May 13, 2005

Regular readers will notice that my blogging frequency has dropped off as of late. Instead of blogging, what do I spend my time doing nowadays? Actually, quite a bit.

grxacts2 I’ve been getting extremely involved at my church, Great Exchange Acts 2 (grx:acts2 for short). grx:acts2 is a new church planted by Great Exchange Covenant Church in Sunnyvale. We’re a multicultural, art based church and we just started having regular weekly services about one and a half months ago.

First, I joined up with a small group called SF Sparks that meets Friday nights in North Beach. Hanging out with the guys and gals in the group has been a blast. On Fridays we’ll typically have some food, spend some time in bible study, then share about the past week with each other. I’ve come to look forward to small group time every week.

Next, I’m also helping with the Creative Arts Ministry (CAM). Those who attentively watch my flickr account may have noticed that I posted up some random comps. I’m putting my skills (or lack of skills) to work, developing graphics and PowerPoint slides for use during service. It had been a while since I just sat down to play with Photoshop – most of the time, I’m using it for work – and it was really fun. If only I had some more skills… anyone out there want to give me some tips?

Finally, I also started volunteering through our Justice Advocacy & Compassion Ministry (JAC). This is a group that focuses to reaching out to the people in the city who have been neglected or forgotten by mainstream society. We go to 6th St. in SOMA, the Tenderloin, and Juvenile Hall and try to just connect with the people there. It’s really an eye opening experience. We’ve finally got things set up where we’re going to Juvenile Hall once a week to start building relationships with the kids in there. If there is an activity that brings purpose to my life, this is it.

Anyways, if you live in SF and you’re bored on Sunday evenings, come out and say hi! We run service at 6PM and have snacks afterwards at 455 Dolores St, SF. If you do come out, make sure to find me during snack time! 🙂


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