MarkL's declaration

September 7, 2005

Wow… one of the first things I saw when I got back from vacation was Mark Lucovsky’s comment on my last post. I searched around a bit and found that John Battelle has been covering the story as well.

When I read the comment and the other stories about the filling, I was floored. It seems like quite an irrational response. If someone wants to leave a company and explore new opportunities, there should be no hard feelings. From another perspective: there’s no real advantage to keeping someone on a team who doesn’t really have his/her heart in it. The employee may be a superstar like Mark and you may really want to keep him around, but you’ve got to let him follow his passions wherever they may be – even if it’s at a competing company.

After all, a career is very personal and many factors go into it; I know that Mark considered his ambitions, family, technology passions, and more when making his decision leave Microsoft for Google.

I trust Mark’s declaration is pretty accurate regarding the actual events, he’s a good guy and extremely smart. After all, it’s a sworn declaration – not something he’d take lightly.

By the way, anyone else notice Kai Fu’s compensation package in the filings? $2.5m signing bonus, $1.5m 1 year retention bonus, $250k annual salary, 10k options, and a 20k share stock grant. Plus a new car, kids education paid for, and $16k a month for housing and “hardship” expenses? That’s egregious!

…but of course, if a company offered me that kind of compensation, I’d take it in a heartbeat 😉

P.S. Anyone have a link to the filed court documents? I’d love to read through them.


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  1. Michael Says:

    Seen that bit here?

    Although the Three Sisters peaks are near a town called Redmond, it is not the same Redmond as the one threatened by the simmering volcano that is Steve Ballmer. Imagine the pressure building up as he conducts exit interview after exit interview with almost-ex-employees heading for greener grass at Google.

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I love your pictures of your trip to Banff.
    Anyway, you wanted to know how to find court documents on a case. You need to know the county they were filed in first of all. Most courts have websites now and you can search for recent lawsuits etc. Some require you to pay, some don’t. If you live near the court itself, you can go research it yourself since they are public documents.
    Hope this helps.

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