I can't wait for YPN to go live!

August 8, 2005

I saw Jason Calacanis’s latest post on why we should support YPN and all I have to say is: heck yes!

I’ve made a few bucks through AdSense, but I know that Google’s got some percentage of the money the advertiser is paying as well. I can only assume that as competition heats up from Yahoo!’s Publisher Network and MSN’s offering (what’s it called? when’s it coming out?) the percentage Google is able to take will decrease and the percentage that I’m going to get is going to increase.

I think right now there is an inefficient market out there for contextual advertising and Google is the only game in town so they are taking advantage of it and skimming a ton off the top while they can. As soon as other offerings get into the market, the inefficiencies will get worked out and everyone will win.

If I were Yahoo!, I’d kick off my service by giving publishers an insane cut. 80%? 90%? After all, any money they get the YPN is straight up profit that they wouldn’t have gotten before. And any publishers they can attract to their side will be worth it in the long run…

Actually, now that I think about it, I’d mine Google’s cost per click on all keywords and make sure that a publisher on the YPN would get paid more on every keyword. That would put quite the squeeze on AdSense; too bad it’s probably not legal. 🙂

Anyways, both Jason and I didn’t invited to the YPN beta (surprising considering the traffic Jason’s sites probably get) but we’re both anxiously anticipating the day we’ll be able to do some competitive testing on the different networks.


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