Great post about blog policies

June 6, 2005

Ran across this on one of my PubSubs, Fredrik over at CorporateBloggingBlog has posted a comparison of publicly available blog policies.

The analysis is very thorough and Fredrik does a great job of highlighting the similarities and differences. Plaxo’s policy is highlighted for two “unusual” items: we’re allowed to blog on company time and we’re allowed to disagree with the boss provided we do so respectfully. On the latter point, Plaxo is the only policy (out of the 8 reviewed) that allows it.

You may disagree with the boss (1/8)
This I would like to see in more corporate blogging policies! It’s not half as obvious as many of the other things these policies tell the bloggers. But it could be one of the more important to make words like “openness” credible.

Although the other companies probably don’t mind constructive criticism, I think it’s important to specifically call it out to make sure there’s no confusion.

I’m anxiously waiting to see policies from other companies; I’d like to see a site that collects all the different policies available on the net. Anyone know of anything like that out there?


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  1. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine…

    Plaxo’s Mark Jen calls for a site that collects different blogging policies. But why stop at blogging policies? How about getting companies to share all their other corporate policies?

  2. jim wilde Says:

    Consider yourself lucky that you work for a forward looking trustworthy company. I sell corporate blogging tools/services – Ideascape – . Most management people in a lot of the businesses I call on in NJ/NY suffer form Fear, Greed, Ignorance, and are Liars

  3. markjen Says:

    Hi Jim, interesting offering you guys have there over at ideascape. Do you have a custom blogging platform? Or do you repurpose/resell available platforms?

  4. jim wilde Says:

    Hi Mark,

    We started out with an open source cms platform and created additional modules to fit our purposes. The basic cms software is free and we charge for our services.

  5. Policies and guidelines for employee blogging

    The US edition of PR Week contains an analysis of employee blogging. Apparently, there are 36 multinational companies missing out on the opportunity of sharing their employee blogging policies with others.

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