What's the point of dontclick.it?

July 12, 2005

A few people around the blogosphere have linked to dontclick.it so I decided to check it out. I’m not exactly sure what to make of it… what’s the point?

I spent some time on the site but found myself just getting frustrated. If I accidentally move my mouse, half the time new content will appear since I’ve rolled over a different hotspot.

I tried to read through the site, but eventually just got fed up and left. Are they really trying to promote click-less UI? Or is the experiment to see how many people actually have enough patience to read through a site that’s so annoying?

The most annoying thing is when you click, it blows up on you and gives you a 10 second “time out”. Except what if I had changed windows to do something else real quick and then was click the browser window to bring it back to the foreground? Oops, can’t even do that; I’m not supposed to click! šŸ˜”


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  1. Sudar Says:

    Even i agree with u mark. The site is really frustrating and i don’t get the point of not clicking.

    It’s probally a toy built by someone, who wanted to learn Flash.

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I look forward to more apps that don’t need clicking. It’s annoying only in the very beginning, when you aren’t used to it. I was so fascinated by the UI that I spent around ten minutes on that site at the end of which I actually prefered it to an app in which I have to click my way around.

  3. The comments here are automctically lower-cased. Not my doing šŸ˜

  4. Joe Says:


    Look at it this way. It makes you think differently about UI. Many out there (myself included) feel that UI have become boring and unimaginative. That site does take it to the extreme, but it’s an interesting idea because it makes you think “why are we doing it this way”. Some times you have to go to extremes to make people notice (if they just made a couple small changes, would you really notice?)

    Personally, I don’t think the site is useful as is; however, when it comes to making me think outside the box I think it did a great job.


  5. markjen Says:

    Gavri – Some of the UI elements make sense, like rolling over areas to get detailed information. But other elements I find simply annoying.

    For example, the “clickless” button is a joke. Why would you want to use a gesture or wait instead of click? It seems terribly inefficient to me.

    I think the UI elements that are click-less today (rollover drop down menus, rollover detail display) are exactly what we need… but I’m willing to be proven wrong šŸ™‚

  6. markjen Says:

    Joe – The site definitely did make me re-think UI; it made me conclude that the way things are done today is pretty good šŸ™‚

    I wish the site had a little more explanation though… or maybe that’s part of their expirement?

  7. Michael Says:

    It’s a funny case study. The beauty is that it DOES actually work. A nice study in trained behaviour too. But no real implications.

    I personally wait for 3D holographic displays where you “click” with your finger.

    Mr. LaForge, full impulse!

  8. rich Says:

    I think whoever designed the don’t click it site missed the whole point of clicking stuff in the first place. Clicking is nice because you expect something to happen when you see a button on a page. If we start making mouse movement the “action”, I’d be afraid to move the mouse.

    Can you imagine if Amazon had this interface? You’d accidentally purchase the gas grill they recommended you for because you pushed your mouse into the buy quadrant, when you really wanted to just move outside of the amazon window.

    I guess this site’s only use is in potentially opening your eyes to new UI ideas. Their specific idea stinks.

    Hell even using the thing I wanted to click on the Yes button, but moving to the Yes button, I accidentally hit the No.

  9. Jo Says:

    Aargh! am not gonna visit that site, if that acts weird.

  10. al Says:

    Alt + F4 on that

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