Conspiracy theory? The real deal?

May 31, 2005

I ran across this blog entry while catching up on stuff from this past weekend. It details – it’s quite detailed – a theory about Google covering up significant undisclosed risks to its business.

I’m mentioned in passing; it is conjectured that I was fired to make sure employees remain quiet. That may or may not be true. I think it’s probably orthogonal to the undisclosed risks theory.

Usman, the author, definitely does a thorough analysis of the numbers and makes a compelling argument. Anyone out there have a response to his ideas? He doesn’t have comments enabled on his blog, but I’m sure someone else out there has run across it as well.


4 Responses to “Conspiracy theory? The real deal?”

  1. Ted Says:

    I am a person who knows many things about Google that the average person is not aware of about Google. Some of the things below are known and some come from personal experience and others come from solid Google sources past and present. It is about time that Mark Jen gets exposed as a good solid person instead of an out of control blogger. I was involved with Google from the beginning and have seen the good and the bad throughout the many years.

    -There is one person there who Googlers refer to as the Google Nazi and this person has yet to be fired. This person has treated his co-workers, contractors and many others horribly and has yet to be fired. I can tell you this person has done an extreme amount of things that would get the average Joe fired in a second so it is hard to believe that Mark was fired before this individual. The worst part about it is that top management was aware of this individual and their behaivor and have yet to take the necessary action which would be to fire this human garbage. I guess you can treat your co-workers and many others like crap but as long as you don’t blog about so called Google secrets then you will be ok.

    -Google also pays thousands upon thousands of dollars to their employees along with Ipod gifts for there employees to get patents and then disrespect others. I have seen this first hand. The Froogles lawsuit is a good example of how disrespectful they are towards others patents and patent pendings. They are going after a good solid guy at Froogles who just happens to be handicapped. How low can they go….well pretty low.

    -They treat contractors and temporary employees like crap!

    -Engineering department is a cutthroat department and is one of the worst one of my sources has ever seen. I also want to say that there is one person in that department who is exceptional!

    -Hiring practices are definitely questionable. You do not see much news on the Brian Keith Reid age discrimination lawsuit that Google was going to fight against vigorously. Probably because he could have exposed Googles hiring practices big time and they definitely wanted to keep that on the low down. A receptionist at Google who was privy to the new hires list was always amazed how they hire only young college kids out of Stanford for nearly every department. She informed me that she must have been an accident because of what university she attended.

    -I also had a situation with Google in which they were completely in the wrong and then sent out correspondence to make me look like the bad person. I informed Googlers that they should stand up for who was right and one of them told me many feared that they might lose their job but thanked us for all I had done for them and their department. I even had one of the nicest Googlers hang up on me because she feared that it could cost her job.

    There are many things Google has to hide which will be exposed in time. The stock may be riding high, but the bigger they are the harder they fall. I want to say that there are some great Googlers past and present but Google Eutopia does not exist. There is no question that they Do Evil and Sergey might want to change it to “Do No Evil Sometimes.” I saw some great things over the years and commend Sergey and Larry for many of them but Brian Keith Reid and Mark Jen firings, disrespectful behaviors towards others patents and large amounts of arrogance along with many other issues will come back to haunt Google.

    This is just a small taste of what I know and may add more in the future.

  2. markjen Says:

    Whoa… thanks for commenting Ted.

    What I really don’t understand is why they refuse to be good corporate citizens. I suppose they can do whatever they want, but it seems like it would be a win/win to be a nice, responsible entity.

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