Erm, I got my ER6i headphones today…

July 20, 2005

Even though I told to cancel my order and I had my credit card company refuse the charges. Apparently, they decided to ship them out yesterday (the package was postmarked 7/18) and I got them today – err technically yesterday, 7/19. Bleh, I’ll have to sort this out later I suppose…

I’ll be posting up a thorough review soon, but so far, these headphones have been unbelievable. The only problem is that when I use them at work, people have trouble getting my attention. I need a sign that says “I can’t hear you, IM me please :)”


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  1. spi Says:

    I am looking at getting a pair of these headphones myself. I can see how they might be an issue while using them at work. I wouldn’t mind blocking out all the surrounding noise. Even with my cheap earbuds it isn’t easy for my coworkers to get my attention. They have to get into my line of sight somehow.

    I will have to change my at work message to “im before coming over.”

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