The only remaining use for a floppy drive…

May 26, 2005

is when you’re trying to reinstall Windows and you need to load up an SATA driver (although I suppose I could’ve also used a USB thumbdrive, which would destroy this last remaining use for the floppy). Can someone please tell me why:

  1. I need a special SATA driver. I understand that perhaps I might need a specialized driver for maximum performance, but I don’t see why it’s necessary for baseline functionality.
  2. The SP1a slipstream build of WinXP on my May 2005 MSDN DVD doesn’t include a standard SATA driver. And while I’m asking questions, where is the slipstream SP2 build? That one better include SATA drivers 😛

Seriously, I’m really wondering why. Can someone with technical knowledge clue me in? Thanks!


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  1. I spent 2 hours last night trying to get the SATA drivers to load using usb and it wouldnt work. I would like to know how too.

  2. Spyder Says:

    The SP2 slipstreamed CD doesn’t include SATA drivers either.

    It’s a bit complicated, but here are the instructions I used:

    It is best to burn with a rewritable until you get it working, it took me about 3 tries to get it right 😉

    Also since you’re already editing the CD I recommend making an unattended install script – why should you sit there waiting for setup to ask you questions when a text file can answer them for you 😀

    The best guide I’ve seen for this, which includes pretty much everything you can do automatically during windows setup (including using a dvd and then installing just about every app you use) is here:

  3. Actually the Army Logisitics system is powered, for the most part, on floppy disks. They have an FTP option on a lot of our automated systems but I don’t know of any supply people that actually use them when order/receiving parts. We’re still using the old programming languages to program our systems. It’s really sort of sad.

  4. markjen Says:

    Is that due to security concerns or just a general slowness to embrace technology? I can see how some decision makers would have trouble trusting a network over physical media.

  5. Joe Burlas Says:

    It’s due to slowness to embrace technology. Trust in our networks isn’t a problem. I work on a SIPRNET, which is a secure encrypted network. The problem is, more or less, that we still work on crappy systems written in 1980s programming languages haha.

  6. gelaserguy Says:

    Agreed 100%. I just built my own small form pc and the damn floppy was almost a deal breaker for the SATA drivers…sheesh. That and the mobo I was using allgedly had SATA support in bios. Alas, didn’t work. Stoopid floppy. And for the USB question, windows resets the usb bus at a fairly high level during booting up etc… It therefore shuts off access to the USB device. Stoopid floppy.

  7. mrben Says:

    Windows XP only supports certain USB floppy drives for loading SATA drivers. See for details.

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