I'm on wikipedia? There was a Vote for Deletion?

August 4, 2005

Rose pointed out to me that I actually have an entry on wikipedia. That’s pretty cool stuff, but then she also linked me to a page where people have been thinking about deleting my entry (in wikipedia world, this is apparently called a VfD – vote for deletion). Not too big of a deal – I think most of the other stuff in wikipedia is definitely more useful. However, one guy’s comment on there kinda irked me:

He revealed information about unreleased products and financial issues at Google…I have researched and considered this – I read all about it when it hit Slashdot – and took a look at his blog again before casting my vote above.

Umm… did this guy actually read the statements that I retracted? What information about unreleased products? What financial issues? The publicly available Wall Street analyst estimates?

I’m curious as to where people get this information from… I definitely made a bunch of mistakes, but the culture mismatch was a far greater transgression than writing a few comments about how cool products are in the works or how financial performance will hopefully be dazzling. I wish people would get all the facts before relying on their blink judgments.


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  1. bm Says:

    Did you ever think that it was google employees trying to vote and delete you?

  2. MickoZ Says:

    There will always be miscomprehension and people talking too fast without know the fact (or relying on false fact they read elsewhere and so they did a decision of believe them).

    e.g. People once thought I was dead because a friend made a joke on the forum of one of a site that was once very popular back then. People even bought domain name with my nick (.com, .net, .org) and probably planifying doing a website related to the topic I was know in. I would have become a legend. haha.

  3. Jason Says:

    Well at least they aren’t deleting your entry.

    “The result of the debate was NO CONSENSUS; defaulting to keep.”

  4. markjen Says:

    bm – I didn’t think of that.. but I hope it wasn’t. That would just be too sad.

    Mickoz – wow… that’s quite interesting. You could’ve become the Keysersoze of the web! 😀

    Jason – Very true. A few people on the VfD commented in my favor and they decided to keep the entry. Maybe I should fill it out some more when it’s opened for editing again…

  5. anna Says:

    this wikipedia fellow sounds like he thinks he’s big sh*t. who cares whether your wikipedia entry isn’t wikipedish enough for these highbrow ivy-league types. hmph. the wikipedia cult sounds like some kind of fraternity. “its rush, mr. jen, and you *did not* survive hazing! we, the knowlegeable upper crust have voted you the weakest link!” AS A SIDENOTE: i havn’t read your wikipedia entry nor anything else other than what was posted above. please excuse any resulting ignorance in my post. for more randomness, http://idleone.diaryland.com P.S. isn’t the very essence of wikipedia, that anyone can change entries, rather conflicting with a group of contributors voting an entry off?

  6. markjen Says:

    Hi Anna – Thanks for the support!

    I believe the problem with have wikipedia wide open is that malicious spammers come in and clog up the system with completely irrelevant entries. Additionally, anyone with a vendetta against a company/term/person, can go in and deface entries.

    I think their system is pretty good (obviously not perfect, but what system is 🙂 ). I just wish those who commented in my VfD were a little more knowledgable about what happened.

  7. rose Says:

    didn’t i link you to BOTH the wiki entry AND the debate forum? hmmmmph! >(

  8. markjen Says:

    hehe yes you did… lemme update this blog entry 🙂

  9. 🙂

    Mark, I have to take credit for creating the “Mark Jen” entry in Wikipedia – Of course, anyone can create entries, but I dindn’t think it was going to last that long…I created it because I wanted to make a sardonic point about your dismissal in one of my blog entries…Lo and behold, it’s still there…

  10. markjen Says:

    Hi Jose – Nice!

    I see your blog entry where you talk about the Wikipedia entry, but the link doesn’t work :S

    Nice, well-reasoned post. It was (and still is) a toss-up between whether the publicity is good for me long term or not. I suppose we’ll see in a few years 🙂

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