Tsk tsk on these invite e-mails…

September 8, 2005

Many people flame Plaxo for the e-mails we send out on behalf of our users, but many other companies seem to be adopting a viral invite model. While we can attest that it definitely works, some companies are doing things that I would consider shady. Take a look at this message from slide:

markjen invites you to join Slide
markjen says: “Come slide with me.”

Click the link below to install Slide:


When you join Slide, you will automatically be connected to
markjen, and markjen’s friends. You and markjen
will be able to share pictures between your desktops, directly.
Once you’ve joined the Slide network, you can check out what
photos your friends (and theirs) have shared, subscribe to the
channels they’ve published, and publish some of your own (you’ll see


Umm… excuse me? I did not say “come slide with me.” Yes I invited a friend through your system, but I did not give you permission to put words in my mouth.

Next, check out this invite I got from LinkedIn:


I noticed that you are also using LinkedIn. I’d be happy to recommend you to the people I know. If you feel the same, please accept my invitation to connect networks. I’ll only pass requests on to you from people I trust, and I hope you’ll do the same for me.

– Peter

P.S. Ok, that was canned, here’s the deal: someone finally invited me to Linkedin and now I’m seeing who in my Outlook contacts list is already in the system. Since you are one of those people I’m trying out the link features. Add me if you like, deny me if you don’t, no worries!

Ok, this one isn’t as bad. What I find funny is I think the P.S. portion is canned too! :-p

UPDATE: Peter let me know that he actually wrote the bottom part of that LinkedIn invite. Oops 🙂


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  1. Peter Says:

    As the author of that Linkedin invite, I can say that the P.S. part wasn’t canned, I actually wrote it. I opted to leave their default text at the top and put my personal note at the bottom, just to see how it would go out.

    Ironically enough, you and I connected a little ways back, I added you to my address book, Plaxo dropped your full details in and that’s what Linkedin picked up when it was looking for connections!

    I’ll admit, I fired off the Linkedin requests a little bit broader than I should have. Oh well, as I said originally, “no worries”. 😉


  2. markjen Says:

    Oh hi Peter, I didn’t know you actually wrote that part (sorry, it sounded canned 😉 ). Lemme update this post…

  3. I’ll have to work on not sounding so polished!

  4. rose Says:

    i can imagine you saying stuff like “come slide with me” I’m also imagining you on a slide right now…

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