My 3rd MSFT Company Picnic

August 3, 2005

Microsoft Company Picnic.7.30.05 007This past weekend, I visited Rose in Seattle and we went to the Microsoft Company Picnic. It was my third time at the company picnic and I must admit the allure is waning. But hey, who can resist the call of all you can eat free food, being outside in nice weather, and bumping into a few old co-workers?

This year, strangely enough, there was a Disneyland 50th Anniversary theme. Not sure how that got put together, but they probably figured what better place to sell expensive vacation packages than the picnic of a company that has made thousands of millionaires. Maybe in a few years, it’ll turn into something like Warren Buffet’s annual shareholders meeting where all sorts of vendors gather to hawk their wares.

Actually, that wouldn’t be half bad if they gave the MSFT employees awesome discounts like they do for Buffet’s friends.

One thing that was really lame was Rose signed up for a bus that was supposed to pick us up around noon from the Nordstrom Rack at Factoria. We got there just before noon and saw a line of at least 30 people in front of Nordstrom Rack. We got in line and waited… and waited… and waited. No bus ever came. After waiting 45 minutes, we just decided to drive to ourselves to the picnic booo 😥

While at the picnic, we were chatting with some friends and they told us that there was a bus, but it picked up on the other side of the shopping area and was hard to find. ARGH

Anyways, I didn’t take too many photos, but you can check them out as usual at flickr.


No Responses Yet to “My 3rd MSFT Company Picnic”

  1. Joe Burlas Says:

    In the words of the Spanish guy from an Adam Sandler movie, sounds like AOL is being ‘berry sneaky’. Very valid observation and good eyes. I am in Qatar right now (on my four day leave/tourist pass the army gives us) and thanks to your recommendation of Bloglines, I am able to keep up with you from even over here. Hope all is going awesome.

  2. rose Says:

    nobody wants to comment about the company picnic. haha!

  3. markjen Says:

    Someone from the planning committee at Microsoft should explain why the shuttle bus decided to pick up in a random location instead of the location they told you 😡

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