Gotta take the good with the bad

July 8, 2005

I was reading Russell’s blog and started writing a comment, but it got so long that I decided I’d just make it a blog entry. Here’s my response to his post “PR People Are Morons”.

Russ, I wouldn’t throw all PR people in that category. I think, as with any industry, you get the good with the bad (and I do admit that there may be a more disproportionate ratio of “bad” in the PR professional population).

Sure there are PR professionals out there leaving comment/trackback spam, starting fake blogs, and generally getting it all wrong. But I’ve also met quite a few PR folks who are genuinely interested in understanding the blogosphere and how we’ve entered a new era of information dissemination.

As far as the signal to noise ratio, I think that as the mass market starts getting more into blogging, you’re going to see a natural increase in noise. Consider this: now that everyday people are looking to this blog for mobile information, you’re going to get people commenting on this blog that may not be tech savvy making comments that may not always be informed. I’m sure a year or two ago, most people reading this blog were very tech and mobile savvy…

As the traffic increases, it only seems natural that you’ll run into this problem. Just look at Slashdot and how they have an entire moderation system to take care of the comments rolling in on every post.


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  1. Chris K Says:

    I think you hit it right on this one. Back when I first started playing around on IRC on a UNIX shell while at college, the only people around to talk to (even if there were hundreds of them at a time on popular servers) were people who were tech savvy enough to figure out how to get on to IRC. Then when ISPs started getting easy to use, there was an influx of people who really had no idea what was going on, which cause a lot of problems at the time.

    As with most things online, however, everything levels out. New technology will emerge where the savvy will drift too when the new blog medium gets over-populated.

    It’s a never ending cycle, and one that I think keeps the internet (and software development) moving ahead.

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