I've inspired someone to join the crowd. Welcome pmk!

May 15, 2005

While reading through my pubsubs a few days ago, I noticed that I inspired someone to start blogging.

I never really looked into blogs until early this year. I heard a lot of hype about them, but just wasn’t interested. But then I came accross Mark Jen, you know, the guy who got fired by Google because of his blog. I followed his blogs and was amazed of the mixture of thoughts and topics.

Reading that gives me the warm fuzzies 🙂

Seriously though, “the mixture of thoughts and topics” is what blogging is all about. As David Sifry always says, blogs are like people’s mental exhaust. It’s a pure braindump – which is exactly what makes them so interesting and so powerful.

Good luck in your blogging adventures pmk and welcome to the wild west of the Internet.


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  1. Hi Mark,
    Since you brought up the subject, you inspired me as well to start blogging, when I first read about the story of your blog and the problems it caused, this got me interested in the whole blogging issue and i started following your blog among others, then after a while I decided to satrt blogging.
    Again thank you for introducing me to this whole new world, it has been my primary subject of research and reading since then, and it changed my life.

    BTW. here’s the link to my first post, when i mentioned you http://l0rddiabl0.blogspot.com/2005/04/my-first-entry.html

  2. Michael Says:

    The Wild West of internet? Hmm… we were at the internet’s Frontier (capital “F” – you need to switch your CSS to see it) back in ’89 already, when I and a couple of friends accessed the universities network with a 1200/72 bps acoustic coupler and downloaded a netnews reader and – some months later – an IRC client. I had to go 7km by bicycle to sit in front of a Sun 3/50 workstation to exchange emails, and I had a ridiculously long email address (37 characters) which changed depending at which of the 8 workstations I was logged in.

    The NBT (Next Big Thing) was called “Gopher”, and we were pretty crazy about it. We didn’t believe at first in this strange WWW coming out of Geneva, Switzerland, because we couldn’t see the advantages it had compared to Gopher.

    In a way my friends and I were as ignorant as your former employer when it came to the potential and possibilities of the WWW.

    So blogging is not Wild West for me. Given my track record it’s merely a logical step. I see it as an experiment, which promises to be some fun too. However it’s true that most of the credit actually goes to you – and I thank you for the warm welcome. Let’s see where this may lead.

    Have fun!

  3. […] s to offer to me. This time it is pubsub’s, something I came across due to a hint of Mark. Again. I wrote before about the striking similarities between WordPress and Typo3. What Nuclear Moose now po […]

  4. r Says:

    i, too, wish to be just like mark jen.

  5. Michael Says:

    Too? In case you are referring to me you got my motives completely and utterly wrong!

  6. Shirley Says:

    You also inspired me to start a blog. I mention you in my first entry. Of course I only have 2 entries so far. I have many things to write about and just have to pick the next. I read your blog all the time but never comment. Most of the techno stuff goes right over my head! I did listen to you on NPR just now. Now I have your voice to go with your name! LOL

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