broken in FireFox

June 6, 2005


Hey MSN Start team, your new “3” page seems to have a few Firefox bugs. I know it’s a preview, but I’m anxious to start using it!

I’m sure you guys are fixing it right now, is there a way I can subscribe for updates to the start pages? (*hint* create a blog or an RSS feed with updates πŸ™‚ *hint*)


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  1. Ron Says:

    Hi Mark Jen,

    I don’t think its that bad (ok, its useless) in Firefox. I’m sure they will fix it soon. I mean, they are afterall, Microsoft. Known for fixing stuff fast πŸ˜‰

  2. Derek Says:

    The new Start page loads just fine for me in Firefox 1.0.4. Maybe they got around to fixing it? I went through the questions and everything just like I did on IE yesterday. Then I realized I didn’t want to waste my time with it and went back to my Bloglines/FeedDemon duo.

  3. Adam Says:

    Yeah, I noticed this, too. Just figured it was MS’ subtle way of getting FireFoxers to migrate back to IE πŸ˜€

  4. markjen Says:

    Oh, the page renders fine. But try inputting a zip code for the weather widget or a stock ticket symbol.

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