Are my 15 minutes of fame back?

August 11, 2005

I happened to look at Blogpulse today and I noticed that my rank is steadily climbing back up. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what I posted about last time I checked Blogpulse.


The dynamics of the blogosphere are quite interesting… it sounds like a topic someone could write a book about… hmmmmm 🙂


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  1. Jason Says:

    That’s what happens when you post more often.

  2. devin Says:

    exactly, jason. why else would i visit the site more recently then in the last month? lots more content.

  3. josh Says:

    As they say in the internet world “Content is KING!” LOL.

  4. ruchit garg Says:

    hi mark,

    I have added my blog with blogpulse long back, but looks like tracking is not happening ..

    I have written to those guys but no response as yet.

    Do you have any idea? Do i need to enable the tracking…

  5. markjen Says:

    Hi Ruchit, I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps their system is still catching up to all the blogs out there (indexing and cross-linking millions of blogs probably takes a lot of CPU time 🙂 )

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