Meet Meebo! Finally, an AJAX Trillian

September 14, 2005

A few weeks ago, when Google Talk was in the rumor mill, I had a fun discussion with some other Plaxos about what they might be doing. I was hoping they were going to make an web-based (remote scripted of course) Trillian-like client. Instead, they came out with a simple (some would say, lack luster) chat/VoIP client.

Today, Cam tipped me off to a new service called Meebo and it’s exactly what we wanted! It’s remote scripted so the UI is fast, it supports all 4 major IM networks, and it looks pretty polished for being an alpha.


A few things are missing, like emoticon support, but I’m sure they are working on it as I blog. Overall, IMO, this is much more exciting for the IM industry than the release of Google Talk.

BTW, Meebo has a blog and it was written by two Stanford grads in their spare time after work. Oh, and Shelly, it’s two women. Barriers to entry? They’re gone.


39 Responses to “Meet Meebo! Finally, an AJAX Trillian”

  1. […] (BTW, looks like MarkJ’s post beat me to it […]

  2. m Says:

    woohoo! mark wins in the race to tell people about a crappy crappy product. what a waste of my time.

    yes, a few things are missing…like ALL chat features whatsoever.

    maybe now you can go back to shelly and prove to her that maybe women are underqualified after all. or maybe you should just leave her alone. it’s not a war worth fighting.

  3. rose Says:

    oh, that was me.

  4. […] Oh how I’ve yearned for a decent web based chat client to access contacts through all the major chat protocols. If you’re like me, you have contacts scattered acroos AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and maybe ICQ. Meebo takes all those protocols and mashes them into a sweet little interface. The service is still Alpha, but don’t let that dissuade you from testing the service. [via] […]

  5. […] As Ajax spreads it wings, folks are using it to come up with cool new apps. Writely, was one. Latest – Meebo, a web-based IM client. Through Ajax, the folks at meebo were able to create a virtual application-like experience within a single web browsing window. meebo integrates a user’s accounts from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ into a single buddy list that is automatically populated upon signing into the meebo web site. Sort of like Trillian/Adium, but in a browser window. The interface is so simple and elegant. It is still alpha so be kind. It as a few issues, so be kinder. But this is slowly turning browser into more than just a browser. Like Writely, Meebo is a three-person start-up. Elaine Wherry – the Ajax guru; Sandy Jen – Server side programming; and Seth Sternberg – jack of everything else. Mark Jen has an indepth look at this app. In Broadband Life Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 3:02 PM PT […]

  6. Search and Message

    I tried out a couple of new tools the last 2 days. The first is Google Blog search and the second is an alpha of an online messenger client. Google Blog Search has the same characteristics as the rest of…

  7. […] Wow! Today has been a pretty crazy day for us holed up in Sandy’s apartment. We definitely didn’t expect the volume of response to our launch! Early in the day Mark and Om blogged meebo. We got a lot of pickup from that and started to see a bunch of other folks covering meebo on feedster and technorati such as TechCrunch and Solution Watch. […]

  8. Abandonnez gaim et Trillian, voici Meebo

    Ca faisait longtemps que je cherchais une appli dans ce style, et a ma connaissance, il n’existait que msn Webmessenger, mais il ne me permet pas comme mon Gaim d’avoir tout mes IM dans la même appli. Il manque toutefois Jabber…

  9. Hey Mark, I left this question with Om, but I’ll pose it to you as well…

    While the technology might be cool I see a very big issue with this kind of rolling up of identity by start-ups.

    The issue is trust.

    I imagine one of my kids saying, “Dad, I heard about a cool site called Meebo where I just have to give them my MSN, AOL, and Yahoo IDs and passwords and they’ll let me use their great new website. Can I use it?”

    And I imagine myself saying “No. Haven’t you heard about phishing? Whatever you do, NEVER give anyone your passwords.”

    How does a start-up get over the trust issue?

  10. […] (via Mark Jen) Well, my wish has come true. […]

  11. SiliconBeat Says:

    Meebo, the Ajax-based IM

    Mark Jen has the goods on the latest Web feature coming from three folks from Stanford. Tired of having those multiple buddy lists from different instant messenger services? Meebo integrates your accounts from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and I…

  12. markjen Says:

    Hi Ken – I understand your concerns, especially since many people used to have the same concerns about Plaxo.

    There are a few things a small start up can do that can help the situation (of course, there will always be people who won’t trust a company no matter what it does).

    1. They can set up a strong privacy policy. This will specifically state what happens (if anything) to users’ data and provides a legally enforceable agreement between users and a company.

    2. They can have good security practices. Making sure to use secure channels, not storing passwords unnecessarily, etc.

    3. They can be completely transparent with the community. By showing people what they’re all about, hopefully, people will be able to see past the corporate image and get a glimpse into the minds of the people who actually work there.

    As you can see from the latest Meebo blog post, they are already well on their way to addressing this issue.

    Lastly, something that doesn’t fix the trust issue, but makes people forget about it is providing a great product. People often trade convenience and user experience over their privacy and security. Just look at the blind trust people put in Google 😉

  13. mkamil Says:

    I am commenting on this post above by “m”:

    maybe now you can go back to shelly and prove to her that maybe women are underqualified after all

    Who has a problem w/ women entrepreneurs and arrogant enough to post it? I think you’re insecure, and fear the power and success of women.

    I can’t wait to rub it in your face one day!

  14. terry chay Says:

    And you make fun of me for calling it “AJAX” instead of “Remote Scripting” 😛

  15. terry chay Says:


    This is exactly what Sxip is trying to solve. Unlike single-signon mechanisms (MSN Passport), Sxip allows a distributed storage of your identity and then authorization is authorized by the user from the homesite to the proxy site.

    The issue is Sxip has a serious problem with bootstrapping. It needs consumer adoption to be useful, but consumers aren’t educated enough to the problem to see it as useful.

    Take care,


  16. […] Just a few days ago I had discussed Ajax and opened with the link to AjaxIM. Hot on it’s tails is Meebo releases what promises to be a much more useful web application that allows you to connect to all four major instant messenger networks. It has been called the Ajax Trillian. Considering that it’s still classified as an alpha, its functionality is surprisingly good and the interface is quite clean. The server uses GAIM, as explained in their blog post, to connect to the respective IM networks. […]

  17. Oh, and Shelly, it’s two women. Barriers to entry? They’re gone.

    And I bet that between 33% to 66% of their current team can implement a reasonable strstr() function. 🙂

  18. […] Meebo is a remotely hosted script through which we can access AIM, ICQ, Yahoo & MSN Messengers and it integrates all accounts into a single buddy list. It is quite useful when you want to access IM from public terminals which doesnt have IM software installed or you can bypass restrictions on some computer terminals where IM is not allowed.[ via Mark Jen] […]

  19. Says:

    Meebo: A New IM Service in the Right Place at the Right Time

  20. Sudan Says:

    this is good to use and do u have another side like this if u have then send me i am glad if u do this for me .

  21. franki Says:

    Can you please help us we have been blocked out of meebo at school and at the libary!!!
    I enjoy meebo as it is a great form of chatting to your friends while been at school!!!
    Can you please help me??!!
    franki xxx

  22. markjen Says:

    Hi Franki, I’m not sure what going on with your access to meebo. Your best bet will be to post something on the meebo forum, the team is usually very active on the forum.

    Good luck!

  23. […] Om Malik, SolutionWatch, derkilicious, Mark Jen Tags: meebo, jabber, InstantMessaging, googletalk, gtalk, techcrunch, web2.0 Categories: Company & Product Profiles | Bookmark this post with […]

  24. […] Mark, Joseph and Terry have all been good friends and early supporters of meebo! They define Lunch 2.0 as “a social phenomenon referring to a migration of web 2.0 company employees to other offices around the Silicon Valley area; characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, freedom to share food and ideas, and ‘the lunch as a conversation.’” There have been lunch 2.0s at Yahoo!, Google, AOL, SimplyHired, Ning and Plaxo. […]

  25. Mark Says:

    Cool, MEEBO put your blog in their blog!! :mrgreen:

  26. Samer Bazzi Says:

    Have a look at this similiar app,

  27. Jas Says:

    Hi, Guys In my company meebo is Blocked..I used to open with IP..Now they have blocked IP aswell..SO plzz tell me the way to open Yahoo Web-Messenger..

  28. Jas Says:

    If u have answer mail me at

  29. how else do i get on it my school blocked it or are there any other ways of getting on msn messenger??

  30. Mani Says:

    At my work place, I am able to access any website using browser. But meebo dosen’t work.

  31. Go figure after a review such as a lot pf bloggers thought, Meebo sucks!

    Fan of Don Lapre

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