MSN Search Party!

August 8, 2005

redcarpetSaw this invite over at Dennis’s blog and Joseph and I decided to check it out.

They totally rolled out the red carpet (you can barely see it because I took the snapshot with my mobile phone, but it was pretty neat with the lighting) and they went all out. They had hors d’oeuvres, drinks, food, schwag… what else could you ask for? Oh yeah, they had cool demos of the latest MSN Search and Maps stuff and there were some big names in the crowd too.

As a bonus, we got to meet Mike Belshe, one of the co-founders of Lookout! 🙂 That was a sweet app when it came out and it was great to chat with one of the guys behind it. Super bright guy; he and Joseph were instantly able to commiserate about how hard Outlook integration is 😉

Here’s a look at the free schwag we got. Joseph and Dru are modeling the t-shirts we grabbed and the base of the martini glasses light up in different colors:

coolmsnstuff backatplaxo

Sounds like they’ve got some great opportunities over there and a really bright team. It’s great to see a Microsoft team totally focused on shipping frequently and delighting users. I’m more convinced than ever that some teams at MSN really get it 🙂

Now if only there were an open API for Hotmail or MSN Messenger so we could integrate Plaxo with it…


No Responses Yet to “MSN Search Party!”

  1. Adam Says:

    From now on, Mark, you can’t give me crap about not inviting YOU to parties 😉

  2. rose Says:


  3. Back from California

    I thought it was about time I reported on the MSN Search Party and other bay area happenings from…

  4. i love htis song so much i love the jonas brothers too nick is so cute and joe

  5. Chasity Says:

    Do not leave it where children can get to ir!!!! It doesn’t have any protection at all.

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