Was this "Project M"?

September 13, 2005

I see over on Dennis’s blog that Microsoft has a beta of a photo sharing product called “Max” available for preview (I see Scoble linked to it too). I wonder if this is the “Project M” that people have been whispering about…

Max looks and acts differently than programs you’ve used before. Microsoft’s next-generation WinFX technology is built into Max, which allows you to create stunning visualizations of your pictures, and share and update them with your friends and family automatically.

If nothing else, the UI looks cool. I’m curious as to how they are using WinFX technology in this product… does the download include the latest .NET runtime, and the Avalon/Indigo/WinFS libraries?

I’ll have to download and play around with it when I get a chance…


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  1. Dan Crevier Says:

    The installer will download and install WinFX (including the .NET framework) if needed.

  2. m Says:


  3. Ya, this is “project m”. It’s a very sexy little app — and the product unit manager, Hillel Cooperman, has some great philosophies about designing software users love.

    Ask sometime why they changed the name from ‘m’ to ‘max’ 😉

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