More newspaper sightings…

June 15, 2005

USA Today logoI was in the SF Chronicle on Monday and USA Today today (that sounds kinda funny hehe). They both got a picture of me – sorry Jack, I think I like the Chronicle’s picture better 🙂

Interesting thing was, on Monday, I was actually at Google visiting for lunch. I was waiting in the lobby when one of the people who I was with saw the Governator on the front page of the Chronicle and picked up the paper. I saw myself on the top left corner and grabbed the Technology section, where there was a huge picture of me above the fold on the front page!

meRight then, my friend from Google (who will remain anonymous) walked out and saw the paper. We all thought it was quite the scene; me standing in the lobby of building 42 at the Googolplex holding a newspaper with my picture on it for being fired from Google and writing our blog policy at Plaxo.

Anyways, the free lunch is still pretty good – especially the chocolate mousse desert! Any Googlers out there want to host me for some more lunches?


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  1. Ron Says:

    You look really happy too! 😀

  2. Joe Says:

    I was going to come in and say something about it. I was walking out of a restaurant and saw your photo. My wife thought it was kind of funny that I insisted on getting a copy.

    I love the fact that you are still having such a positive influence on employees ability to blog. Keep it up!

  3. Noon Says:

    Lookin’ good. What next Time, Newsweek or Wired? Or all three 🙂

  4. fajar Says:

    just keep moving i read about your strory…best regard from me be happy always

  5. cool Picture dude ! way to go to make it in
    the newspaper headlines

  6. Pete Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Long time reader first time poster 😉

    I was reading one of my favorite blogs. Dave Pollards “How to Save the World”, lots of interesting posts there. Well I saw this one about coporate blogging policies and thought it might be interesting to you.

    Take Care

  7. josh Says:

    Cool! Violate SEC rules by hyping up your past employer (google) during an imposed quiet period and get covered on USA Today. Awesome! I’m glad they got wise and got rid of ya – hopefully our spam friends at plaxo can take advantage of your abilities! 🙂

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