What's the deal with Slide?

August 30, 2005

slide logoRose linked me to Slide yesterday and I got around to checking it out today. I’m not really sure why it’s all that great yet, but maybe I’m missing something… for me, the product would be a million times better if it integrated with Flickr. My pictures are up on Flickr and so are many of my friend’s pictures.

The desktop app is pretty slick and I like how they have feeds. Flickr has feeds and could use a slick desktop app like Slide… I wonder why didn’t they just build on top of Flickr’s API?


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  1. derek punsalan Says:

    i’m pretty sure slide is hoping to be competition for flickr. what with recent news that flickr users must merge their existing accounts with a yahoo account, many users may be contemplating a mass migration of all their personal images to alternative photo sharing / social services.

    on the yahoo / flickr note, are you planning on sticking with flickr? does the idea of a yahoo account requirement even matter? i read that once your account is merged with your yahoo account, closing your yahoo account would delete your images on flickr.

    anyway, i tested slide for a little bit. i’m not sold on the desktop client requirement. what happens when i want to access images from a different computer? i mean sure, we can log in online and browse through different channels, but we can’t actually see the images contained within. it’s limited our ability to browse and explore submitted images.

  2. nwistheone Says:

    i’m not too sure if Slide is out to be competition to Flickr. Slide seems centered around it’s desktop client. by linking to my Flickr photos & other RSS feeds, Slide is essentially just its name: a desktop slideshow.

  3. Danny Howard Says:

    Flickr’s API is Flickr.

    Anyway, I’m told that you can take an RSS feed from a Flickr gallery and cram it in Slide. That way, you can keep up-to-date on your friend’s Flickr album.

    The only trick being that Flickr does not advertise its feeds to humans, you have to dig into the META and reconstruct a relative URL that doesn’t have the pretty nickname stuff in the structure.


  4. markjen Says:

    What I’d like to see is I link to my Flickr account and all my Flickr Sets become Slide Channels. All my Flickr Contacts become Slide Contacts. My Flickr sharing options transfer to my Slide sharing settings 🙂

    I put in a feature request for Flickr integration and someone on their team replied pretty quickly. Hopefully, they’ll have time to do some integration work.

    It would be cool if Slide could synchronize with my Plaxo contacts too… hmmmm 😀

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  6. Diliphiblem Says:

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