Star Wars 3 on DLP… nice.

May 20, 2005


Becuase me and my friend Bryan are slightly insane, we went to see Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith at 2AM last night at the Sony Metreon. I echo Dennis when he says: Wow. DLP rocks.

Obviously, the picture is perfect. Since Episode 3 was shot with digital cameras, there’s no messy analog-digital transfer. Plus, all the CG is perfect as well… nice.

Aside from the picture being perfect, the sound is also perfect. If you’re a discriminating fan of movie audio, you’ll know that the surround sound data for films is stored in really bad locations – along the edge of the film. This means that as the film gets played over and over again, the source data has a high likelihood of getting messed up. Ever wonder why the sound keeps changing volumes or sounds weird during movies? It’s probably because the theater system is having trouble reading the surround sound track and is switching to the standard stereo sound material – and vice versa, making for a really annoying movie experience.

Enter digital. No more crapped up sound because the theater system couldn’t read the sound track information. Perfect sound source material… nice.

Oh right, how was the actual movie itself? In a word… nice.


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  2. Ram Says:

    Thanks for praising the DLP technology!

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