Downloadr v 0.1 lives!

June 24, 2005

A few people have commented that it would be nice if they could download pictures from Flickr. I thought that would be a cool idea too and I figured someone would write it sooner or later… but AFAIK, no one has yet.

downloadrWell, I got tired of waiting for someone else to write it, so I wrote it myself – “Downloadr” (an obvious name choice considering the uploading tool is called Uploadr).

I used the .NET since I happen to have VS.NET 2003 installed on my machine and I’m most familiar with C# right now. Currently, Downloadr is a hacked together WinForms app that uses the Flickr.Net library, has no options, and can only download your own pictures. Next, I’ll probably clean up the UI a bit, add support for download other people’s pictures, and support for selecting specific files to download instead of entire sets.

One day, maybe I’ll write “Syncr”. I’ll let you guess what that will do 😉

Anyone else out there interested in Downloadr? Drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy.


No Responses Yet to “Downloadr v 0.1 lives!”

  1. Sudar Says:

    Hi mark,

    It would be nice if you could send me a copy. Either the final build or the source code.

  2. ruchit garg Says:

    Hi mark,

    Where is the download link ^_^

  3. Derek Punsalan Says:

    Hey just to let you know you can’t call it Syncr.. Odeo already has an application called Syncr.

    But hey, I’d like to give Downloadr a try. I’ve been looking for a way to backup my images I’ve uploaded to Flickr.

  4. markjen Says:

    It’s not ready for release yet, the code and UI are pretty terrible. All it does right now is: you login, you can select one of your Flickr sets, you can see the titles of the pictures in that set, and you can download the entire set to a directory.

    I’ll probably add a few features and post up a version next week. Let me know if there’s something you’d love to see in there.

  5. What about a “1001” Flickr app for Windows? 🙂

  6. markjen Says:

    I would love to do some photo library software with sync-to-flickr functionality. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time… I barely found the time to write Downloadr 😦

    Maybe I’ll find a spare weekend sometime and get something going… but then again, I’ve got about 20 other things on my to-hack list…

  7. z usman Says:

    Please send me a copy

  8. markjen Says:

    Hi Z Usman – The Downloadr is probably broken right now because Flickr has drastically changed their APIs and I haven’t had time to fix it. However, check out this subsequent post where I post a link to download.

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