Need a job? Join Plaxo!

May 18, 2005

Are all your options underwater? Did they take away the towels in the showers at work? Come work for Plaxo!

Do you foresee your cafeteria food going downhill? Want to work for a technology company, not an advertising company? Come work for Plaxo!

When you’ve got a network with millions of members and over a billion connections between them, a lot of very interesting possibilities present themselves. You don’t have to think very hard to come up with some awesome functionality we could add to Plaxo.

Which is precisely the problem… we’ve got a whole slew of ideas, but not enough people to help implement them. Client side engineers, server side engineers, producers, designers – we need them all!

Whether you’re just graduating college or you’ve pretty much been responsible for building the Internet since before Al Gore laid claim to it, if you want to join an extremely talented team where the speed of development is frightening, drop me a line.

Check out our job openings. You’ll see that we’re pretty much hiring across the board. Send me your resume and I’ll forward it along.

UPDATE: After re-reading the beginning of this post, it seems that it might be taken in the wrong context. I wasn’t mocking people who are experiencing those conditions, I was merely trying to crack some situational humor. My apologies to anyone who I offended.

Also, as a commenter points out, at Plaxo, we don’t have towels in our showers either. šŸ˜›


10 Responses to “Need a job? Join Plaxo!”

  1. Joe Burlas Says:

    Before jumping into my own company, I was considering getting a year or two job experience outside of college. It’s unfortunate I am not out of college yet- or I’d jump at it. Guess I just have to get back from here first.

  2. […] t that we all really had any idea what he did in the first place, Mark Jen appears to have moved into advertisingā€¦ or is that more Human Resources? My question isā€¦ Do you have a job opening for a total […]

  3. morten Says:

    Would you consider hiring bright people from abroad for these positions, or are they US only?

  4. Jack Says:

    Mark, my focus is in Database but I am also interested in Producer areas. However, most of the job descriptions are senior position. Will Plaxo consider junior person with 1 year experience?

  5. markjen Says:

    morten – Let me ask around and see what the policy on hiring abroad is.

    Jack – Send me your resume and we’ll review it.

  6. not mark Says:

    should i apply because of the worthless plaxo options? or because the showers dont even have soap? how about the great plaxo cafeteria which serves ramen in bulk? maybe plaxo employees should take a class in advertising before they try to advertise jobs to other people…otherwise you just end up advertising for the company on your blog (also ironically named after the company)

  7. morten Says:

    I’ll polish my resumĆ© while you ask around. šŸ™‚

  8. Jack Says:

    Mark, I sent you my resume last week, let me know if anything comes up. Thanks

  9. […] not that we all really had any idea what he did in the first place, Mark Jen appears to have moved into advertisingĀ… or is that more Human Resources?My question isĀ… Do you have a job opening for a total bum? […]

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