Turning the tables on AutoLink :P

May 15, 2005

From Zawodny’s blog, someone has created a Greasemonkey script that can Yahoo! into Google’s site on the client side. Check it out:

This is funny to me since it’s pretty much a realization of what I was saying about AutoLink a few months ago:

the next logical step? MSN should immediately add smart tags into their toolbar – they wouldn’t even have to write it, it’s probably sitting around in some old, archived repository. then, when the user navigates to google.com and is about to attempt a search, the MSN icon on the toolbar should begin to blink and animate, begging users to click on it. when they do, it imperceptibly changes google’s search page so that queries are actually directed to MSN search.

Replace MSN with Yahoo and toolbar with Greasemonkey. You don’t even need to click a button, the link can be injected for you automatically 🙂


No Responses Yet to “Turning the tables on AutoLink :P”

  1. tyler Says:

    Greasemonkey is so cool! I can’t wait for people to come up with more applications for it.

  2. iilwj Says:

    I notice the Google ads up top the page are unusually relevant to this blog entry. Nothing like talking about Yahoo and Google and getting Microsoft to pay you for it! (And starware, whoever that is!)

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