If you've got a story to share, check out SimplyFired.com

August 1, 2005

Simply FiredSo this past weekend, the people over at SimplyHired.com launched Simply Fired, a fun contest where people share their termination stories for a chance at winning a few tickets aboard the Apprentice cruise later this year. I think the site looks pretty attractive and I like the way my story came out. The pictures are funny too… I’m not sure if it’s the photography or if I just look funny :-O.

Anyways, I’ve definitely added the Simply Fired RSS feed to my aggregator and I’m looking forward to reading the submissions. Oh, I’m on the judging panel too along with a bunch of other really cool people. I hope I get to meet all of them for this contest; it would be sweet if we could all get to go on the cruise too, but that’s probably just wishful thinking 🙂

Steve Rubel is on the panel too and has blogged about it. We’ve e-mailed back and forth, but I’d love to get a chance to meet him in person along with Guy Kawasaki (there are quite a few Apple fans here at Plaxo), Chris Pirillo, and Biz Stone. Hmm… I wonder what a conversation with Biz would be like, considering he works at Google on Blogger 🙂


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  1. rose Says:

    oh, you didn’t mention it was the apprentice cruise! i got all excited about nothing…

    we saw the ad on expedia awhile back and even avid apprentice fans, ie the outlook test team, thought it was overboard (no pun intended). i believe my expedia friends said they were having trouble filling the reservations – no wonder they’re giving it away…well, at least simplyfired.com is closely themed with the donald’s “you’re fired!”

  2. Jai Says:

    Left a belated post on one of your (old) peers blogs Mark:

    Project Management hey Mark?

    I’m about to finish up as a PM for a Global Finance Company in Tokyo, and go back to work for my outsourcing company as a BDM.

    We’re always looking for good PM’s.

    Please drop me a line:


    Same for anyone you know really, with real world skills that relate and a desire to work in Tokyo (or Osaka).

    Cheers all.


    I post it here again, so you’ll actually get to read it, but can see things are going well for you.
    All the best, J.

  3. markjen Says:

    Hi Jai, thanks for the comment. I’m happy at my current job; but if I ever get an itching to work in Japan, I’ll definitely give you a ring 🙂

  4. Joe Burlas Says:

    Yours was the best story so far. Hands down and errrything (haha word).

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