about these types of deals is that one customer can get pricing at one level and another customer gets a higher price. It leads to discrimination against non-internet saavy individuals and I imagine that it opens the door for abuse by discrimating against whoever the sales person has a bias against. They should offer uniform pricing regardless of where some lives, their sex or ability to negotiate. I like supporting the YMCA because it is more community based, but understand that some people want to pay a premium so that they don’t have look at poor people when they are working out.

  22. the jen Says:

    my dad got a membership there (we live in denver, colorado) for only 149 start up, no “transaction, connection, whatever” bullshit fees, and only 37 a month, and a free year. its no contract as well. look around for coupons and get rid of that jackass, maybe talk to his manager a little.

  23. Mark Says:

    3 years ago I bought a prepaid membership for $450 dollars that covered the first and second years. After the two years it is $99 dollars a year after that. I just tried to enroll my fiancee and to add her they want prepaid $799 dollars for 3 years to reach the same $99 dollars a year. I told the guy he was crazy. He told me inflation, but I said not 300% in 3 years. I heard the holidays offer the better deals, but I got my deal in April 3 years ago in San Diego.

  24. beno hwang Says:

    i ended up at your site by googling up “how to get best price at 24 hour fitness.” i quit bally’s recently and want to join 24 hour fitness, assuming i can get a deal like $729/3yrs like a friend’f mine did. *sigh* how do i get a deal like that? 😕

  25. markjen Says:

    Hi Beno – I hear that you just have to wait until they run specials. Sometimes they have deals if you can find a friend and join together. After a few weeks of waiting, I finally got in on $699 / 3 yrs with a $99 annual renewal after that. Not the best deal, but a bit better than the standard $800+ rate.

    Good luck!

  26. marchisi Says:

    I recently went through the sales pitch at the 24hour fitness on Ocean in San Francisco. They wanted to sell m at 899.00 for 3 years and 99.00 renewal thereafter. I think this is way too high and would be interested in finding a group of people interested in going in on a group deal. The incentives to get me to sign were 5 training sessions and a t-shirt. traning may be useful, but its laughable that i would parade around in an advertisment clearly to benefit them. No thanks.

    hit me up if you want to join together and negotiate a good rate.


  27. Nick Says:

    Can someone explain the group deal? I may be interested in LA.

  28. Thomas Says:

    Wow… you just captured the same experience I had at a local 24 Hour Fitness located in Sunnyvale (Fremont one). Except the guy’s name was Zack Jabron or Jabroni I forgot. Point is… 24 Hour Fitness don’t know anything about selling their products or services. I probably would have been sold by working out (the free trial) by itself, but the talk with a sales representative killed it. Simply put… 24 Hour staff is full of shit… and don’t know anything about customer service.

  29. markjen Says:

    Hi Thomas, if you end up getting a 24 hour fitness membership, I go to the Sunnyvale one off Fremont road, maybe I’ll see you there some time.

    After much negotiating at the Sutter-Montgomery location, I got 3 years for $699, with a $99 annual renewal. Still not a great price, but I couldn’t find anyone else to go in with me at the time (I think they were running a $550 or $599 3 year deal if you had 2 or more people). Good luck!

  30. Nell Says:

    Go join the YMCA or find one of those employee discount codes that are everywhere on-line for 24-hour fitness and sign up on line. They don’t check it out at their gyms as you just flash your new on-line membership and you’re in.

  31. Travis Lightner Says:

    I paid $503.99 ($41.99) a year plus $79 processing fee so a total of $582.88 a year and get two years free. Let’s make it easier, I paid $582.88 for 3 years and $99 to renew yearly from then on.

    I do found out someone paid $750 for 3 years and then $20 renewal for yearly and I am surprise they paid after me 2 months later. This was taken from february 5th, 2005. What can I do to get my renewal fee to go down from $99 to $20 a year? thanks

  32. CMORE Says:

    Wow, thought I might chime in after my first experience with 24hr. I just quit my high paying job so I don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash for an overpriced membership. BTW, I’m in Colorado. So, I notice the free “10 day trial” on the 24hr website and signed up for that. Well, I went in and filled out a form and was happy to listen to the sales rep tell me all about the facility and the services offered. She gave me a tour and then sat me down in the office. I started growing a little impatient after about 1hr of the initiation. She started to show me the various memberships and they were all way higher then what I was willing to pay. All the plans had a $79.99 processing fee and different monthly fees ranging from 42.99 a month to 26.99 a month. However the 26.99/months required an initial money down of $300!! This would have brought the total to $420 or something just to get started for 1 month!! At this point I became flustered because she brought her manager over after I wouldn’t break for the “deals” she showed me and he started pushing other plans. Well, I told them all I wanted to do was come into the facility and try it out for 10 days and see what I thought and make a decision then. I was so mentally exhausted after talking with them for over an hour I didn’t even feel like working out anymore. Man, talk about PUSHY.. Jesh..

  33. baileysf Says:

    marchisi – did you join 24 yet in san francisco?

    i just got a call from 24 and it sounds like a good deal.

    does anyone in san francisco want to join? joining together can push down the cost even further.

    e-mail me at baileysf@hotmail.com for more details.

  34. Judy Says:

    I just signed at the new william cannon club in austin for $599 for 3 years and $49/year after that. I read the fine print, though and wonder if they are really going to give me the $49 after the 4 years.

  35. John Says:

    Judy I was about to sign up at that same location if you can email me off list i would appreciate it! maddcovv AT gmail DOT com

  36. cory Says:

    i got a great deal.. 26 a month for mine and my roomies membership… unil we cancelled… she cancelled in may i cancelled in june… here it is november and they are still charging me.. you have to have them directly take it out of your account if you want to be a month to month.. ive cancelled 3 times.. and nothing.. now im pissed.. customer service skills suck with this company..everytime ive called to cancel i hear the same gig.. “well im sorry ma’am we will go ahead and cancel your membership and just to let you know.. will we be taking out your last payment of 26 for each of the memberships..” you have to give a 30 day notice… im still fighting them to get my money back…i think im still being too nice.. but now im getting pissed.. we will see what happens

  37. cory Says:

    and btw that was 26 each.. haha.. so 54 a month since june… 250 dollars so far.. lets see how high it can go..

  38. New Mark Says:

    Cory – call your bank, give them the details about your calls to cancel your membership and then ask them to please reject any transactions with 24 hour fitness. Always best to get a credit card charge instead of a bank withdrawal if possible. Credit card companies are used to protecting their customers from folks who fraudulently charge for services after cancellation.

    I was thinking about getting a family membership at 24 now, I’m going to shop around.

    I loathe used car sales tactics. Wastes the most precious asset any of us has (time).

  39. dallas Says:

    hello all,

    i got a pretty good deal just the other day in Dallas, Texas — I have access to all club up to sport clubs for $450.00/ 3 year membership…$49 per year thereafter

  40. Dan Says:

    Hi All

    just a wee quick one from here in Sunny Ireland!

    came accross your blog whilst looking for something completly different (dont ask)

    here in Cork…We pay approx 600euro ($790) a year for gym membership, every year. I would love some of those deals above, even from Michael!!

    Have a good one..

  41. Gary Says:

    I just got off the phone with 2 different 24 hour fitness centers. One offered me $576 for 3 years and $49/year after that and the other offered $516 for 3 years and $49/year after that. I’m taking 3 people with me though, so that’s probably why, but it comes out to $16/month for 3 years. Not to shabby.

  42. Leonardo Says:

    Dallas, that’s a great deal to get a $450 3/year membership and $49/year thereafter. I’d love to get that deal but I’m in San Francisco. Anybody know of any deals here?

  43. guru Says:

    I want to join 24 hour fitness soon. again I don’t want to pay crazy rate when I know that some people get it as less at 450$/3 years. If you anybody is interested in joining together with me and get a deal. I know 1 or 2 people who might be interested if there is good deal. But I am hoping to team up with 5-6 people and get a deal like 450$/3 years. email me at gururaj_pare@yahoo.com

  44. GonZo Says:

    I just recently left 24 fitness in the south bay location, and i can honestly say that you shouldnt be blaming on the sales guy for him being ethusiastic about getting you started, it is true, the prices change all the time, every week there’s some sort of promotion for some type of deal, the thing is that we as sales counslors do not get the latest scoop on what the promotion would be til its on the day of (bi monthly closeout), so its not possible to tell you when the promo would be, or what it could be. Now the best deals are those ones that you need to buy 3 yrs in advance, 49-99 would be your annual renewal depends on the promotion, but i would consider anything under 100 for a year is worth it for a gym membership. By the way, I personally bought my membership as $999/3 yrs, and $49/yr thereafter.

    you can use other channels such as family add on discount/promos to get better deal, but thats limited to 1 adult add on per policy, and you will have to see if those promos are avaliable at the time.

    we, as sales rep, cannot just change rates unless the corporate office have such promo for us to put on there, its not like a car dealership that you can wheel and deal, it may just seems like it because of certain sales rep’s sales tactics.

    Here’s probably what everyone’s interested to know, if you are still reading this, you deserve to know. A good 3 yr policy should be in the range of $454.81-$599 (no full training sessions), and if you want training packages a good deal would be about 100 bucks more. (5 sessions)

    and for those of you commitment-phobe, cant do the 3 yrs, should just try to find someone to add on to their policy under no processing/initiation promo, also check if they have a match-dues promo, if the main policy holder is paying like 12-34/month, cuz then you can be paying the same rate as them.

    also ask about VIP plans if you are really a cheap bastard, or you will always working out with a specific someone, at the particular club.

    hope this helps everyone, I’m a sales guy, but i believe that if you dont want to spend the time do the research before you buy, dont be complaining when you get ripped off. I always do research before i buy, its just a rule of thumb. Sales is like making friends, its pointless if you are going to sell someone and never see them again, you will never be a good salesman.

    P.S. I left the company because I didnt like the management at my branch and also it was just a part-time job for me to keep me active in the sales industry; I have a day-job that pays me pretty well.

  45. daniel Says:

    I signed up in 2005 for $580 (total) for three years, with $70 a year after.

  46. Carina Says:

    DOes the $699/3 yr have to be paid in full on the spot or do they let you make 3 installments? and the $99/year renewal… is that $99 a year for membership?

  47. Khamz Says:

    depends on some 24 hour fitness locations I have had similar problems with Bally’s on Capitol expressway in San Jose, Ca

    I had a dispute with my payments and how much interest they charged 120 a month in interest alone for 3 years plus 52 a month which was suppose to acutally be 28 a month….

    As for 24 fitness, im going to find a membership there since some of them are 24 hours and bally was not Anybody know of any deals around the san jose area

  48. j Says:

    In LA – Hermosa Beach- I paid nothing down, $30 per month, month to month for all clubs including sport. I got that price offer from LA Fitness and 24 hr price matched it with some coupon the sales guy had. I think that price is fair. They are now doing 700/3 years but don’t want to get locked in for 3 years. Note that many 24 hr fitness clubs are old dumps with very little good stuff, pools, jacuzzis etc. The sports are usually more high end, and its much better deal to get all club so you have less excuses not to work out like its too far a drive. SHOP AROUND!

  49. j Says:

    I think 699/ 3 year is a monthly debit contract, like a loan. Thats how Ballys did a similar deal a few years back in LA which worked out fine. I will say this for 24 hr., I love being able to work out at midnight or 4 am any day of the week if I choose too. I hate being kicked out of ballys, la fitness etc at 8 on a saturday or 11 midweek or whatever. for night owls, 24 hr is the way to go. The only thing that 24 hr lacks is punching bags. And their san diego clubs have started using fingerprint scanners instead of id cards which is too intrusive for me.

  50. jeff Says:

    You guys complaining sound like morans! There are deals every now and then, prices are subject to change. Isn’t the real reason that you are there is to get in shape? It is hard to put a price on your health!

  51. markjen Says:

    Hey Jeff, how long you been working at 24 hour fitness? 😛

  52. Mel Says:

    My turn.

    Hey, Jeff, perhaps you should spell “moran” correctly when attempting to insult user’s intelligence.

    Its moron, moron.

    On a side note, 24 hour can be a great deal, but patience is key. There should be some coupons floating around come closer to summer time as most health clubs fight for new memberships when the weather is nice. People tend to work out outside when possible, so keep your eyes open for rock bottom pricing in the next month or so.

  53. jeff Says:

    I cant spell, but i am in shape. Keep eating donuts you fat fucks! by the way, have you ever got laid without paying for it?

  54. chris Says:

    jeff, you really need to consider going back to school. you sound like a genuine dumbass and probably fuck your own relatives because you’re so desperate. dude, i bet your body fat percentage is so high. personally, i can bench 275 10x’s and 225 3 sets of ten. plus, i can curl the barbell with 35’s on each side for about 2 sets of 10. i’m 5’9 and i weigh 200 pounds exactly. i’m all natural, but i do take weight gain. my body fat percentage was messured at 8.7%, with the normal being around the 20%’s. i hope i can meet you someday, so i can break your fat face. p.s. no offense, but guys who say they get girls, usually are so insecure that they have to keep telling people the lies. sometimes these guys end up being gay. are you a queer, jeff? you better watch for the gaybashers…they will beat bitches like you ’till you aren’t recognized anymore.

  55. wonky Says:

    dude calm the fuck down you are not that important so you dont get some little discount on your gym membership who cares.

  56. Carlyn Says:

    Hey…sorry that there are some shady salespeople out there.
    I am actually a fitness (sales) counselor at 24 Hour Fitness here in Southern California. Its sad to see some of our employees out to make a buck instead of listening to the potential member and figuring out what is best for you in the cheapest way.
    I hope that our company can find some way to help you out. We do have our prices online, but I would suggest going into the club and asking about any specials they have on pre-paid memberships. They are the best value….and yea…stay away from this Michael guy…ha ha.
    If you have any questions let me know! Have a wonderful day.

  57. markjen Says:

    Hey Carlyn, thanks for leaving a comment here. It’s great to see that there are good reps at 24 as well 🙂

    Maybe people reading this blog in socal can come to you for 24 memberships? Which club are you at (and maybe you’d be willing to give people a group discount? 😀 )

    By the way, how did you find out about this blog?

  58. Carlyn Says:

    No problem! I was actually on Google searching for images of 24 Hour Fitness’ around the area and I saw the 24 Hour logo with a huge unhappy face around it, and I never like seeing that, so I clicked on it and thought Id put my 2 cents in.
    I work at the brand new club in Murrieta, California. It is one of our smaller gyms, but we JUST opened so we are offering some pretty sweet specials to anyone who is interested in coming to check us out.
    If you have any questions, just click my Myspace link (just click my name up above) and I can answer whatever ya want!
    We are actually sponsoring the Run For Humanity down here this weekend, so if you are able to come down this weekend would be ideal. It will get you at the best possible rate…discounted dues and discounted enrollment fees.
    You should also ask about your company signing up for a corporate wellness program with us. Its little to no cost to your company and offers great group discounts.
    But yea…I’ll stop writing a novel now…let me know how things go!
    Have a wonderful day!

  59. Jim Says:

    24 hour fitness has the most rude, obnoxious staff I have ever encountered.

    I am referring to the one in South Austin, TX. But it apears to be a recurrent theme across the country.

    Why do they even bother with free passes? They have poor service. There are complaints about them everywhere on the internet.

    Either they have poor training or select the most incompetent staff.

    Do people really buy into this? I mean, has anyone with a free pass ever said “oh yeah!, this is the place for me.” I doubt it. If they simply ran a few basic statistics, using a few friendly approaches, maybe they would change their tune.

  60. jerry Says:

    I am a professional who was looking to get in on what seemed like a good opportunity – growing company, new CEO, heath and fitness. It was quickly apparent they are the most unprofessional corporation. Huge employee turn over, horrible training (during the orientation class the woman said, oh this video is boring but you have to watch it). Have an IT system from the late ’90’s. Have a shotgun hiring approach; many young NON PROFESSIONALS in hopes maybe one or two will stick. Expect sales staff to be professionals but pay minimum wage against commissions leading to a dogfight. Having deep knowledge of the sport science I was amazed to hear the misinformation campaign promulgated. Rates fluctuate like oil prices. Too bad because they could be on to something, but their rapid expansion and poor infrastructure will most likely be their demise. Caution if you considering working there and you’re professional and over 25. The new CEO certainly has his work cut out for him.

  61. jerry Says:

    I am a professional who was looking to get in on what seemed like a good opportunity – growing company, new CEO, heath and fitness. It was quickly apparent they are the most unprofessional corporation. Huge employee turn over, horrible training (during the orientation class the woman said, oh this video is boring but you have to watch it). Have an IT system from the late ’90’s. Have a shotgun hiring approach; many young NON PROFESSIONALS in hopes maybe one or two will stick. Expect sales staff to be professionals but pay minimum wage against commissions leading to a dogfight. Having deep knowledge of the sport science I was amazed to hear the misinformation campaign promulgated. Rates fluctuate like oil prices. Too bad because they could be on to something, but their rapid expansion and poor infrastructure will most likely be their demise. Caution if you considering working there and you’re professional and over 25. The new CEO certainly has his work cut out for him.

    I am a professional who was looking to get in on what seemed like a good opportunity – growing company, new CEO, heath and fitness. It was quickly apparent they are one of the most unprofessional corporations I’ve seen. Huge employee turn over (100%+), horrible training (during the orientation class the woman said, oh this video is boring but you have to watch it), and poorly kept facilities – how do they expect a professional to sell their product when there’s no soap in the showers or equipment that doesn’t work?

    Their computer network system is circa late ’90’s. They have a shotgun hiring approach; many young NON PROFESSIONALS in hopes maybe one or two will stick. Expect sales staff to be professionals but pay minimum wage against commissions leading to a dogfight. It appears a few make decent wages while the rotating sales force provides the foundation for tours. If they want to retain the best sales force they should have adequate base pay and good training. Also no centralized management structure in clubs – but instruct employees not to ‘pass off’ complaints. Communication amongst division managers is very poor.

    Having deep knowledge of the sport science I was amazed to hear the misinformation campaign promulgated. Rates fluctuate like oil prices causing members to complain. Should adopt a Nordstrom like model – a few select sales, quality product, and outstanding customer service.

    Unfortunate because they could be on to something, but their rapid expansion and poor infrastructure will most likely be their demise. Caution if you considering working there and you’re professional and over 25.

    The new CEO certainly has his work cut out for him.

  62. scott Says:

    Well first of all i’m sorry you had a bad experience in one of our clubs. The real truth is differnet markets have different prices(but similar). Each month 24 hour fitness offers different promotions so dont be shocked if people sometime pay different prices for the same memberships. Also when talking to different members be sure to educate yourself and find out if they are part of a friend or family membership(in which case thier rate will be lower). I have worked for 24 hour fitness since 1999 and will continue to do so as long as the company continues to make fitness a part of life for everyone and treat all people as equals. If you wish to contact me directly(562)225-7202. I will provide you with a contact person in your area that will you treat you as a person and not as a number.

  63. Gym Rat Says:

    Yah, gym member sales people are car salesmen are very much a like. They use high pressure sales tactics to make more commission.

    It’s not just 24 Hour Fitness, it’s also LA Fitness.

  64. Amy Says:

    Allow me to share my experience…I had a free 1 month membership thru Jamba Juice. I like the 24 Hour facility in a North Bay Area location but I’m having a bad experience with the used car salesperson approach.

    When I started my free trial a month ago, the sales manager quoted me some very convincing prices (something like $30/month for all club access, no initiation, no contract). I asked him whether a similar promotion would be available at the end of the month when my free trial expires. He assured me that there will be good promotions. I specifically told him that if there would be worse promotions later on, then I rather sign up and not use my free trial. Surprise surprise, at the end of the free trial, I contacted him to enroll and now he’s telling me that the best he can do is $40 all club access, $50 initiation, first and last month down (meaning 30 days cancellation notice).

    My complaint is this: the sales staff should be more upfront. Although I can understand that there are different promotions at different time and this is how 24 Hours makes money, this manager should have been honest and told me the truth about whether there will be better deals. This guy worked there for at least 5 years already.

    I feel like I’m flea bargaining with him. I don’t want to be mean and yell at him, but I’m thoroughly disappointed that a simple enrollment is taking so much time. I agree with what Jerry said on May 5th. There is potential in 24 Hours…but these kind of erratic promotions and pressure type salesmanship make this company unprofessional.

    24 Hours should build confidence among their clients. When members feel good that they joined at a good price then they won’t feel like they got cheated and in the long run, members will be more loyal and refer their friends and family. It is true that the smart consumer should be rewarded by price-shopping but 24 Hours shouldn’t hide the ball.

    This blog could really use some tips from former or current 24 Hour sales staff. When do the best promotions USUALLY come out?

  65. 24worker Says:

    dude iam in sales at 24, anything they sell u is legit. if they get the price one cent over or one cent less they wont get paid on it.my advie is to sign up cuz prices are going up especially because we just baught ballys and ny yankee staduim.

  66. FinanceGuy911 Says:


    I have a friend at 24 hour fitness, and have been following the rates very closely, as I have been looking to sign up.

    Over the past few months, “the deals”(if you want to call them that) are:

    3 year 599 w/ 99$ renewal
    3 year 699 w/ 49$ renewal
    3 year 799 w/ 29$ renewal

    Keep in mind this is for a single member. Add ons are cheaper. So don’t let them try to charge you the same rate for the 2nd person if they put them on your account. Also, You should not have to pay anything else on top of that.

    I have seen 3 year 649 w/ 49$ renewal, so I know this pricing isn’t in the last 8 months. The best promotions often happen when business is the slowest. I.E. Winter

    I do not know if it varies or not, but I have heard of people getting better rates than this. Possibly grand opening promos, or it could vary by county–I’m not sure.

    Hope this helps.

    PS 24hrworker, my friend uses that pitch all the time. That one, the “inflation” argument. This deal ends today! blah blah blah, heard it all before. Good way to upsale, and push people…but it’s getting old.

  67. FinanceGuy911 Says:

    By the way, the memberships I’m referring to allow access up to sport. Sometimes if you’re lucky, like with that 649 price, they included 5 free trainings; which could be a deal or a bad idea. Fitness trainers are hit and miss quality. I’ve seen a lot of them make excessively obese people do exercises that are painful on the knees and back. I have seen others that make working out fun. More likely to get the bad than good, but it can have extra value.

  68. Susie Says:

    You can read my story there. I have been a member for 9 years and this is how they treat me. BTW, I was grandfathered in and I pay $12/month, no 3 year crap-ola.

  69. Badgolfer Says:

    Allsportsconnection.com is a good site for workouts, Health and Fitness. It is completely free.

  70. Warren Wong Says:

    hey mark. sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with 24. Yeah, a lot of them aren’t any good at sales to be honest. I got the deal, $550/3yrs & $20 for renewal thereafter. However, this was supposedly a one-time anniversary discount at the time. I do believe that they don’t have as many discounts as before, but it doesn’t mean its not coming back. I say research and look around some more for deals. Recently I believe I heard a deal for $499/3yrs and $50 thereafter on the PA system at the gym about 4 months ago.

    If I get word of any deals, I’ll be sure to relay them to you. Take care.

  71. big manny Says:

    got my membership today:
    799–> 3 years–> $29/year for myself
    649–> 3 years–> $29/year for the wife
    plus 5 PT sessions each at mountain view branch

  72. Carol Says:

    Well, We (my hubby and I) bought 4 years ago and we paid $750/3 with 100 a year after that for him and 50 a year after for me. We are both approaching 60 now. Last year we didnt use it due to health. Then we moved out of state. We called them and they put it on 6 months (no fees) hold. We are now back and are going again. We do not feel what we paid has been too much. There are 24 hr fitness across the USA and now we are traveling in a 5th wheel. We are greatful for the clean facilities and the easily accessable places across the states. If you want to work out any time day or night, the initial first time investment pays off. And no I do not have any connections with that business,lol. Join if you want exercise and stop complaining. If you are a cronic complainer – dont join.

  73. Spongebob Says:

    Do not join 24 fitness. That is my ultimate advice. I just canceled my membership there and they gave me lots of problems for canceling it. I cancelled it in April and my last month is June. Even since April, each time i went to the 24 fitness center in St. Charles, Missouri, the front desk agent told me I had no access anymore since i have canceled my membership, so since April, I had to explain the whole story each time i went in. And then a couple of days ago, 4 people from 24 fitness collection department called and said that i owed them money, i explained that I have already paid my last month due when i signed up the membership like everyone else. the reason they gave me why i owed them money is: i don’t show that you have canceled your membership.. See what I am experiencing here? So i had to call 24 fitness 1888 number at least 20 times to ask them if they could see that i canceled my membership in April and I can provide the confirmation number, what i was told was: next time they call you, tell them to look up the account of your,, ok, someone else from the collection department called again ( total harassment), so said: look up my account, i was told: i am , and i don’t see anything here other than you complimented a few night staff in your last call.. haha,, so, basically do not join 24 fitness, because once you want to leave them, they wont make it easy or smooth for you, they will create problems manually. they enjoy doing that….by the way, i have been often buying fitness clothes from 24 fitness st Charles, Missouri the local club, and i have experienced the worst customer service from Carol at the front desk. I just never want to go back there again.. hey, guys, we pay money to them to use their service and we have a choice. DO NOT JOIN 24 fitness, I guarantee they will screw you.

  74. spongebob Says:

    Do NOT use 24 fitness!

  75. spongebob Says:

    Hello, everyone. I feel I have to leave a message here for everyone to see what I have experienced or what I am experiencing in 24 fitness St Charles, Missouri. I signed up the membership last September and decided to cancel the membership this April due to fact that I am traveling out the country in June. So I called 24 fitness customer service number and canceled the membership in April and was given a confirmation number and the last date of my membership which is 24th of June. I called on the 9th of April. Even since that day, each time I go in the 24 fitness St Charles, Missouri, the front desk agent told me that their system shows that I have canceled my membership. so I have to explain it is because I called and canceled it. Imagine I have to do every day when I go in there. Last week, the front desk Agent Dache told me that it shows I owe 28$ and I need to call member service, so I called member service that very same day she told me about it. and was told that I do not owe them anything. that same day again, 3 people from 24 fitness billing department (later i called their number, i was only able to get a recording)called and told me I owed them 28$. I explained to them that it could not be because this is my last month and I have already paid my last month due when i first signed it up with them. so I asked why i owed them 28&, i was told: because your member ship is still active. So I had to call their member service again and was told again that I do not owe them anything. the agent i talked to on the phone, his name was Jimmy, he told me: I will make sure you will get a special treatment in 24 fitness St Charles, Missouri,, I do not want any special treatment, I just want them to fix their mistakes. So I went in today this morning, Dache at the front desk at 24 fitness center St Charles said: you have to call member service because it says your membership has been suspended and you owe 88$, you have to pay us 88$ now… I explained to her I called their member service, and was told they have fixed the problem, apparently, they haven’t. I told her that her manager needed to call and talk to their own people to make it right. She said all she could do was to leave a note. so, I called again this morning and decided to record the whole conversation and then play it in front of the agent who will check me in at 24 fitness center for the last 2 remaining weeks of my membership,, i just thought it was such a harassment that they called to my house and asked for money that i do not owe them at all and then they increased the amount to 88$ after I called and asked them to fix their mistake. so I am very disappointed with them and will never use them again. by the way,Carol who works at the front desk of 24 fitness center St Charles, Missouri, is such a racist, Do not go their when she is at work if you are not white, she normally works during the day..because i believe no one has to go through what i have..

  76. bin Says:

    i heard that the 799/3 years and 29/yr after is kinda tricky. you can’t prepay the 29. you have to pay on the day of the renewal date or it is invalid. is this true?

  77. brian Says:

    I signed up in Jan 2007 as an addon to my parents plan for $550/3 years, $49 annual. The main account holder (Mom) had to pay $650/3 years, $49 annual, but she received food/nutrition bars and 5 sessions with a trainer.

    Ask for nothing lower than $650/3 years, $49 annual. You could probably get better, but thats the maximum you should ever pay.

  78. richard Says:

    Has anyone heard of someone paying for 3 years and then having their local club close? I know you can use other 24 Hour Fitness Clubs, but we really like having it close to our home.

  79. laura Says:

    I paid $700/3 years back in 2003. $20 a year after. I just recently renewed last December. I know this post is very old, I’m sure you’ve worked it out by now 🙂

  80. AJ Says:

    I ended up joining today for $649 (w/tax)/3yr and $49/yr renewal. It worked out to about $18/mo, which I guess is okay… really only worth money if you use it. I sympathize though, I have no intention of using the training or the supplements through them. Why would I pay more there than I would at GNC or an online discounter?

    The best gym membership I ever had was at FIT in Houston. Awesome people, great facilities, great … well… everything. It costed a lot more, but even now, back to gradschool, I’d have paid that in a heartbeat. I was happy and comfortable there, and in one year I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

  81. angela Says:

    I heard that it was 24 bucks to sign up this month and then 49 a month after that… so i went in to get a membership and i asked the lady how much it was so i could pay her and she said… “go over there to that desk and somebody will be right with you” this guy starts asking me about school and my life.. he has me fill all these papers out keeps avoiding my ?s about the total amount.. just keeps telling me about the great deal im getting. so i finally finish up and go to the front to pay.. thinking it might be 100 with tax.. NO it was 207 bucks.. i asked why and they billed me for the initial fee, the first month, THE LAST MONTH.. (which makes no sense) and some other things that i dont remember… anyway i love the gym and they have some HOT personal trainers so im staying with it… just a horrible payment plan..

  82. chris Says:

    hey, im interested in joining in sf if anyone wants to try to negotiate a group discount.

  83. dean Says:

    Does anyone have a district managers e-mail to send concerns? The 800 number at corporate will not give me any information, nor will the local rep’s. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find out an e-mail address for rep with this corporation.

  84. itbeme Says:

    fyi: june ’07 sale (expires today, 6/28/07) in southern california:

    $699 pd up front for first 3 years, then $29/yr renewal after that. it includes 5 training sessions and some nutritional supplements.

    if you bring in a family member, then it’s the same deal for each person, except it’s $649 for the first 3 years (same $29/yr per person, after that).

    anyway, just fyi. sorry for the late notice. i went in two days ago, got this offer, and have been trying to decide, so i googled and found this blog, just today. i was trying to google to find out whether anyone who’s gotten one of these 3yr deals with the low annual after that has had their annual fee hiked up, later on down the line? because i’m currently with bally’s and they’ve almost quadrupled my annual fee since i joined them years ago.

  85. Scott Says:

    Today in Salt Lake I was offered $699 prepaid for 3 years, with $29 annual renewals thereafter. Includes 5 trainer visits, a health food package, and is good at all locations.
    My buddy who is a monthly member already got the same offer plus an $80 credit since he is already a member.
    Think were going to do it.
    The Sugarhouse facility is nice and in the long run it’s a sweet deal. That is if they stay in business and honor the low renewals.
    Time will tell!
    Cheers, Scott

  86. ed Says:

    I ould like to personally apologize for the experience you had. I have been in sales at 24 hour fitness for 5 years. unfortunately there are shady folks out there but in defense we do not have control over pricing it does change based on corperate emails. just make sure to keep asking questions. You may not get the exact deal as your friend but most of the plans do break even after the first 12-18 months anyways and prices just like gas and everything else has gone up over the years. Throw in the possibilities that people may work for companies that pay fees to lower there employees costs it will vary from person to person.

  87. Bryan Says:

    First, these gyms that everyone is ragging on are in the business of guess???? – MAKING MONEY. Can you fault them for that? You like to make money right? Is that bad? They have to make money otherwise we won’t have any place but our crappy basement to work out in. That being said, you always have to watch out for any salesman that works off a commission. I would NEVER trust what they say without checking into it.

    Here is my experience with 24 hour. When you want to join you need to start calling to see what deals they currently have. It’s ALL about timing. Do NOT sign up around December through February because that is when all the “new year’s resolutions” people sign up so there are likely to be few deals then. You may have to wait 6 months or more to get the right deal.

    Here’s why:
    My wife and I signed up for access to any club anywhere in the country BUT we signed up at different times.
    My wife pays – $42/month
    I pay – $16/month and this is for the exact same level of service.

    I am NOT an expert in any of this but this is my experience.

  88. Roma Says:

    I have been a member for over 6 yrs. In resent months there was a serious change at the club located at 9800 W. Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs. The equipment would be down for repair for months. The steam room has been inoperable for over 3 moths. I am a police officer and I deal with a lot of exaggeration. I want to assure you that this is not the case. I have brought up these issued with the management and nothing was done. They advised me to contact the corporate office. I have referred several of my co-workers who ultimately became members. They complain constantly about the gym and equipment and blame me for misrepresentation of the services and the gym. I would appreciate if someone would contact me and let me know when these issue will be resolved. Thank you very much for your time.

  89. Richard Says:

    I just cancelled my membership after incredible frustration. I was a member at a tired old bacteria breading center in Rancho Cordova, CA when 24hr built a new gym about 2 miles away. I had given them direct payment from my checking account $28 per month. I wish my customers gave me access to their money every month. Obviously this was not enough for them. They want me to pay an additional $35 initation fee and $7 more per month just to switch locations. They say I’m required to upgrade to all access just to switch locations. Ironically they sent me a letter in June waiving the initiation fee for the upgrade. I didn’t open my junk mail till after the expiration date and every one of their sales people refused to honor it. I was told on Saturday that I could go to my gym and pay the $35 and an additional $3 per month, when I got their I was told I was misinformed. While canceling this morning, “Sam”, in Thailand I believe, told me he could switch to $18 per month for every other day or transfer me to a membership rep. (sales person) but that was the extent of his customer retention offers. You would think they would protect their $28 monthly asset a little more than that.

  90. gus Says:

    I have been having problems with fitness clubs for years because of their sales tactics. It is unfortunate that they have taken a used car sales approach to membership and after talking with friends and reading this blog it seems that it is just another example of poor corporate structure which places the premium on sales as opposed to identity. But that’s jiust the way of the world. I wanted to join the Glendale Ca super sport but was told that their buy in is $200 more than any of the other Sports Clubs and they are not opened 24 hours. Just trying to make money and are losing a potential customer base through their arcane sales tactics.


  91. Check allsportsconnection.com it is a cool fitness center and you can join for free and connect for Outdoor fitness. Good Workouts without the hasle of gym dues or sales people!

  92. Tina Says:

    I can’t believe it. I prepaid 3 years about a year ago and my local gym closed, now the closest ones are an hour away and they’re both SPORTS that my plan doesn’t cover. What can I do? It’s ridiculous. Who do I call about this? Atleast extend my availability to sport so I can have a place to stop when I happen to be heading that way. LOL

  93. big bird Says:

    Joined 8 years ago $49 and $34 ea month (all days all gyms). Sacramento has loads of them, downtown being the best. The others including the newer ones are filthy and run by a bunch of unproffesional nuts! The swim pools have had health department called and the equipment has more hair and chaffed skin then our dog. Not to mention the shaving and skin peeling that goes on in the steam room. CLEAN THE DAMN GYMS!!!!! I will continue to go to K St. gym which is in a league of its own. Good luck!

  94. Ashley Says:

    I actually work for a 24 Hour Fitness gym in the Sacramento valley. As an employee, I get a free membership, but previously, I was paying monthly dues of $41.99 per month with access to all gyms.

    Currently, you can purchase memberships on the internet – aka NOBODY trying to force you into a deal… the other option would be talking to the gym manager. Unlike the Membership Counselors, the gym manager has a main priority of keeping YOU happy.

    And as always, let them know you found better deals in other places, and they’ll lower their prices as far as possible.

    Best of luck.

  95. Ashley Says:

    Ooh! Or! Check to see if the company you work with has a deal with the gym… a lot of companies SERIOUSLY lower monthly memberships… not sure about annual.

  96. Robert Calder Says:

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a listing of all of the locations across the U.S. The search on the 24hr site list just zip code or city state.

  97. raid Says:

    ok ok ok if any of you want to get a membership with 24 hour fitness at a perfect rate call this number 619-697-1212 they tell u everything that you need too know and sign u up over the phone

  98. rebecca Says:


    I just came from the Wm. Cannon location in Austin after attempting to join. The young man helping me was nice and understood my student status and desire to get the same rate as I have had at a competitors gym. However, I could not get them to budge on the $79 processing fee. I see a post here that shows some people getting a $49 processing fee so I know good and well that this is negotiable.

    After touring the place, I asked to speak with the manager in hopes of negotiating the fee down. The nice salesperson had already asked and was told no. I did sense that he didn’t want me to talk with him and soon found out why.
    I was given the option of signing up as a student (fee waved) or signing up at $19 per/mo, only at that location and limited days. Again, I tried to negotiate with reasonable knowledge. The manager, Jay Luna, became very rude and informed me that “you aren’t negotiating for a car here”. “It’s only $79”. (missing the point entirely) I told him to not insult me and then went on to say, “Hey. You don’t insult me trying by coming in here and trying to get a deal. We don’t need your business. There are plenty of other people who want to join here. You don’t really want to join this gym, you just came here today to get a deal and keep (sales guy) from going to lunch. You weren’t even going to use the gym.”
    Wow. Reality check anyone? Can you say personal attack?

    You know, I was right at the point of joining for $79 and month to month at $19 before this guy came into the picture. His behavior, attitude, disregard and outright disrespect for me completely ruined any possibility of me joining. Ever.
    I told him so and he said, “don’t not join because of me, go ahead and join with (sales guy)”. Completely unapologetic and irresponsible. Young enough to be my son and made me wonder if he talks to his mother this way. How sad.

    Just for information purposes, I’m a 45 year old female with rheumatoid arthritis and had already told the sales guy that I would be hiring a personal trainer with knowledge about R.A. through them so the gym WAS going to profit from that.

    The poor sales guy was even so ashamed at Jay Luna’s attack on me that he said, “please don’t not join because of him. He’s not the gym.” Well, my response to that was, “I would have joined, you would have made the sale until that guy started talking. He IS the gym, he represents the corporation and there is NO WAY I’m going solicit ANY business after being treated like that. Period. Then I walked out.
    He lost my business and that of people I would have brought with me from my previous gym.

    I simply cannot believe that this corporation allows itself to be run in such a manner and worse to treat it’s customers (or potential customers) with such degradation and disregard. Boo on 24 Hour Fitness. Remember, for every 1 person unhappy with service, 50 people will know about it and believe me, I’m talking to ALL of my friends and coworkers.

  99. james Says:

    I’m in Kansas City at the 74th and Metcalf location and I’ve gotta say that after eight months of being at 24hr., I’m pleased with their services. There was a bit of (mutually respectable) gamesmanship with the rates I paid for my wife and I when we signed up, but over all I think we got a really fair deal.

    One thing to know: PT Sessions are optional when you sign up for the 3-year package. They aren’t upfront with that, but one of the sales guys slipped up and showed me how they are added on when they are processing your membership. My wife and I both think they are worth the money, but if you are looking to save some money on your upfront costs, you can tell them you don’t want it.

    It sounds like there are a few bad apples that are giving a good company a bad reputation.

  100. SM Says:

    hey all – a lot of posts here…so mine will be lost in the shuffle i’m sure…but i used to work at 24 hour in the early 2000’s – after a couple yaers, i couldn’t handle it any more. the MAIN goal and purpose of us (trainers) being there was to sell as much as we could FIRST – and train second. this company pays very well to those who can sell well – and it’s a shark tank. reading the stories of people getting pushed into memberships – and some of the lines used to close – are not surprising to me. i recall one general manager using the line on a lady debating training sessions when she said she would like to ask her husband before purchasing…”did you ask your husband if it was ok to get fat?” — their first goal is to sell the big packages – and not take no for an answer. there is actually a lawsuit against them right now for former managers for being undercut on overtime wages. not surprising. and lastly, its humorous to know the people that run these places. they don’t require any educational minimums (at least not when i was there) – and notoroiously, if you’re looking to move up into management positions – you sell with no concience – and you wait until the person above you screws up…because more of my colleagues went to jail, got caught embezzling sessions, stealing equipment, etc. If i were a consumer – i’d do my research before heading into the tank.

  101. Mark Says:

    Very frustrating talking to the online reps! I called the 888-243-5002 from their website and spoke to a rep AND her supervisor and neither one could grasp the fact that I was offered better deals in the club earlier today: $750/3yrs + $29/year renew. I asked if they could do better and they continued to offer me $650/$99. What really pissed me off was when they both used the close phrase “so are you ready to join right now?”

    I was a member for 12 years before I let the $99 renewal lapse about 9 months ago. Now I want to get back in, and I was HOPING that being a former long-term member might get me something a little better than any first timer. Guess not.

    Any current salespeople wanna comment?

  102. Matt Says:

    Has anyone been able to find decent pricing for a prepaid membership recently? I was told that they would have new “specials” out in September. A few years back I bought mine $550/$24 but now I’m looking for one for my girlfriend.

  103. Jake Says:

    Told me prepaid 3 year for $799 including all initiation and processing fees. After that $29 a year forever

    I told him to much asked if he had friends and family type deal, he said NO

    Got up to walk and he let me have a $24 a month no contract. Had to do first and last month. Good at all clubs except ultra

    I told him if I want to convert later I’ll keep him in mind, if he’s still there.

  104. Jake Says:

    raid Says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 12:02 am
    ok ok ok if any of you want to get a membership with 24 hour fitness at a perfect rate call this number 619-697-1212 they tell u everything that you need too know and sign u up over the phone

    Just called they said $649 for 3yr and $29 a year for life there after

  105. Vince Says:

    raid Says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 12:02 am
    ok ok ok if any of you want to get a membership with 24 hour fitness at a perfect rate call this number 619-697-1212 they tell u everything that you need too know and sign u up over the phone

    Just called they said $649 for 3yr and $29 a year for life there after

    Great price! But they said they couldn’t sign up over the phone.

  106. jim Says:

    24/month all sport membership, no processing fees, no contact…

    look here:


  107. D Smith Says:

    We joined 24 Hr and found that the place was never cleaned, the broken machines took forever to get fixed and the manager was ALWAYS unavailable. So we cancelled our membership, told them in a letter and on the phone that we were cancelling…SO we get daily phone calls, night and day that we are behind in payment…SO now 24 is going to get VERY bad PR, have contacted local media who have had OTHER complaints, harass us 24 HR Fitness and you don’t know just WHO you might be harassing and don’t be surprised WHO will be INSPECTING your place with camera crew, News at 5 !!

  108. dana Says:

    try 24 hour fitness in glendora. they’re amazing.

  109. vallejo center Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been reading the posts and I was interested in getting a membership thru 24 Hour Fitness, as well. Though, because money is an issue, I was only going to signup for the Value Plus/Pass option. They have 2 options: Option 1- Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. Option 2- Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. You choose one of these options and you can only go on those days, any time for $25.99/month. After reading the last few posts, I saw the post by Jim (# 106) and decided to check it out. That specific ID didn’t work though, I played around with the last 2 numbers and eventually found one that worked. So, now I have an All Sports Club Access membership, which means I can visit any Sports Club or Active Club anywhere for the price of $24/month with NO initiation fee AND NO processing fee. There was no contract length that I saw and I have 5 business days to cancel if I need to. My only concern is what happens if they find out that I did this??

  110. jim Says:

    Hi Vallejo center,

    I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re still making plenty of money.

    It’s a friends deal, and you can say you got this from a friend of a friend…they can’t prove anything at that point.

    hope you enjoy your 24/month all club with no fees or contract.


  111. Jerry Says:

    The “3 day buyer remorse” is required on all membership contracts. State Law

    I own a gym myself

  112. david Says:

    Today, I went in to a 24hr in SF to sign up for this weekend’s promotion: $599 for 3 yrs then $29/yr thereafter. They insist that $29/yr after is perpetual. My salesman was pretty normal and nice.

    When I got the contract, it said “The initial annual renewal amount stated below is for the first 12 month renewal term only immediately following expriation of your prepaid term stated above and does not include applicable taxes which shall be applied at the time of renewal.” …
    “See Section 2 on page 2 of this agreement for more information on subsequent annual renewal amounts.”

    I ask my salesman about the taxes and he said “there are no taxes – $29 to renew, forever”.

    So I turn to page 2:

    “If you have a prepaid membership, 24 Hour will not increase your Initial Annual Renewal Amount on page 1 of this agreement, but may increase all subsequent annual renewal amounts. 24 Hour will send you notice of your new annual renewal amount each year thereafter…”

    I ask again, he repeats that it is $29/year forever. I say that’s not what the contract says. I ask for a copy of the advertisement, which did say “$29 renewal” but did not say how many times you can renew at that rate!

    He says that he knows people who haven’t had their renewal rate raised in 20 years. I say that’s nice, but not a guarantee.

    I tell him I’m not going to sign and walk out – he doesn’t really even protest.

    Anyone else realize this scam?

  113. Jeffrey Says:

    I just cancelled my 24 hour contract within 3 days over the phone…on the contract it said cancel by mailing in. A phone agent with poor English skills told me I was ok to cancel over the phone. Anyone with past experience who knows if this is true?

  114. John Says:

    Thanks for running this forum. I’m lookng at signing for a current “deal” $599. for 3 years then $29. per year after that. David Sept 23 is a good tip to watch for, read the fine print completely, these guys have an extreme rip off record about charges and billing. Any other current “deals” we should know about so we can choose wisely, if at all?? Any deals they’ve advertized or offered recently??

  115. Andrew Says:

    I signed up in 2005 for 3 Year 500+79 Paperwork fee (I mean 80 dollar bonus fee) + 80 renewal, which is acceptable to me.

    I recently upgraded to Super Sport through my office’s corp account for $10 month to month.

    So on a given month I am paying $6.67+$10. $16 dollars a month for the newest Super Sport is bank (In fact this super sport might be the nicest gym I have ever been to beats Canyon Ranch, and this location is always empty.)

    Do I hate their sales tactics? YES! My Active is way over crowded and broken down most of the time. However my Super Sport was worth every time and makes the only Ultra ($65 a month for Ultra) down the street look like a dump.

  116. thomas Says:

    24 changes their pricing constantly because the company is pushing different things. even though the pre-paid deals seem like the one they want, the company accually makes much more money on the month to month if you stay for a year or 2. when the company opens new gyms they cant wait a couple years so they come out with “deals” that make the pre paids more afordable, so that more people will get them and the company makes money quick. its not like the salespeople make the deals up, they have pricing to follow, given they most likely have a drop down of some type, but its not what they choose to make it, its retail or the promotional price

    just because your a little faggot ass bitch and cant take a little bit of hard closing doesnt mean the whole company is out to get you, you little softy you

  117. Punching bag Says:

    Yeah, it’s funny how insults and intimidation can be part of an effective selling technique. They’ll also isolate you and double-team you. Hey, but if you find that annoying, then you must be a wimp.

    If you go at all, get your information and get out. Get their low bid after you turn them down. If it’s not low enough, ask them to call you if next month’s special is lower. They may or may not. Don’t stand for insults and fake anger. They’re trained to jerk you around.

  118. DoctorB Says:

    I used to live in Pacific Beach (San Diego.) 24Hour advertised “opening soon!” on Garnet for literally years, then started selling advance memberships well before the gym was actually open, apparently expecting people to drive to the one on Balboa in the meantime, which I doubt anyone would. I waited til all the equipment was actually in the building and they were apparently themselves now on the hook for all the overhead. I don’t remember what the price was on my membership but if I recall it was actually much cheaper than the local competition; in body-beautiful party-beach PB there’s a World Gym, a Powerhouse, and an independent old-timey sweatbox gym all within walking or a two minutes’ drive’s distance. So 24Hour was truly desperate to build up the membership rolls and was giving away the store for a few weeks. Until of course they reached critical mass to justify the location’s existence, and then they started the usual sales crap with the newbies. It was actually a really nice gym though, and as I ordinarily work out in the middle of the night it was perfect for my needs. When I moved away and had to terminate my membership they did pull the extra month’s billing trick over which the class action suit was filed. I found out about the suit kind of late though so I don’t know if I can get in on it now. And though I personally did alright with 24Hour on that one deal, I have heard many stories similar to the ones recounted on this site and have watched the sales-droids weasel their asses off, laughing all the while.

    Here’s some advice to those considering joining a gym: if you’re not already seriously into working out, just go to your local Y or even better a university rec center if you can qualify. Those are almost always the best deals and the staff is not there to sell. And you’ll find these places have lots of stuff other than just weights and cardio, like hoops and a pool and racquetball, etc. which most yuppie-haven “health clubs” do not. And if you’re really heavily into throwing around the iron, then you already know the places to go– like the old-time Gold’s (not the nice new pretty ones with the juice bars, but the old ones where they’ve welded their own special machines and they’ve still got posters of Lou Ferrigno on the walls.) Or the boxing club run by the guy who looks like Jack LaLanne. Jack’s place will be dirt-cheap and you’ll have it all to yourself. A good rule-of-thumb for sizing up gym sales staff? If he/she’s young and good-looking, they’ll be an annoyance. If he/she’s not-so-young and bored-looking, run away– they’re battle-scarred and cynical and will enjoy beating you up. But if it’s a guy who looks like he eats five meals of raw meat and egg whites a day– and I don’t mean beach-buff, I mean totally humongous and maybe even ‘roid-pimply– well ok, that guy really believes in what he’s selling and generally wants to give you a good deal so you’ll join and maybe get into that lifestyle he loves so much yourself. And the places where those guys hang are generally a little cheaper and far more earnest, and my guess is like most people who can dig that kind of environment you’ll get more out of it as well. Anyhow, just keep in mind whenever you’re shopping (and this applies to shopping for cars or houses, or whatever– I’m a real-estate broker and I’ve taught organizational behavior at the university level for many many years) the advantage in ANY negotiation lies with he who’s willing and able to walk away from the table. Remember that the salesman needs you more than you need him; if he doesn’t give you what you want you can and should walk away at any moment. There’s no rule that says you must sit down at his desk like a schoolkid in the principal’s office. Hover. Sit down ON the desk. Edge up next to him on his side of the desk and read what’s on the computer screen over his shoulder. If he answers the phone, get up and start wandering off. If he gets up to “talk to the sales manager,” go with him. If he discourages you from following, head off to the john and stay in there a while. All the while you’re talking with him, keep checking your watch and/or cell-phone to let him know how valuable your time is. Your job is to a) do the research so you know when he’s lying, (then do him a favor by pointing it out to him as a “mistake” rather than a “lie” when he does); 2) make him feel a little less confident (maybe conversationally ask about his education, or if it’s a woman ask about any visible physical imperfections she may display– and they all have them, whether it’s a stretch-mark or that spot above their ass-cleft where they need to apply a bit of Nair, or whatever– look, they’re just as insecure as anyone else, no matter how pretty they may be, and if you find the right button you can get what you want from a gym sales-slick just as easily as from anyone else); 3) close the deal IF AND ONLY IF it’s the deal you want. There are other gyms and there will be other promotions. You can work out at home if you want or you can start next week– it won’t make that much of a difference. And it goes without saying of course that you NEVER give out your real telephone number, right?

  119. leanna Says:

    I’ve been a member there for about a year now. Monthly contract, no up front fees, I pay 16 dollars and some change a month. I lucked into the deal when I went in last year on Halloween to sign up. The sales guy had this deal for a friend that was supposed to come in, but didn’t come, and it expired that day. So he gave it to me. It also includes all 24 hour fitnesses including Sport. Lucked out!

  120. bobby Says:

    great blog and comments! 2 questions about these deals such as the “$599 for 3 yrs then $29/yr thereafter”

    1. is this for a particular location only, or all club locations?

    2. is there any setup fee?


  121. bobby Says:

    if you live in the san francisco bay area, here’s the strategy to get a membership easily, with no pain of dealing with a very unpleasant, “glengary glen ross”-wanna-be sales guy.

    i’ve been a 24 hour member for 10 years, and needed to get my wife a membership. i had forgot how painful it was to get that original membership setup, until i read these comments 😉

    i decided to go to a different club to the one i’d be working out at, just in case things went sideways, i could leave, and never have to see them again; avoid any awkward looks when i went back to work out.

    i visited the 1650 industrial road, san carlos branch. i was very lucky to get assigned:
    marvin navas, membership manager
    (650) 595-3000
    (650) 595-3830

    he was *awesome*. i went in there, prepared to just walk out if this guy started acting like a jerk, and this guy got it from the get go — perhaps because he was the manager, so there was no “let me go talk to the manager” nonsense.

    there were two deals he offered:
    1. $599/3 years + $99/year renewal
    2. $699/3 years + $29/year renewal + 5 free PT sessions

    both were for all club locations, all days, and no moronic initiation fees, etc.

    i went with #2.

    bottom line — visit this branch (make sure this guy is there before you go), and just deal with him direct.

  122. Danny Says:

    I just signed up in Portland, OR. My deal was no initiation or signup fees. $40 a month w/o contract to any super or under. He also offered a deal for 499.87 for 3 years with $29 per year after. I dont like signing up for that far in advance so I did the monthly. Hope this helps someone!

  123. Jon Says:

    Just signed up today in Santa Monica…..$599 for 3 yrs, no fees, $49 yr after that. Got my wife in for $499 for 3 yres, no fees and $29 yr after that as a “new member” special. She also gets 5 training sessions with a personal trainer, but I hear that those aren’t very good!! My advice is go to a couple of different centers and shop it around, these guys compete against their own centers and want to close the deal, I saved about $400 by going to 3 centers. Good luck, hope this helps.

  124. joe Says:

    just signed up today $649 for 3yrs all clubs, and $49yr renewal.

  125. ellen Says:

    I went in with my husband. We didn’t do the tour. We just wanted the prices. So the guy gave us $699 for three years for the first person and $599 with a $29 renewal for the next two years. We didn’t sign up and walk out because we were still shopping other gyms. He call us later with $599 for the first person and $499 for the second with $29 renewal for the next two years. I think I will join.

  126. 24 Employee Says:

    I know this post is really old, but I wanted to say a few things in defense of my company. I am not going to say there aren’t guys like Mr. Parker in our company because that is not true. There are many guys like that; however, a common misconception among members is that they too can get the exact same deal their friends and family did. This is true SOME of the time, NOT all the time. The reason is because it just depends on when you sign up. Sometimes people get really great deals, there was one recently where 3 people could be added on to your membership for $10 each a month. It all depends on when you sign up and what specials they are running at the time. You might not be able to get the $540 for three years and only $24 a year afterwards. Now, 24 is more member friendly. I do apologize for the bad experience you’ve had. Unfortunately, there are still sales guys like that. Don’t give up hope, there are some nice ones out there. I just wanted to clarify your pricing information. It boils down to when and what level of gym you sign up at. I hope you’ve found a place to workout. Again, I apologize on Mr. Parker’s behalf.

  127. Another 24 hour employee Says:

    HaHA. I love this job its amazing. Honestly I do not think there should be specials. It should all be the same. I think that 800 for 3 years the 99 a year every year after is a fairly good deal. 42.99 A month aint bad. And we all go to the gym for one things. To get something.

  128. Another 24 hour employee Says:

    HaHA. I love this job its amazing. Honestly I do not think there should be specials. It should all be the same. I think that 800 for 3 years the 99 a year every year after is a fairly good deal. 42.99 A month aint bad. And we all go to the gym for one things. To get something.

  129. Ben Says:

    I paid $600 for 3 years and $20 a year after the frist 3 years. Don’t let them tell you those deals don’t exist anymore because I got my deal in Dec 2004 and a friend of mine got a similar deal this August.

  130. Veronica Says:

    24-Hour Fitness is a joke!! Not to mention they are the dirtiest gyms, constantly have broken equipment, smell inside, and have no customer service. I don’t understand how they can charge so many different fees just to get the membership, when the value is the same to all its members. Therefore, everyone should pay the same price!

  131. Greg Says:

    Costco members can get a 12 month 24 H/F membership for $199.00 (that is $50.00 off normal Costco price). It works out to about $16.60 per month. This deal is available Costco On-line.

  132. jimmy Says:

    not a bad deal from costco. They also offer a 2nd membership @ $149. The fine print says “not valid for current members”. My wife currently pays $24/month for a single club only. Does anyone know if she can cancel her current membership so we can take advantage of this deal?

  133. Ed Says:

    I’m thinking of doing that myself or trying to make them counter offer it. You also get the sport membership too! I heard there is some time period that you have to wait before being considered a new member.

  134. Chris Says:

    Thanks for this forum – very informative.
    I live in the Orange County, CA area and got offered today a $599 / 3 year deal and $29 renewal after that.
    Havent taken it yet, thought the sales person states it ends tomorrow (technically today).

    To 24 Hour Employee: when will be the best time to grab the best membership deals? And is the current deal I am being offered great?

    Thanks guys!

  135. jimmy Says:

    I just checked with the local club and the first and only deal they would offer for an all club membership was $749/3 year +$29 yearly renewal. This includes the 5 training sessions. They also offered $649/3 year +$99 yearly with no training. Also they said there would be no discount if my wife joined at the same time.

    I’ve still got 2 days to decide between this and the $199 1 year Costco deal.

  136. jimmy Says:

    Oh well, Costco pulled their great 24 Hour Fitness offer a few days before it expired. They said it was “sold out”, but I wonder.

  137. jimmy Says:

    Just signed up over the phone for $749/3 yrs plus $29 per year after that. Wife’s membership was discounted to $679. Both include 5 training sessions.
    My concern is the same as someone mentioned above. The contract specifically says that the $29 renewal is only guaranteed for the first renewal year. After that it can be raised. It sounds like in practice they don’t do this but legally, they certainly could.

  138. Poochi1976 Says:

    I am having the problem getting a good price because the Super Sport is closest to me and I dont want to drive extra 15-20 min to go to farther clubs. Only thing that makes this a super sport is it is bigger, which means more people too, so thats not great. Also what qualifies it as Super Sport is that it has skin cancer room (tanning beds), Lance Armstrongs face all over the place, and an olympic size pool. Well I dont swim, dont tan, dont care for Lance. But that’s what they built near my work and home so I am stuck paying much higher than most. So I would really appreciate if an employee or member who knows can tell me how and when I can get better than the current $850 3 years/$29 yearly thereafter and the $750 3 years and /$50 annually thereafter. The former allows for guest pass so I could bring a friend to my home club only. I could go to any club. This deal ends on Monday and they say prices will go up after that. I dont know what to do.

  139. Poochi1976 Says:

    Also I am worried about the annual renewal rates increasing on me…

  140. Poochi1976 Says:

    Also I could potentially get 2 people to sign up with me since their rates would be way lower, at $450 (no super sport since they dont live near one like I unfortuantely do), all else the same, and STILL they offer no more membership discount to me or them. That’s not right.

  141. 24 hour manager Says:

    I work as a membership manager in the inland empire and the rates are only worth the value put behind them. Its about a change of lifestyle and getting closer to your fitness goals. People only feel bad about the investment if they are unsure of the results. One more thing I would like to add is that if we show the offer is going to expire, please beleive it. Thanks!

  142. Milo Says:

    Wait til the end of the month and go in the last day of the month. Usually that is when you get the best deal, becauselike used car sales people, they have a quota.

  143. Paul T Says:

    I’m in the 24 hour clubs in SoCal…..with a membership that dates back into the 80’s, it seems.

    Does anyone know why these clubs play rap music ( or maybe “Urban Contemporary” is a nicer term.) The club in Lakewood plays all rap, all the time, to their mostly older, white audience. What is the point of this? To drive dues paying members away? What?

    Disclaimer: Nothing against rap….but what we are listening to here is the slowest, most depressing stuff imaginable…..no beat at all……

  144. reggie noble Says:

    just read your experience and it was entertaining. Part of me agrees with “mr. patrker” in that you did go there to join a gym, right? I mean the “deal” that you referenced for $600 for 3 years may/might have existed, but how much did you research it? Meaning, when did he sign up- recently or years ago? I mean 3 years ago i paid 1.50 a gallon for gas now it’s above $3… am I not gonna buy gas to get where I need to go? 24 hour fitness operates like any other business out there: some weeks sales are better than others, just like Best Buy. The bottom line is this, though there are smarmy sales people out there, can you really put a price on your own personal health?

  145. Rich Says:

    A 24 hr fitness is opening near me. I was going to use the 7 day pass they offered me after my friends joined, but started reading about ripoffs on the web.

    My fiends paid around $1000 for three years with some deal where after that it’s $40 a year for life.

    The problem is that it sounds too good to be true. If everyone was in that plan, in a few years, the gym will be out of business because $40 a year will not support a gym.

    But of course the business model might be based on that the average time I person uses a gym is less than three years because they change lifestyles, move or whatever. Thus, the gym gets their money upfront and guaranteed.

    I guess I am curious if this is why they make that offer? Or is there some other catch after year three that is in the fine print.

  146. lady di Says:

    Someone told me about this great 24 hour gym and due to my schedule I thought what a great idea. WELL! After researching and reading all of the replys, it is time for me to break out “dancing to the oldies”, good ole “Billy Blanks”, dust off the treadmill and the “Bean” and start enjoying the beautiful trails in my area! Oh and did I mention how great sex can burn lots of calories. Save your money and start “cooking” in the kitchen!

  147. germ Says:

    i work as a manager for 24 hr. fitness. first of all, whether you paid, 599,699,799; whats the difference? goodness, its breaks down dollars a month. big wow. to have access to over 400 facilities with millions in equipment?!!!! certain promotions run for certain dates and thats why you will SOMETIMES receive call backs that a certain plan has gone down in payment and renewal! most of the people complaining are the ones who pay and then don’t work out! that’s why they are complaining! cause even if you paid 999 but were seeing results (mainly cause your just showing up and working out) and feeling better, chances are you’d be happy with your membership! find out the facts before you start bashing an otherwise pretty well run organization! what a bunch of crybabies! when i first got my membership at 18 yrs. old, i went in and asked how much and signed up! i just wanted to work out! whether it was 20 or 30 or 40 a month! my health and body is worth it! most people spend hundereds in gas, food and entertainment a month! get over it! most people compaining on this site are a joke!

  148. germicide Says:

    The comment by the 24 hour fitness manager named “germ” is pretty callous for a someone in the service industry. People just want the lowest price possible. If you replace “cost of gym membership” with “cost of a gallon of gas”, germ’s phrases such as “my body is worth it” and “crybabies” ring rather hollow. When it comes to being a savy consumer, paying the lowest price possible is a not an unusual goal. Maybe germ wants to pay top dollar for everything, e.g., a car or a house.

  149. germ Says:

    so what your saying is that all sales people should tell their customers that this current price was actually cheaper a couple of weeks ago and that they should hold off on starting to work out til a better promotion comes around. ya, any person with common sense will realize that all people who do sales need to make a living! so like i said before, the difference is dollars a month! get over it! besides, 90% of the people who say they want to hold off, take years to actually get started! so again, individuals like yourself would rather wait and get in worse shape to save a few bucks? guess your health aint to much of a priority! just telling you the truth!

  150. math whiz Says:

    Germ said: “i work as a manager for 24 hr. fitness. first of all, whether you paid, 599,699,799; whats the difference?”

    Wait, wait, I know this! Respectively, I think it’s $100 and $200.

    I’ll bet you don’t look for sales on anything, huh? I just want to know: what’s the best month to look for deals, other than December?

  151. You've got to be kidding!!! Says:

    Well folks,…You’ve got to be kidding!!!
    Obviously ‘Germ’ is an idiot that got lost on the way to his village. Talk about NEGATIVE SALESMANSHIP !!!
    I’ve been looking for a ‘decent’ gym deal and got the “30 DAYS FREE” notice from eHarmony. So I started checking it out. I have to thank ‘Germ’ for his ‘wonderfully stupid’ comments!!! Big mistake!!
    24 hr. fitness ….. COUNT ME OUT!!!! And anyone I can tell about this too!!!

  152. germ Says:

    to math whiz! hope it didn’t take too long to figure that out. e harmony, its your call. but nobody offers the locations, flexibility without contracts that we do! ballys has contracts and is going under. we outnumber la fitness 3 to 1. u still there math whiz, you’ll never get it! bye guys. been fun!

  153. tony cypher Says:

    Hey i bought a car 5 yrs ago and it was only 35,000 WOW. Now the same car goes for 42,000?? WHAT ??? THE CAR DEALER IS RIPPING ME OFF RIGHT??? Same mentality..
    Your mentality is why does food cost more now that it did in 1999 right. Everything in your world never increases and everyone in the world pays the same for every thing they buy right. YOU SHOULD BE CAREFULL NEXT TIME YOU BUY A LOAF OF BREAD AT RALPHS BECAUSE YOUR BROTHER IS GETTING IT .50 CENTS LESS AT ALBERTSONS. OH I GUESS THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF TOO RIGHT??
    Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you did not get the best deal in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. germ Says:

    i think i like this tony cypher fella!

  155. dalchick Says:

    fyi to poochi1976, I joined at a SuperSport location and I got the $699 up front paying for 3 full years (included 5 training sessions), with $29/yr renewal starting with year 4, good at all clubs nationwide up through SuperSport. Not all SuperSport locations charge the same, even within the same city. Check around and you may find one that’s cheaper, and worth an hour’s drive that first time to save some $. As long as you join at a SuperSport location, your membership is good at all SuperSport locations.

  156. NASCAR Lives! Says:

    Well, looks like GERM was born with a bountiful amount of never-ending cash…he must be part of the two thirds of one percent in the U.S. with over $1 million net worth. Easy to say “even if you paid 999 but were seeing results” if you’re not on a budget, but most individuals/families are looking for the best rate possible. Whether it’s a gym membership, air flight, or big-ticket purchase…an average Aamerican seeks the best value per dollar. I work out at 24 HR and have worked out for over the past decade…so, to see the rants of an over-zealous 24 HR manager with severe salesman mentality justify membership with weak points of argument is flawed…I mean, come on “400 facilities with millions in equipment?!!!!”…no average person is going to utilize all 400 gyms in the first place, what a remedial selling point! I am glad our 24 HR manager does not hold such “biased” views about the average citizen. Anyways, Mark… 24 HR is a good place to exercise and I hope you enjoy it as well!

  157. germ Says:

    like i said earlier, when i got my first membership i went in paid whatever they told me it cost! i paid with my own money on a part time job! so your dead wrong! bet you never even looked at how much money you spend every month on things that dont give you any return. how about 40 a month to have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment available to you! free classes and the cheapest babysitting around. thats just in one club! worth it now!? a dinner for two at tgi fridays runs you about 40.00 and i could go on. your an idiot. if i’ve enrolled people who actually are homeless, i’m sure anybody can afford it. so again, it just depends how much you value your health and your life! guess you still dont get that! i’m right, your wrong! haha i win again. i love this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. PW Says:

    Look, people just want to know they’re getting a fair price. When we hear about wildly different prices, we just want to know that we’re not paying twice as much as most other people for no reason. Just because you don’t watch your money doesn’t mean everybody else should be happy to blow a few hundred a year on a bad deal. Just because we can afford it, doesn’t mean we want to give you extra money.

    And Germ! Did you know you can end a sentence with a period? Every sentence you type is really exciting!!!!! Are you twelve years old!?!?!?!

  159. germ Says:

    actually, probably more educated by high school than you will be your whole life. i’m not trying to write an essay here you ^%^&**!! look who’s talking, your trying to correct my grammar yet you started a sentence with “and”. i won’t even ask if your dumb. you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. mtg Says:

    I think you were trying to say “I wont even ask if YOU’RE dumb…” not “I wont even ask if YOUR dumb…” Your implies ownership, so YOUR sentence was an incomplete thought. Your dumb what? I’m confused. Oh and WONT does not need an ‘ before the T. It not short for anything. PW was stating the general theme of this forum in his/her post, in that we all just want a good deal. I too worked at 24 hour for quite some time, and I do know the ins and outs of how and why the prices change. The gym membership business is a lot like car sales; high pressure, emotional sale, limited time frame, and one chance to close the sale. Since I no longer am an employee of 24 hour, I too am looking to find the best deal. I like the gym, I’d like to workout there, but for $230 I can get the results I want at the rec center across the street from my house. I recently got the number of a sales guy at the 24 closest to my house from a friend of mine that signed up and got a great deal, simply by not folding to quickly. I am going to try some of the tactics I remember from working there and see what happens. I will post what I find out and all the details of my conversation with this guy, and hopefully will have some tips on how to get them to drop fees or rates. Until then, do you think that we can all just get along?

  161. derek z Says:

    Wow, I’m surprised. People are complaining about $600 – $900 for 3 years. That works out to $16 – $25 a month. What really surprised me is the $29 or $59 annual renewal. At first I thought the original blog post made a mistake and that he meant $49 a month, then I read other posters writing the same thing. For an all-gym, all days/hours membership that’s really good. It is hard to get past that initial fee, especially if you don’t know if you are not settled in one area and might move or something.

  162. brady Says:


    I just signed a 3yr agreement for all sport clubs access for $499 and a $29 4th yr renewal. I’ve read all the comments above and am happy about what I paid (for now). It’s true that for the 5th yr the renewal rate could go up, but I figure at $499+$29 for four years, that’s $11/mon. Seems pretty good. Anybody here ever have their 5th yr rate go up???

    By the way, I just purchased it at the North Point location.

  163. Don Says:

    I need to upgrade my membership to include the Super Sport clubs since we are moving within blocks of one. Anyone ever pay a flat, non-monthly, upgrade to their membership? Something like $200 or $300 seems reasonable, but I know how this place works. The club close to my new place tried to play the psychological game that a $10 a month fee could be paid up-front and it would be the same as a lump sum upgrade. Sorry, not buying it.

    My partner and I prepaid around $1100 for the both of us in 2003 and it included three years and some training with a $20 renewal per year. FYI, you can prepay the renewal in advance for up to five years. The club can notate your account after you pay your $20 plus tax and their corporate office can fix (hassle though) the membership date.

    Wish I knew about the idea of buying a membership at a 24 Super Sport that has yet to be open. From what I have read, seems you get the best deals if the joint isn’t there yet.

  164. Brett Says:

    I was just at 24 hr fitness an hour ago. I agree, they try to use urgency close tactics such as the price may go up, why wait. I am in sales and I recognize the tricks but what I saw that really effects price is if you want a personal trainer or not. This shoots the price throught the roof. The standard membership isnt bad – it should be posted on the website and seems to change from state to state. For me, the extra price is worth it for the use of a personal trainer. It just depends on how serious you are I guess.

  165. weave Says:

    Just finished reading this interesting collection of comments. I checked out prices last week and was quoted $700/3 years with $49/year renewals. I felt that this was a fair price and might join. The membership counselor was not pushy and offered to call me if a better deal came up. It would be nice if they had four or five set plans with fixed prices and didn’t bother with “specials”. As consumers we expect that prices will eventually go up but in general we are not happy when a “special” becomes available after our purchase. Kudos to companies like Best Buys who have a price guarantee. If the price drops – money is refunded.

  166. Joshua David Says:

    Well, seems I’m screwed by 24 hour. I pretty much only use my membership for the basketball. My other exercise is running, which can be done anywhere with gravity and oxygen. Anyhow, I signed up 10 years ago, and have been religiously paying $24 a month. Now, I move to a new town, and the slightly larger gym is of the “Active Sport” variety which trumps my “Super Sport” membership. They wanted $79 + a new rate of $49 a month to upgrade. I think not meatheads. Take your membership and shove it. That’s $24 a month extra I can spend on running shoes.

  167. j buck Says:


    they are offering one year at $249 paid up front – my experience with 24 Hour here in Sugarland Texas has been very positive – the club is a SuperSport and my membership is 29 per month no contract and I can use all the clubs. I understand that the sales teams differ from gym to gym and sounds like your guy just rolled off a used car lot. I would mention these crappy sales tactics to the gym as that fool is going to cost them more than he makes them. I should know – I am a professional sales trainer.

    Good Luck!

  168. Rob Says:

    I Just quit working at 24 hour because of their shady practices and the alarming lack of leadership from middle management on up. Sure it’s one of the cheapest gyms around, but in this case you get what you pay for.

    For such a large company they have one of the highest employee turnover rates I’ve seen. I have also not gotten my final paycheck and may have to peruse legal action to get it.

    So If your thinking about joining or working for 24 hour fitness, my suggestion is; do yourself a big favor and keep looking for something better, it won’t be hard to find one!

  169. Luke Says:

    My membership renewal date is 05/15/08, on April 26th 2008 at 3:10pm I walked into the Milbrae Club and paid my dues. I have the credit cardit receipt and statement to prove it. Yet 24hr Fitness “customer service” has been calling me for the last couple of day to renewal my membership. I can’t believe they’ve been around for 25 years. I don’t think they’ll be around for a much longer if they continue to have stinky customer service. Already their clubs are showing there age and fatigue.

  170. 24 Hour Manager Says:

    24 Hour Fitness is a great chain of very well priced health clubs. Having beautiful facilities with a month-to-month agreement, a wide variety of amenities and group classes, tons of state of the art equipment, great trainers, convenient and numerous locations that are open 24 hours a day have made the company very successful (the company has the highest revenue in the US.. in excess of $1 Billion/year. It is also the biggest and fastest growing health club in the US…so they are not going anywhere any time soon).

    I work for the company as a Manager in one of the gyms in Florida, and I am sorry to hear that some of you in this forum have had a bad experience with a particular sales person. But I also hope that you are smart enough to not judge an entire company based on your experience with one sales person. I agree with most of you… You owe it to yourself, as a customer, to do the research necessary and search for the best value possible; regardless of what you are purchasing. But I also agree with the point that the previous 24 Hour Fitness manager who posted on this board was trying to make (I think he just came off as very rude and obnoxious)… month in and month out, we spend a lot more money on things that are nowhere near as important as our health. So whether you are paying $20/month, or $60/month… your investment in your health is a good and valuable choice on your part, and the return on your investment is always worth it. The bottom line lies with how the price you are getting matches up against other health clubs in the area after taking into consideration amenities, flexibility of agreement, hours of operation, cleanliness, convenience, equipment, etc… Every market is different (i.e – It is common to pay in excess of $60/month in health clubs in NYC… $35-$45/month is the range here in Florida; you typically won’t find anything cheaper).

    The difference in pricing between people who post online has to do with when and where they purchased their membership, and what type of membership they purchased. Most health clubs will run promotions during holidays because people tend to stay away from gyms during those times… so in order to lure more traffic into the gym and keep it profitable, they lower their prices. The middle and end of the month are also a good time to catch specials during what they call “closeout”; the company tries to “close out” all the business it may have missed during the previous two weeks in order to increase the percentage of people who enrolled and therefore increase profitability.

    It is not a ripoff if you are paying more than someone else. It could be a number of things… they could have enrolled at a better time than you did… they could have enrolled at a different type of club that offers different amenities… they could have enrolled in another state where price ranges are different… they could also be talking crap (it wouldn’t be the first time I hear of someone brag about how they got such a great price on something they bought bk of their great negotiating skills or their connections). If you happen to be one of those people that has a higher monthly than what it is being offered at a particular time, just simply call the corporate office and let them know that you would like your monthly to be adjusted to that price. They will gladly do it in order to retain you as a member.

  171. big russ Says:

    I have been with 24 Hour Fitness now for about a month. I go to the location in Overland Park Kansas. It is a Super-Sport facility and has everything that I could want. I ended up paying just over 900 for 3 years (tax included) and 69 a year after that. I can go to any club in the country Super-Sport and lower. I got 10 personal training sessions and a bodybugg (calculates calories consumed and burned). All told it came to about 24 bucks. I am extremely pleased. I workout 4 to 5 days a week at various times of the day. Honestly why would someone want to pay those monthly fees when you can get it for far cheaper? I’m on a strapped income, and it was the best option for me and whomever I choose to bring along with me in the near future.

    I can definitely understand the negative feelings towards the cookie-cutter type clubs. I had that feeling when I was in Springfield, Missouri for college and joined a club called Ozark Fitness Centers. I got railroaded with high fees and it was not very consumer-friendly. My initial experience with 24 hour fitness in Overland Park, Kansas is completely different. Courteous and Kind staff who will answer whatever question you might have.

    My own complaint is I love swimming laps after my workout and the pool is to shallow for a tall guy like me. I scrape my hands on the bottom when i swim freestyle. Instead I focus on my backstroke.

    Regardless, I understand the negativity but for me who goes to the Super-Sport 24 Hour Fitness in Overland Park, KS I have nothing but good things to say.

  172. lola Says:

    Hi, anybody in the San Diego area wants to join 24 hour fitness. I know a guy who can give us a good group discount if we can get more people to join at the same time. I already know 2 people who want to join with me. Anybody else? The more people we can get, the better discount we can get!

  173. Matt Says:

    The propaganda about 24 Hour being the cleanest gym choice is absurd from my experience. The locker rooms are a soup of pool water, shower water, tracked urine, toilet paper, and even feces. I have never seen anyone cleaning them during peak hours. The thought of sitting down on one of the toilets in the Downtown Seattle club is creepy. On top of that water fountains are few and far between. They promote their vending machines full of Dasani (Coke) water at every corner though. Welcome to the 24 Hour Ghetto.

  174. cory Says:

    costco.com has a 289.99 2 year contract right now. thats a little over 12 bucks a month!

  175. Esther Says:

    Did you join yet? I would like to get in on that sweet deal. It would be me, my daughter, and my husband. I too had a terrible experience with 24 hour but they are down the street from me so I can walk there.

  176. Brutarian Says:

    They are building these new “Super Sport” clubs that require an expensive membership upgrade, then closing the nearby club to force members to join the expensive club:
    In many areas of the country, 24-fitness is a monopoly.

  177. george @ express fitness Says:

    all i gotta say is express fitness 17$ month no contracts no gimmics no hidden fees everything u need to get in shape nothing you dont. do you really want to pay for someone else to use the pool or the racquet ball court or the bar. if you do then you have no excuse to complain about price. lets get real its all about not believing in your own procrastination excuses. and just doing it. if you cant do it get a trainer. no high pressure sales. The club sells itself. if you dont have time make time. consider the long term cost of poor health. Theres nothing left to think about except how out of shape you are and how do i get to express fitness.

  178. Mike Brady Says:

    I didn’t make the mistake of joining 24 Hour Fitness, but I did make the mistake of buying a yearly membership at Gold’s Gym in Lake Forest Park, Washington. The place is dirty, the music is blasting, and when equipment breaks it takes a long time to repair. They have no spray bottles or towels to wipe down machines and the Personal trainers do a terrible job with their clients. As a certified Personal Trainer, I have no excuse for purchasing a yearly membership. Now, I recommend people purchase a one month membership to get the feel of the facility. If they won’t allow this, walk away as fast as you can. Don’t forget to check out a Personal Trainer’s certifications and references before purchasing their services. There are a lot of 2 week wonders out there who look pretty convincing in a tight shirt and a large smile.

  179. Ken Robinson Says:

    I’ve had a 24 Hour membership for about ten years. I can go to any club in the country and that is a great benefit for me. Also, my dues have never changed throughout the years. My “home club” has a pool and basketball court which are also of great use to me. Today, that club closed and a new 24 Hour Super Club has replaced it. Apparently this is a new program, I got a notice that in order to enter the “Super Club” my dues will need to go up $10 per month. It was explained that this is because the “Super Club” has a pool and basketball court. I won’t be paying the increased dues and therefore my “all clubs” membership won’t be getting me into any of these new clubs. I think they reek of greed and avarice and I hope they all get arthritis.

  180. Adrian Says:

    i have a 24 hour menbership and i gpt it for about $800 up front for 3 years and now its supposed to be $12 a year.My First $12 a year was last year and i was worried because a super sport replaced the old 24 near my home and i thought they would raise my rates. I got a letter saying my rates wouldn’t go up and id only pay $12 a year still. About a month ago i got a letter saying that i have to pay $20 a year to keep my membership. I know its still low but thats not what i signed up for, and to top it all off they are taking money out of my account for 2 other accounts i cancelled about 2 months ago. For those 2 accounts i payed the first and last months payment. if i cancelled the accounts why do i still have to pay for the last month? Im actually going to 24 Hour today to give them some shit about trying to skrew me. F 24 hour.

  181. Lauren Barber Says:

    Last month I went into a 24 hour fitness with a 7 day free pass I got off of their website…figuring that I would probably sign up anyway I went with it when the guy was trying to get me signed up. He said that even though I have the 7 day free pass, it’s actually 30 days that I have to decide if I like it and if I wanted to cancel I would be refunded EVERYTHING. Well at that point I didn’t have a lot of money (and still don’t) so I asked to make payments. He set me up with 2 payments I would have to pay. The first one about 3 weeks after going in and the other 4 weeks after. I ended up realizing that I would not be able to afford the membership so I canceled everything on the 7th day from when I went it. They assured me I would be free and clear of everything and would never be billed for anything! Initially I didn’t pay a thing and thought I would never have to deal with it again. Then last week I started getting calls from this number that never leaves a message. I decided to call it one time to see who it was and it was 24hour fitness. They have called me every day since and I was finally able to speak with someone about it and it turned out to be their bill collectors!!! They told me I owed $82 and needed to pay ASAP. Why is this happening when I cancelled the membership and was reassured everything was taken care of!!!!!?!?!? Especially since I still technically within the initial 7 free days period? I am FURIOUS! I have never once had a bill collector call me and now I have one, when it’s not even my problem! I spoke with some foreign people tonight hoping to clear this up and they say I have a $0 balance now…. but I am extremely weary. I guess I will see what happens in the next few days.

    Point of the story, don’t EVER sign up for 24hour fitness, let alone anything with a contract! FUCK THEM!

  182. Lauren Says:

    Also, I ended up joining a place called PLANET FITNESS which I love! They had a deal…for 1 year $99.00! No other payments what so ever. They have other extremely cheap plans but I happened to get in on this one. They don’t have a pool or racquetball court but have all the cardio machines weight machines and free weights you could need. And they kind of feel like a family rather than a muscle head fake place. It is SUCH a great deal and I am so happy I found them! Check them out on the internet. They don’t have gyms all over the place but if they have one near you, definitely look into it!

  183. annie Says:

    You should know that 24 hour fitness always has promotions so he might have not been trying to ” rip you off”, it was mostlikly the best deal he could offer you at the time. I am a happy member of 24 hour fitness and if you someone who is reading this, do not judge 24 hour based off this one persons experiance.

  184. JoshTheSav Says:

    Signed up on Sunday for 29.99 month to month. Went in Monday, wanting to sign my wife up and that rate had expired. Ended up paying 32.99 a month for her, also month to month. The in “pay in advance” plan seemed like a good deal (199.00 per year each, but I’m not sure if I will even use this membership)

  185. Mom Says:

    I just want to let it be known that the Mt. View 24 fitness club
    has got to be a poor excuse for a fitness center. The hr department and certain management badger their employees to the point of tears and now no return. The CEO of 24 is the same CEO that messed up home depot. What rotten way to run a business.

  186. NikkyBlond Says:

    Excellent time. And nice site. Keep up a good work! :-))

  187. Val Says:

    I signed up 3 yrs ago at $99 down, $24.99/month and have been happy. Im now trying to sign up my 13 yr old son, and have been offered every promotion available in the last month and will continue to hold out until one comes around Im happy with – and it will eventually. The best promos I think are in the spring, just from what Ive noticed….
    Anyway, my two cents is, Im happy with them.. locations all over Dallas which is good because I have a choice of working out at lunch by my job, or in the evening by the house… or anywhere. Its just convenient for me.

  188. evan Says:

    look here boys im a membershp councilar at 24 hour fitness n im not gnna lie. we need our cut to support our lives!!!!!
    if u wnna complain tell this michael parker dont talk shit behind his back cuz u know hell kick ur ass!!!!!!!!!! man up! grow sum testicles boys online complaining about something that is totally in your power to go to a less gready gym AKA nowhere in the fuckin world!!!!!!! go join them. thats your deal but like you we have mouths to feed so think bout that bitches!!!!!!!!!

  189. Barbara Says:

    I am an employee of 24 hour fitness and have found the district managers, managers and employees amazing people. I think this guy you have run into MIKE sounds like he should be working as a used car salesman, not selling fitness.

    The one thing I can tell you is that sales people get paid very little, in fact $8.00 an hour in California area where I live and it isn’t enough to live on. So, if you really want a paycheck you have to find new members to joing the gym. We do not make up the rates that are offered at 24 hour, so it isn’t your “friend” MIKE’S fault that there are so many different prices. We come to work and find that one special has ended while another promotion has begun. It is totally out of our control what the company is promoting, just like the ads at the grocery store when things are on sale. A reason to buy if the item is what you want at the price you are willing to pay.

    The right to Cancel is a right according to law and we are required by law to let our customers know that they have the right to cancel and they have to sign on the paperwork to acknowledge we have informed you of that right. It is also in your information packet that you get after you get your membership. It is always some jerk that gives all sales people a bad name. I think that if 24 hour fitness was more aware of what the sales people are saying or people complained to the management, he wouldn’t have a job there. On the other hand not knowing this guy he could be just trying to make a living like I am, which isn’t easy at $8.00 an hour.

    What I want people to know about our job in sales and membership is that we do care about the fact that you are going to be using equipment and our knowledge to help you get healthy and fit. It isn’t always about our paycheck, it’s about the person who comes in the door wanting to lose weight, lower their blood pressure, get fit, look good or just stay in shape. Whatever your reasons when you walk through the door, we hope that our need to make a living can also give you a service at the same time.

    How our sales commissions work is that for every hour we work we are expected to see enough to make up for the money they give us per hour. That is not enough to live on and you wouldn’t want to live on that amount of money so you ave to really work to make your commission above and beyond the hourly wage. When you finally sell enough to “make draw” the company then takes back the 8.00 per hour and gives you the money you have earned through sales. So in fact we are not making an hourly wage plus commission which is very hard in the beginning and is the one reason why there is such a high turn over rate in the sales area, at least in my club and ones in the surrounding areas where I live.

    Last I would just like to say that in every job there are jerks and people that make our experience a good one. Shop around and get the best deal for your money before you sign up. Second, get yourself a good personal trainer if you are trying to lose weight or you want do work out properly. You have no idea what a personal trainer can do for you unless you have tried one. Well worth every penny, if you do not quit and get to your goal of getting fit. Even highly skilled athletes have trainers, so there is always something to learn. These people have degrees in sports medicine and are certified with many national certifications. Some are master trainers, they know what they are doing and can help you.

    In the end, if you sign up for a month to month deal with 24 hour fitness and you don’t like it you can always cancel. If you get a prepaid membership at a deal you have really gotten a better deal than the month to month if you are really going to use it. Look at fitness as a long term health insurance policy, an investment in your own health and life.

    As for MIKE and the MIKES OF THE WORLD, call the management and put blogs up like this one to let others know what they are up against. I can’t understand how this guy will survive anyway in the end, so he just may just self destruct in the light that he isn’t well received by potential members.

    Don’t let this guy ruin your experience with fitness centers. Just concentrate on your health and keep working out.


  190. Kevin Says:

    A few weeks ago I bought a banana from Safeway, I paid 50 cents. a week later I went to Safeway and the bananas were 45 cents a each. The cashier said that he couldn’t refund my 5 cents. To add to that I went back to Safeway Yesterday and the bananas were 55 cents. The cashier refused to honor the sale they had last week. What a shady used car salesman. I could tell he was trying to rip me off. I refuse to buy anything from Safeway ever again. Sound silly? Remind you of anyone?
    24 hour fitness now has their sales posted on the website. Everything is out in the open for all to see, and have for the last year. If you go into the store looking for a better price then the “nothing” prices that the internet offers, you’re stupid, cheap and probably can afford much more. If you don’t like someone trying to “close you” all the time you shouldn’t go to a gym, first of all, specially looking to negotiate a deal. If you don’t want to be sold anything go to YMCA, pay $71 a month and work out with a bunch of kids, old people, bums, and weirdoes. I’m quite sure they won’t try to sell you anything.
    24 hour fitness, for what they have, even at 1000 for 3 years, which is about $28 a month or $39 a month with no contract is still the cheapest gym around. I live in San Francisco, I pay $35 a month, I have paid 35 a month for about 5 year and I am happy with that. If I had enough money to afford 1000 for 3 years it would still be less then what I currently pay, and would gladly pay it. And 99 a year, that is $8.25 a month. The difference between 99 a year and $49 a year is probably less then you pay in gas for 1 day in travel. The difference between $8.25 and $4.08 per month is less then, a pack of cigarettes, a cup of Starbucks coffee, a donut a day for a week, the cost of leaving your computer on while you are at work for a week, a grilled stuffed burrito form taco bell or anything else you could probably cut out of your unhealthy life.
    Well I guess my point is, if you don’t want to live in a capitalist society, where people have to convince you to spend your money to make money, move to china. I believe that’s still a communist country. This is how the world works; people pay different prices for different things at different times. I’m sure in 1910 the person that lived in your house got a way better deal on it then you did. It’s life, get one. Oh and Michael Parker, keep up the good work getting these fat people in the gym to work out.

  191. top dawg Says:

    24 fired me after 10 years faithful service. I was a top producer overall and even my last month only workin 17 days still was number one.
    I am a single father of a teenage son.They trumped up false allegations to terminate me unjustly and unfairly!!!!!!
    Now i loose my irreplaceable income and dont know about my mortgage next month, praying for a break.
    This is how they treat their fathfull hard working top people for middle of the road employees.

  192. Thanks for responding and Happy Valentines, also.%d%aNo, I have not seen a doc about the gallbladder issue. Having a secondary bacterial infection was a concern. But, since I am self-emloyed and have no health insurance, having that investigated has been put off. Since my symptoms were not incapacitating, my approach has been to attack any potential infection with natural remedies and have seen improvement. I suppose the possibility of lymphoma just scares me more. But in my research, I haven’t been able to track down symptoms specifically for cancer invading lymph nodes from the cervix.

  193. Ivan Webb Says:

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  196. anonymous Says:

    ps, 24hr has NO CONTRACTS. you can cencel at anytime with 30 days notice. its only monthly payments.

  197. Former trainer Says:

    Hmm, obviously a 24hr employee. The problem with membership sales being driven by commissions is that the motivation to be dishonest, misleading, and overly persistent is going to push some sales people beyond what most consumers are willing to accept. Unfortunately, many of these underhanded tactics are not obvious to consumers until AFTER the transaction is complete.

    So b*tching that the sales people are driving their commissions is a totally valid concern. Nobody is forcing any salesperson to take that job. There are a million ways to put food on the table. If some a**holes choose to do it dishonestly, then we’d be wise to avoid them.

  198. Eric Says:

    Well, since the date this topic was created, a lot, and I mean A LOT, has changed at 24. There is no longer “negotiating” for the “best deal.” An operating system is now used for creating memberships, and it is company wide. The company only tells it’s employees what the current pricing is, and how long it is valid for. You can choose to believe me or not, but people are getting fired almost DAILY for deviating from the company’s semi-recent stance on pricing integrity. However the counselors and managers spin it is up to them, but at the end of the day the “deal” you get is contingent on what the corporate office forces it’s employees to sell. Yes, everyone has a limited amount of employee pricing certificates they can use, but those are supposed to be reserved for friends and family. If you feel you are so dramatically special compared to every other consumer walking in the door, and it’s worth it to you to argue with management until you either walk out the door with nothing (and no closer to your fitness goals) or they concede to use an employee pricing certificate on you, be my guest. Just don’t go around telling everyone you got a membership that is “something like $20 a month!” and make every individual you speak with think they are immediately eligible for the same “deal.” Use some common sense. And if paying an enrollment fee is enough to make you carry around your tire or tiny frame even longer than you have been, maybe you aren’t really that serious about looking and feeling better. I understand the need for frugality better than anyone here, but for Christ sake, it’s a GYM MEMBERSHIP, not a freaking car or house or even an expensive phone (all of which get you nowhere when it comes to your health). So if you’re going to walk into a gym with at least a mild interest in joining – and if that interest isn’t there then, hmmmm what a foreign concept, don’t go in! – be prepared for the counselors and management to at least make an attempt at getting you signed up. And there is no membership option anyone would present you (as long as you’re not dumb enough to fall for pen-selling, which people are also losing their jobs over) that is not also advertised on the official website. And if you get pissed your “code” from another non-sponsored website didn’t work in completely waiving your enrollment fee (God forbid!) then maybe you should question your source instead of getting bent over sideways about your friend that didn’t pay an enrollment fee. Bear in mind, every scenario I’ve presented here has been experienced by me personally on a constant basis. When the company has made so many efforts to create pricing integrity and consistency, it’s really annoying to see so many ignorant and unsubstantiated complaints.

    End rant.

  199. anomoly Says:

    WOW eric! calm down!! i’m glad i didn’t come to you in order to sign up. Thanks for some of the inside info but you didn’t have to get angry about it… lol.

    I payed $600 for 3 years and $49 every year after. its a lot up front but it was so nice not to have to pay the per month fee. When you do the numbers that’s about $17 a month for 3 years, and $4 a month after the 3 years!!! and it’s all clubs (except the super and ultra where you have to pay a bit extra).

    I’m sorry but there is no other deal where you could access clubs all over the country for 4 bucks a month.

    Costco has a 2 year deal $299 which comes out to about $13 a month… although i’m not sure what happens after the 2 years.

    Either way i think if you can get the deal i got and if you can’t afford it put it on a card and pay the monthly fee to your card (if your good with your money) that would be the best route IMO.

    also check out searchalldeals.com or slickdeals.com they might have some special offers.


  200. ursula Says:

    so here is my experience with 24 hour enrollment
    So last night I waited for 15 min for that kid to get done with the other client-consequently I heard his whole spiel he gave to the other client. When it was finally my turn he tells me about all access pass for $38 or single gym pass for $32. I told him I am not paying that much money for something I am only going to use twice a week. So he was like well I get 3 friends & family passes a quarter and I’d like to give you one, it is $24 down and $24.99 a month so today I will need to collect from you $79.80. I was like $24 & $24.99 don’t add up to $79.80, he answers ya that’s right that is what you pay $79.80. Again I am like where is the extra $25 or so coming from he says that is first & last month’s dues plus down payment very arrogant like that is so obvious duh you always pay first & last month’s dues at the same time. So I am like ok I’ll do it, may I look at the contract that I will be signing before I give you $79.80. he is like well after you sign up that comes to you in a email, I ask so I print it and sign it and bring it in right? His answer no you don’t sign anything we just send it to you later but you just pay the money right now. Me being an amazing paralegal knew something fishy was going on here. I was like so I give you money today and then you send me the contract that I supposedly already agreed to without seeing it, how can I be assured that what you tell me are the conditions are the same conditions you send me via email, basically you could put whatever you want in the email and no matter what I already agreed to it? He is just like yes that is how it works you pay first then get the contract in your email. So then I was like well that is not going to work for me because I don’t sign up for anything w/o reading the contract completely, so I know exactly what I am getting into. He looks at me like I hate you why did I get you why couldn’t someone else have helped you. Then I ask about payment information like can I pay my monthly dues online or do I have to come into the Gym to pay them and what form of payment does gym accept and whatnot, and he is like oh we make it very easy for you we just automatically withdraw the money from your checking account each month- I told him that didn’t work for me either because every time I sign up for auto withdraw I somehow end up getting screwed cause it always seems that they made a mistake, they are so sorry for, but it takes months to correct that mistake. (billing me twice or billing me after I cancel). I ask when the payment comes out every month, he tells me that it is the 15th I tell him that when I get paid on the 15th of the month all the money goes toward my mortgage and car insurance so there would be none left for them to collect, as well as I never know how much money I have in my account and I forget about auto payments coming out and sometimes overdraft my account. (even if I put the money into my account some emergency always comes up where I need the money and will pay it back into my account then I forget to go to the bank and overdraft my account this is why I try to use all cash cause when I spend money with a debit card it is not like spending real money I don’t see the money going away) he replies that you can pay at the Gym 15 days before the scheduled auto payment and it won’t take money out of your account if you have paid 15 days before. This seems like a reasonable solution except for in asking what guarantee do you give me if I pay beforehand that they won’t “mistakenly” bill be again on the 15th causing my account to overdraft, costing me $25, and paying the gym twice for the same month. He says none I cannot give you any guarantee that it won’t accidently come out but it is rare I only here of it happening to a few members every month, and that sometimes you just have to attribute it to “human error”, no one is perfect all the time. At this point I am like this is not a very smart way to do business with people and exactly why I don’t do auto withdrawal for monthly payments. So the manager comes over He then tells me that he has never had anyone pay within 15 days and still be auto charged that just doesn’t happen, (contradictory to what the other kid told me earlier.) I point this out, he replies ok if on the 1 in a million chance it happens to you if you pay your account 10-15 days before due and it still auto withdraws I will pay any overdraft fee you incur and credit you 2 months free membership. I ask him to put that in writing he says ok. I then tell him well what if I think I am going to have the money to make the payment on the 15th so I don’t prepay 15 days before and then something comes up and I then don’t have the money for the auto withdrawal on the 15th, that is a very difficult thing to predict 15 days in advance and some days no matter how hard you try you just can’t get to the bank to deposit money, it is better if I control that so I am sure there is money to cover the payment ill still pay by the due date but maybe I’ll pay it at night after I have gone to the bank instead of auto withdrawal taking the money out in the am before I have a chance to go to the bank or come into the gym, I mostly just pay everything with cash as I will pay the fees today. He then tells me ok I will allow you to freeze your account up to 3 or 5 (I cannot remember) days before skd auto payment for 30 days without paying any fee for freezing account. He also tells me he will put that into writing, I am like ok put into writing then. We address the issue of not reading the contract before I pay, he tells me that because I am getting a “special deal” friends & family membership that this is just how it works there is no other option, I inform him of this kids previous client in which he gives the same spiel or “special deal” to the other kid, I am like wow he only gets 3 of those per quarter and he gave 2 out in 1 day….. he ignores that comment and says ok let’s see if we can get you a contract to read. He finds one I begin reading. The contract was written in 1929 and says stuff like to contact us you can send correspondence using (snail) mail or by sending us a telegram WTF? Anyways contract says that the only way 24hour will let you freeze your account is if you provide medical reason, or military reason. The manager stipulates to the fact that I will be able to do so w/o those restrictions. It also states that they reserve the right to add charges to your account for class fees and other misc fees they deem appropriate as well as dues increases provided they give you written notice 10 days before they take the money out of your account. There is no recourse to this action it doesn’t provide for an objection by the member for these increases in fees specifically the fees for classes. So I ask what if someone decides that they are just not going to participate in that particular class are they not charged because according to contract this doesn’t matter all 24hour has to do is provide written notice 10 days before and they have complete rights to withdraw that money out of your account regardless if you agree to it or not. I ask if they send the mail certified-NO. I point out the fact that mail gets lost all the time how do they account that the member receives the written notice- UMMM THEY DON’T I GUESS. (no matter what they tell me verbally anyways the contract doesn’t give those stipulations or rights to the member so it doesn’t count it is not in the contract) ok moving on it also says that payments may or may not be auto withdrawn on the specified date they could be before or after as necessary. I ask what is necessary? Umm well like if the 15th falls on a weekend then they take it out on another date. Are you 100% positive that is what it means-NO what if the 15th doesn’t fall on a weekend can they still just withdraw payment before or after the specified date-UMM I DON’T KNOW. At this point the manager turns to me and says wow so obviously you are a very smart person most people don’t ask any of these questions (I am thinking really this isn’t rocket science it is pretty basic common sense) he then says he has to leave writes down his addendums to the contract signs it and leaves. There are many other wrongs with the contract that the kid cannot explain or justify but cause this is already a novel I won’t go in to those. One very important clause to the contract clearly states that only what is written in this contract stands, any handwritten or oral agreements made are super seeded by what is on this contract no matter what, this contract rewrites anything that has been agreed upon in writing other than in this contract. I point this out and the kid tells me well you are just going to have to trust that Cameron will do what he says he will do. The last paragraph is particularly interesting it states something to the effect of- by giving my financial information to 24hours fitness I certify that I did not rely upon any oral or written promises made by 24hours or any of its employees to do so. So no matter what if there was a dispute as to what the manager put into writing or what the kid told me what vague clauses meant (as they were not clearly described in the contract) I sign away any right I have to that information because I certify by giving money that I didn’t make my decision based upon that info (which I certainly did). The kid is like ohh uuuu well umm I didn’t know that was in there. Have you ever read this contract all the way through? Him- NO I HAVENT. me That is interesting as you seemed to be able to provide many answers & insights regarding the contract were you just making it all up? UMM NO WELL NO. at that point I am like whatever no matter what it is only month to month it’s not like I am signing up to continuously be screwed multiple times for 2 years, I am just signing up to be screwed 1 month at a time. So I agree and say ok let’s get signed up, I pull out $79.80 from my purse the kid starts inputting info into computer he comes to payment page I hand him the cash and he is like ohh shoot I forgot you can only pay with visa, MasterCard, or American express. I look at my watch it is 10:25 pm I remind him that 2 hours ago I told him I would be paying in cash, he is like I know I forgot you couldn’t pay with cash because I am giving you this “special deal” I respond laughing Fuck my life I just wasted 2 hours for nothing, I only have $70 in my account but I have hundreds in cash right here in my purse, still laughing. He is like ok well when you come back on Wednesday for the aqua class you can sign up and pay then and I will give you the same deal. I respond- you said that you cannot give me a temp pass so I am not allowed to go to the class on Wednesday anyways. he is like that is why you will be signing up to go to the class. So I have to come a lot early for the class then? I GUESS OR YOU CAN GO TO CLASS AND THEN SIGNUP. I am thinking to myself so how am I going to get into gym to go to class if I don’t have a membership but it is late so I don’t say anything. I ask for his card so I can get the “special deal” when I come back on wed and leave. By now it is almost 11pm and I am laughing my head off not believing that I really just sat here for over 2 hours and am walking out without a damn pass. So I will go back on Wednesday, before the class. and try again. So that is my story all 2.5 hours of it.

  201. Sam Says:

    24hr fitness sales-nothing but a bunch of low life scum bags!! They have this “I can get you” attitude when you try to join the club. They will ALWAYS quote you the highest price and never mention any of their current promotion. If they want to stay in business they better get rid of their current staff and change the way they treat PEOPLE!

  202. Marci Says:

    If you have a Planet Fitness anywhere near you, I’d go with them. They are a great place to work out (no fancy things, just plain gym equipment) and they offer personal trainers too. The only drawback is no group classes. They only charge $10/ month for one club access and no commitment or $20/month for all club access, free tanning and discounts on all their merchandise with a year commitment.

  203. craftymomma Says:

    The biggest problem this company has is it’s widely swinging prices. One week they are on sale, then the next week they are not, the following week they are on sale again. If your that person in the middle you feel screwed. They are doing this with their bodybugg too. An example, bodybugg on sale for one month for $199, then the first week of January they are $249, then the second week of January they drop the price to $199 again, but now they have designer face plates included. The prices fluctuate way too often. They need to have a regular price and then offer sales 3-4 times a year. They should also offer a guarantee that if the price drops within 30 days that you can go in and get your money refunded. Especially on the bodybugg. Most electronics will match a competitors price and guarantee the price will not drop within 30 days. It is the same with their memberships. The pricing changes far too often. Check out Costco before you buy anything with 24 hour. They have some awesome deals on 24 hour fitness memberships and the bodybugg. The prices through Costco do not seem to fluctuate nearly as much.

  204. Hendog Says:

    I got mine for 7 bucks a month, no contract, no initiation fees, no strings attached. All Club! Got it through a corporate discount.

  205. Ray Says:

    Well, here in Colorado they are opening a 24 hour fitness Super Sport in April 9, 2010, there is another super sport in other area that they had that promotion about 3 year and then yearly a small fee, but I missed, I could not take advantage of it. I’ve searching all around for this and it seems that there is not for now, I called today to see whether they have a super great promotion for the GRAND OPENING, they don’t have any information, of course there is promotions in the website, but those are crap promotions so high, $ 44.99 with not $ 0 setup fee, that’s crap or other promotiosn about the sports, but not including the super sport. I’m wondering if I can pay something like the 3 years and then a $ 99 yearly or something similar, Wondering if any of you have experience with the new Grand Openings if they usually do that or before or a little bit after? I’m willing to get something like that if it’s available.

    Please advise.

  206. Nathan Lee Says:

    I paid 800 for 3 years and $79.99 every year after.

    Got 5 sessions with a trainer. I know people who paid 500 for 3 years and pay $50/year after.

    I don’t care. Yeah, the prices are all over the place, but I’m still basically paying $6.67 per month for full gym membership for GYMS that are everywhere where I am and are open 24-hours a day.

    It’s better than those people paying $30/month or whatever.

    For 1 year, I was paying $300/month to go to a gym that was a hole in the wall. Had training 2-3 times a week, and I learned how much you can do with some dumb bells, a parking lot, and some hard core training.

    So, $6-7 per month for gym? Jump on it.

  207. Luana Sioma Says:

    Holy Smokes dude you have got lots of odd error codes on your page about parse error unexpected T String in line 17

  208. yo Says:

    The deal I got from Bally was $500 for 3 years.

  209. D K Says:

    Nathan Lee,

    Where did you get your membership? I’ve been trying to get a “lifetime” membership where you pay for the first three years and then yearly thereafter, but they keep saying that it’s no longer offered. Thanks.

  210. Josh Says:

    I pay $15/month with no initiation fee and no contract. It includes all 24 Hour Fitness Clubs except for the Ultra-Sports which there are only like 4 of in the country.

    I signed up through a corporate deal that the company I was working for had set up. It was back in 2006 when I signed up, so I’ve had it for almost 4 years.

    I also have the VIP on my membership which allows me to bring any guest with me for free whenever I want, which I use all of the time. I pay an extra $15/month for the VIP. I believe they do not offer this anymore.

    Oh and I am in Utah by the way. I go to the Provo location for now. I am happy with 24 Hour Fitness but I do wish they would updgrade some of their equipment, mainly the cardio equipment. The main gym competitor here is Gold’s Gym which I used to have a membership to. The 24 Hour Fitness here has a much better free weight section than Golds, but the cardio and machine weight sections are a lot better at Golds. I’m not a fan of the two year contracts which Golds makes you sign either.

    I am looking to get a membership for my sister, so if anyone knows how to get a good deal now, please let me know. I am going to ask how much it will be to add her to mine but the rates on their website say $29.99/month and $0 down, no contract. It’s not too bad, but I would like to get it for less.

  211. Ryan Says:

    Sounds to me like prices come and go. it is a huge corporation afterall. largest member base in the world, and poor michael p was just doing his job and offering a promotional price. have you ever checked out their website??? it clearly tells you when a promo is ending. i guess one thing i can relate this to is when you go fill your car up. it may say 2.00/gallon one week. now you go back to the same gas station one week later, and oh no!!! its 2.15/gallon. obviously you want that same price and will not get it. so lets not jump to conclusion that michael is a shady guy. hes just doing his job and is only using pricing that is offered.

  212. happy Says:

    My experience with 24 hourfitness has been strong for 4 years. I’ve cancelled and reopened my account three times total. Gotta say, all you folks complaining about 24 hourfitness have got to be in the minority. I guess I just understand the way they work. First and last month upfront of a month to month membership so they don’t need thirty-sixty days notice to cancel as most gyms do. 30 bucks a month for a gym open 24 hours? Sign me up! Do the prices change? Absolutely. Do prices change at Target? you bet. car dealerships? yup…. Gas stations? uh huh. Every week, though? yes. they are called sales at most places. Gyms(all of them, mind you) call them promotions. Get over it.

    You guys are complaining about prices? I guess you just want to workout for free, huh? How about just go somewhere else that is going to shut down at 5 pm on sundays and 8 on weekdays. Go somewhere else where you have to sign up for 1-3 years or else not sign up at all. Go somewhere else that has no classes. Go somewhere else that has no other gyms outside of a 10 mile radius.

    Most of you go into 24 hourfitness thinking, oh, i just want a free pass to try it out. Really? Really? Its a freaking business… the free passes are meant to get you into the gym to get you a membership… did you really think otherwise… maybe you thought gyms were charity organizations? Either that, or you just don’t get that the individuals that sell you memberships are supposed to sell memberships… its their job. They aren’t trying to cheat you. They run the memberships through a computer system that is constant throughout the 24 hourfitness corporation. What, you think the salesperson is quoting you prices that don’t exist, then somehow hacking the computer system to show those prices?

    Seriously people, get your heads out from the clouds… stop looking for reasons to not join a gym; stop looking to get a decent gym membership at prices that existed three to four years ago.

    You don’t like the price you got for your membership? Go to a manager and ask that it be dropped to whatever special is going on that week… i dare you. I’ve actually had mine dropped twice! Oh, but then what will you complain about? Probably the percentage of employees that are rude in 24 hourfitness…. a similar percentage to any other company that involves some form of customer service.

    You want something as important as physical health to be less than 20 bucks a month? I think the millions of members at 24 hour fitness would tell you that you get what you pay for. So shut up and join those cheap gyms, if that’s what you want. A year from now you will still be out of shape and coming up with excuses to not exercise, like: oh the gym is closed; oh I don’t have anyone to workout with. Actually, maybe you should consider going to a health club and spending 100 bucks a month to get towel service, better classes, and a cleaner facility. That would be so much better than hearing you complain unreasonably about a gym like 24 hourfitness that is actually a really good gym for the money.

  213. Arcadian Says:

    I paid the 829.00 for three years, and now i pay 20 dollars a year for all clubs. the 750 is for certain clubs, but the 829 or so is for all clubs.(which i have). Ive already paid for 5 years in advance.
    But ive heard the 24 hour is cancelling any more super deals. if you go alot to the gym them its well worth it, but the only problem is that you have to pay at once, no payments for 829 for 3 years.

  214. Serenity Says:


  215. askmrlee Says:

    Here’s your benchmark: Costco sells 2 year memberships for $300, valid at Fitlite, Express, Active or Sport Club, but not Super Sport or Ultra Sport or HI, NY or NJ locations. It cannot be upgraded (per T&C’s). http://bit.ly/fk6cQ9. Numerous Costco members reporting that they are using it to renew their memberships.

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