My room 3.0

June 22, 2005

I few weeks ago, with the help of my friend Bryan, I was able to rearrange my room. I moved things around so I was using space more efficiently and opened up enough room for a computer desk. Yesterday, I finally went out and bought a desk and today I got a chair.

new furniture The desk is nothing spectacular. I found a used Ikea desk on Craig’s List for $50. I like it because it’s adjustable, it provides for a ton of leg room, and there’s a lot of desk space. The main desk part is a little heavy though, which makes it a pain to assemble by yourself. (Also, since it was used, I didn’t have any instructions, so I had to wing it)

Chair-savvy people will immediately recognize my new work chair – it’s a Steelcase Leap. Bill Tani, one of my co-workers at Plaxo, has one and highly recommended it so I looked around on Craig’s List and found one for $350. I asked if they’d take $250 and they said sure. I went over to check it out and found that it was in excellent condition. I took it home.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about this chair. It’s amazing. Years ago when I worked at an Internet start-up, I had an Aeron chair. I find the Leap to be more comfortable than the Aeron; the seating area is solid, the lumbar support and arm rests are more adjustable and it just feels great when you sit in it.

Perhaps I had a low-end Aeron chair or perhaps it’s been too long since I’ve sat in a nice work chair, but my new Leap was just what the doctor ordered.

I know some readers are saying: “Mark, are you crazy? Office Depot is selling nice high back leather executive chairs for $40 after mail in rebate!” But I tell you, I’ve had many of those chairs and they suck. I’m through with the sucky chairs. I spend enough time in front of my computer to justify a nice one.

Thanks for helping me find new furniture to complete my room Craig!


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  1. Heh, I recently bought the same Ikea desk new. Trust me, the instructions wouldn’t have helped you much 🙂 How many times did you have to disassemble and reassemble the base unit before you got everything oriented right?

  2. Melissa Garcia Says:

    I just bought a desk and filing cabinet off of craigslist. The guy I bought it from said that if I bought both, he’d throw his SteelCase chair in for free. It’s way comfortable… but now that I read your post about the Leap, my new chair doesn’t seem so cool. 😦

    Thanks, Mark.

  3. tom Says:

    haven’t read your blog lately so good to see you’re doing well. thanks for the Leap reco, may buy it for the wife’s home office. not sure we’ll get the same color as yours though…is it lavender?

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Tom – Yeah, my chair is lavender and grey. I didn’t have too many color choices since I was buying used, but if you buy a new one, I hear you can customize the color of everything on the chair. Do write back and let us know what you ended up getting.

    By the way, Terry recommends the human scale 🙂

  5. ben Says:

    How’s it going Mark? Long time no see! I was just searching for a Leap on the web and stumbled across your blog. I would agree with Terry, but they tend to run on the pricier side, and getting a chair with a high back is a no-no for me at this point in my career. =P Anyway, where are you these days?

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