Out for the long weekend

September 1, 2005

I’m taking a few days off work and I’ll be in Banff, Alberta for the long weekend. Most likely, I’ll be busy taking in the sights and relaxing – no blogging. Don’t worry, I’ll post up pictures for all when I get back 🙂


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  1. markl Says:

    Google’s filing included a sworn declaration by a former Microsoft engineer, Mark Lucovsky, who said he met last November with Microsoft’s chief executive, Mark,

    Find a pointer to the real document and post. Steve is lying, and he was way more inflamatory than printed. The infamous “cut off their air supply” comment which got us in so much trouble in the past is nothing compared to what steve has in mind for google.

    from: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/03/technology/03google.html

    Steven A. Ballmer, to discuss his decision to leave the company after six years.

    After learning that Mr. Lucovsky was taking a job at Google, Mr. Ballmer picked up his chair and hurled it across his office, according to the declaration. Mr. Ballmer then berated Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, Mr. Lucovsky recalled, saying he was going to “bury that guy – I have done it before, and I will do it again.” He also said Mr. Ballmer vowed to “kill Google.”

  2. […] 230; one of the first things I saw when I got back from vacation was Mark Lucovsky’s comment on my last post. I searched around a bit and found that John Battel […]

  3. rose Says:

    oh no!! what am I going to do when you’re on vacation from blogging????


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