Hello World, I'm a Christian!

July 6, 2005

This past weekend, I got baptized. Attentive readers know that I’ve been attending a relatively new church in San Francisco called grx:acts 2. My testimony will follow in the next post, but I thought I’d share the ceremony with you guys first – with pictures of course!

We had the ceremony at Ocean Beach in San Francisco at around 8PM this past Sunday, July 3rd. In typical NorCal fashion, it was freezing cold. Here are some pictures of us freezing:

Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 052Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 054
Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 063Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 060

The latter two pictures are of when people gathered around to hear my testimony.

The ceremony was actually done in the ocean, which was a little unique and quite exhilarating. Here’s us walking into the ocean (brrrrr):

Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 075

And here’s me coming out of the ocean:

Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 074

Yeah… it was cold πŸ˜‰

Lastly, here’s a picture of me and my small group.

Baptism Weekend.7.1.05 106

Check out the rest of the pictures from this past weekend on Flickr (the photo set includes some pictures from the rest of the weekend as well). Thanks everyone who came out and supported me!


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  2. andy pierce Says:

    Thanks for being up front about it Mark! I get tired of reading blogs by influential developers who take every opportunity to trash Christianity and Christians. I belong to Him too and I have a similar testimony. Perhaps I’ll post mine too.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    In His Grip,

  3. Seth Graybeal Says:

    Congrats Mark. I have been reading your blog since the whole Google thing. Its an encouragement to see someone actually being bold about their faith. I pray that your testimony plants a seed in the people’s lives as they read through your blog. I think we as christians have an amazing oppurtunity to be able to reach so many people with the technology that we now have avaliable to us. A couple of decades ago there were only a few great men/women of God that we able to reach the masses. Now with something as simple as a blog we can reach the same number of people.
    Stay strong Mark, and always remember to depend on HIM.
    Your Brother In Christ,

  4. ltw Says:


    Great news! Angels are rejoicing!

    I must agree with the other comments above. I, too, am in the tech world – software developer – and it is so great to see someone positive about Christianity.

    As you go forward in this life, remember to pray for those that persecute you. It will happen.

  5. ltw Says:

    Why does your comment system make everything lower case? I know that is kinda trendy these days, but that’s not the way I write. Must it make everything lower case?

  6. markjen Says:

    Hi ltw – sorry, it’s not my comment system, it’s actually my CSS style sheet. You can view the page in regular casing by clicking the link in the top left labeled “cased style” πŸ™‚

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  8. djchuang.com Says:

    baptism by blog

    Intermittently famous blogger, Mark Jen, proclaims his faith in Christ at his blog — he was the blogger who got fired by Google for being too vocal about internal corporate matters. He perfectly illustrates what baptism is all about, a public te…

  9. Roland Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I happened upon your blog from a comment you left elsewhere. I used to live in SF and attended City Church (www.citychurhsf.org) while I worked in Palo Alto.

    It was good to read your testimony.

    Take care,


  10. […] Two weeks ago (July 3rd) was the one year anniversary of my baptism. I had forgotten all about it, but Rose had remembered and planned a dinner outing for us […]

  11. bxgb0y Says:


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