Meeting Steve Gillmor? Sounds like fun :)

September 13, 2005

I looked at my calendar and realized that I’m actually going to be on a panel at a conference with Steve Gillmor this Friday. I’m looking forward to meeting him and chatting a bit about what he was thinking when he wrote some of those columns of his.

If you’re reading this Steve, I’ll see you on Friday!

Apparently, Steve mentioned me in his latest post too (of course, a mention of me, but no link :-p )… I’ll have to listen to his latest podcast to see what’s up.


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  1. Thanks for reminding me – I have no calendar app at the moment. (Actually I do, but I’m not using it so my daughter won’t kick me in the googles.)

    See you Friday.

  2. The Noon Says:

    well, the fact that Steve G. spelled your name right from the very beginning is almost a direct link ;-)… yeah, right.

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