Plaxo retreat this past weekend

June 29, 2005

Costanoa 6.25.2005 091Went to Costanoa for the Plaxo company off-site this past weekend. Being a small company, family and significant others were invited to join as well. It was a great time and it was nice to get to meet other important people in my colleague’s lives – what!? you mean people have lives outside of work? just kidding 😉

The retreat was from Friday night to Sunday morning. Rose and I got in late Friday night so we just went straight to bed. Speaking of bed, Costanoa is kind of funny; it’s sort of like super watered-down camping. They have these really nicely done up tents with electricity – to power lights and heated blankets – and beds. Check it out:

Not exactly roughin’ it.

Costanoa 6.25.2005 063On Saturday, we went on a hike around the area. The hike itself is very easy, but there’s a ton of poison oak along the trail. Rose got scratched by poison oak or something, so when we got back, we spent some time with Tecnu 😦 Although I’ve gone hiking numerous times before, I’d never seen poison oak until this past weekend. It was so thick in places that sometimes you had no choice but to brush up against it since it was overgrown on both sides of the trail. Looks like we should’ve worn long pants! Here’s a picture of us at the “viewpoint”:

Not much to look at eh? Compared to Yosemite that is…

Saturday night, we had an awesome BBQ dinner – Omaha Tri-tip and gourmet sausages yummmmm – watched Incredibles (first time I’d seen it, it was… incredible haha), and had a camp fire… in an outdoor fireplace. We made s’mores and just hung out. Check out these pictures we got of the fire:

Costanoa 6.25.2005 111Costanoa 6.25.2005 113

Finally on Sunday, after leaving Costanoa, Rose and I went up the coast along Highway 1. We stopped by the tide pools by Pigeon Point lighthouse and that was super cool. There was lots of marine wildlife to play with and take pictures of.

Costanoa 6.25.2005 017Costanoa 6.25.2005 021
Costanoa 6.25.2005 045Costanoa 6.25.2005 009

All in all, it was a fun weekend. I’m glad Plaxo is small enough where it feels like an extended family and we can do events like this. Maybe next year I’ll be able to convince people to go backpacking around Half Dome or something :O


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  1. rose Says:

    fun! 🙂

    maybe next year costanoa will be eaten by poison oak instead of me…hehehe

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