Apparently, I'm in the middle of a firefight…

July 22, 2005

between Ms. Powers and Microsoft becuase she was rejected for a job there. Yikes!

I’m not exactly sure why she chalks it up as discrimination, but at least now I know why she’s upset. We’re having a lively discussion in the comments of my last post; she’s thrown in some personal attacks on me based on my demographic and I’m not really sure what that has to do with the issue at hand, but hey, she’s entitled to free speech I suppose…

On a side note, (from a comment she left on Dare’s blog) she’s got to be pretty lucky if she’s never had a bad hire. Not a single hiring manager I know anywhere has ever made that sort of claim. If it’s true, I bet some people over in Building 19 (the MSFT recruiting building) would love to talk to her! 🙂

Anyways, I still stand behind my opinions that:

  1. The playing field in the IT industry is more level than it has ever been
  2. Someone who wants a job in the IT industry should be able to at least solve a rudimentary computing problem

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t really want to work on a team with a dev who can’t code IsAnagram…


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  1. Shelley Says:

    That was not the reason why I wrote my post. And you’re not in the middle of a firestorm. Except that you neglected to mention my follow up comments in your reference to ‘attacking’ you.

    But then, I’m just a feminist, aren’t I Mark Jen? What was that? That wasn’t attempting to classify me by a characteristic?

    And you know something, all it matters in a job is being able to code strstr. Wow. I thought being able to adapt to changing situations, meet a deadline, do the work accurately and without bugs, communicate well with clients, and be part of a team was what mattered. I am so glad to know that all I need is to know how to code strstr.

  2. Shelley Says:

    And it is true, I’ve never had a bad hiring experience. Maybe it’s luck. Or maybe it is that I had faith in my judgment and then had faith in the people I recommended for hiring.

    You might try it sometime.

  3. markjen Says:

    Sorry Shelley, I was characterising your essay, not you as a person. According to the definition of feminism, I believe the adjective is a pretty apt description of your essay.

    Please re-read my replies to your comments. Being able to code strstr is merely a litmus test to see if a person can operate as a developer. All the other skills you mentioned are must-haves as well; however, if someone can’t logically figure out how to code strstr, they are probably in the wrong industry.

    Like I said, demonstrating basic programming skills should take all of about 5 minutes. Then we’ve got 40 minutes to explore all the other stuff.

  4. Shelley- try to see Marks responses from the outside looking in. I think you’re taking this way to personally. He disagreed with what you wrote and wrote something in response to your article. He didn’t blatantly insult you (unless you take someone disagreeing with you as an insult) and I believe he argued his point rather well. Not to be a troll but I am saying this because you seem angry at mark when mark only strongly disagreed with your opinion. Being that he is in the IT industry and has experienced tons of open minded managers that do the hiring for some huge, leading companies, he is entitled to his opinion. Afterall, that’s what I am over here fighting for, so that you can have an opinion. Joe Burlas, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  5. xx Says:

    …”Afterall, that’s what I am over here fighting for, so that you can have an opinion. Joe Burlas, Operation Iraqi Freedom.”…

    wakeup dude!!!

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