How is radioblogclub legal?

August 4, 2005

Rose linked me to Radio.Blog.Club today and I checked it out a little bit. It took me a few minutes to grok exactly what they were doing, but it looks like they have a huge library of music that you can stream.

You can also apparently add it to your website and have it stream music files that you store on your web server. You have to convert your music from MP3 to a format called RBS (never heard of this format before…), drop it on your server, and create an iframe containing their player app which sits in a php page. Kinda neat, but I think you’d probably get in trouble if you uploaded some copyrighted music and let people stream it.

I’m not really sure how they haven’t raised the ire of the RIAA yet, but it’s a pretty neat site. I wonder where they got all that music from? Do people upload the music there? How is this company paying for all the bandwidth it’s probably using? I wish their site had an FAQ 🙂


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  1. Derek Says:

    I’ve seen this service before. It’s a pain to have to convert your mp3 collection to RBS before uploading to your server but it saves space and load time. Essentially anyone can create a pirated music radio stream online with this service.

  2. rose Says:

    thanks for telling the whole world. you’re gonna get radio blog sued! >(

  3. _Ase_ Says:


  4. Lauren Says:

    Ha ha. You’re hot. =)

  5. amanda Says:

    Okay i go on radio blog club and it is the best,and i dont think its legal but who really gives a shit anyways?! I mean its not like their selling drugs or anything jeeze!! Like seriously i dont really give a frick if its ailligal or not!

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