EVDO through Verizon

September 16, 2005

Mischa, one of my co-workers, recently signed up for Verizon Wireless Internet BroadbandAccess. She’s been trying it out today in downtown San Francisco, and she’s very impressed with the speed and ease of use.

If I wasn’t moving down to the south bay, I’d seriously consider getting one and riding the CalTrain 🙂


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  1. Allen Says:

    You should be able to get coverage even after you move. Verizon’s heavily pushing out EV-DO around the U.S. and even globally.


  2. I agree, moving to the South Bay seems like the perfect reason to get EV-DO and ride CalTrain! I’m actually doing that now from San Jose Diridon to San Francisco, browsing the web on the train.


  3. Phones Says:

    EVDO Through Verizon

    Good review of Verizon’s wireless Internet….

  4. Brad Says:

    {great|gr8|fantastic|awesome} {blog|post} ill {so|definitely} be coming back alot

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