Y! Blog Policy

May 31, 2005

Saw over on Jeremy’s blog that Yahoo! has posted their blogging policy. Good stuff, well worth a look if you’re considering creating a blog policy for your company. Here’s one cool part in the policy:

Engage in Private Feedback: 4. Not everyone who is reading your blog will feel comfortable approaching you if they are concerned their feedback will become public. In order to maintain an open dialogue that everyone can comfortably engage in, Yahoo! bloggers are asked to welcome “off-blog” feedback from their colleagues who would like to privately respond, make suggestions, or report errors without having their comments appear your blog.

Nice work guys!


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  1. Ram Says:


    Any blogging guidelines in effect at Plaxo? Would you be among the few who are actively blogging from there?

  2. markjen Says:

    Hi Ram, actually I posted the Plaxo Communication Policy on this blog 🙂

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