Tagalag: social tagging of people by e-mail address

September 19, 2005

John Wehr, creator of Tagalag, IMed me today to tell me about the service (if you’re a geek, you can see that he has the coveted user ID of 1). It’s a cool concept, one that I hope will evolve over the next few weeks.


Basically, it’s del.icio.us, but for e-mail addresses. John’s taken a few steps to prevent scraping of the site for e-mails, but I’m a little bit concerned about the security on the site – we’ll see how it fares after the community gets ahold of it. Speaking of the community, I’m very interested in seeing how the community ends up using it.

From what I can tell, John has just put up a basic infrastructure and is waiting to see how people use it. He’s built some of the geeky “must haves” including an API, integration with Y! Mail and GMail through Greasemonkey, and support for the XFN vocabulary.

And yes, if this site catches on, it may be something we can integrate with Plaxo. Being able to tag and look up tags for your contacts natively in Outlook? Maybe… we’ll see 🙂


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  1. Derek Says:

    Spammers getting hold of all the emails is what worried me. I added it to del.icio.us for sure when I first came across the service. Tagging is like second nature these days. Who really takes the time to write out actual descriptions these days anyway. I’m going to sit back and wait a little bit to see if any reports of email spam arise. If not, I’ll be all over this. Could you imagine the abuse? Hmm search for camping tag.. now spam all emails with broke tent sales.

    The Greasemonkey script for Gmail is awesome though…

  2. John Wehr Says:

    Mark: Thanks for the mention!

    Derek: Your full email addresses is only visible to those who have tagged you (which requires your email) or been tagged by you. Now off to call the camping supply company…

    Seriously though, spam is the first subject I address in the FAQ. Tagalag has a forum category devoted to privacy. Users decide how they are tagged, and can remove their email from the system entirely.

    Trust your instincts and I’ll keep an eye out for spammers. My hope is that by giving users complete control of the information Tagalag stores they will be better equipped to manage their public identity and protect their privacy.

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