Hello People people!

August 1, 2005

As Susan mentioned in the comments of my Plaxo for Thunderbird post, I was featured in an article about getting dooced in this week’s People magazine. If you find an August 8th copy on newsstands, I think it’s somewhere around page 108? (Yeah, it’s in the back, but of course, the latest Jude Law gossip obviously takes precedence πŸ™‚ )

Anyways, hi to people coming to this blog from People Magazine; come in, leave some comments, stay a while πŸ˜‰


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  1. Adam Says:

    Aw, they should have put you on the cover πŸ˜€

  2. rose Says:

    i didn’t even realize eva longoria and tony parker are on the cover! hooking up? now that’s gossip πŸ™‚ hmm, i gots to go back to the bookstore again…

    i wonder if this will start the mark jen blog frenzie: round 3? or maybe the regular population wont have time to get to the back of the magazine before they receive next week’s issue in the mail? :O

  3. markjen Says:

    Hehe yeah, it’s pretty much at the back of the magazine, I doubt too many people will find it. Oh well πŸ™‚

    I don’t even know who Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are… I guess that shows how much I’m into pop culture :$

  4. rose Says:

    good thing i always read magazines from the back (too many ad placements in the front)

    eva longoria is only like the “it girl” on tv for the past year. and i suppose i wouldn’t expect a detroit native to want to hear anything about tony parker. GO SPURS!

  5. rose Says:

    oh right…”it girl” is someone who’s really famous/sought after for the moment.

    I’m impressed you knew what jude’s last name was. is that information readily available in the blogosphere? πŸ˜‰

  6. Susan Says:

    Hi again Mark,
    Believe me, most people that read People, read it cover to cover! I wish they would have given you more “space” in the article. But, the two women you shared the story with hit People’s demographics, which is too bad. Your story is far more interesting than a beauty magazine blogger who wrote about all the freebies and the stewardess who showed some leg. Now where is that woman who was rambling on about sexism? LOL You need to watch a few episodes of “Desperate Housewives” on ABC Sunday nights. My brain is a sponge of pop culture. Latest hot rumor is that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have signed divorce papers. If you ever want to know any useless information, shoot me an email! I may be technologically challenged, but I know my gossip! Needless to say, I would never pass an interview with you for a job! When I went back to college in the 80’s and took algebra for the first time, I couldn’t wait to learn how to use a slide ruler. Little did I know that they became obsolete with the hand held calculator that graphed all the functions for me. Now that was humilating! LOL
    Enjoy your week of fame!

  7. markjen Says:

    LOL, thanks for the great comments Rose and Susan πŸ™‚

  8. rose Says:

    apparently, the people people never made it here… =[

  9. markjen Says:

    Hehe yeah. Most people probably didn’t read to the very end of the magazine… or maybe people read the magazine from cover to cover, in a constant pace between when each issue is delivered. That would mean that people are almost to the article that mentions me and maybe my hits will spike soon πŸ™‚

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