I'm now a south bay resident!

October 5, 2005

San Francisco to SunnyvaleLast night, I finished moving out of my old place in downtown San Francisco and into my new place in the residential areas of Sunnyvale. I’ve only spent a few nights in Sunnyvale thus far and it’s quite different.

First of all, my new place has a 2 car garage. Compared to trying to find street parking in Pacific Heights, this is a Godsend. Secondly, the new place is 1800 square feet vs. less than 1000 square feet in the city. Third, I’m now paying around $800 a month (for 1 of 3 bedrooms) vs. $1300 a month (for 1 of 2 bedrooms). True, it’s not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but it’s still a major difference.

As a bonus, I changed my billing address on my car insurance and found out that the premium has decreased by over $200 every 6 months. Booyah! Geico is sending me a check for ~$150 as we speak.

Moving this time was quite a pain still. When I moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft, they hooked it up with full relocation. It was sweet. Movers came to my house in Michigan, packed everything up, moved it out to Seattle, and dropped it off at my new apartment. When I moved within Seattle, it was a bit harder. I had accrued a bunch of furniture and junk; I packed everything up and had a bunch of friends help me out. I was only moving less than 10 miles away, so many friends made the trek and helped me both load and unload.

Then, moving from Seattle to San Francisco was easy again. Google picked up the tab for full relocation.

This time, moving from San Francisco to Sunnyvale sucked. I didn’t feel right getting together a large party of people and having them make a 45 mile trek to help me move. Fortunately, my good friend Bryan had a van and was willing to make two trips back and forth to move my large items (1 bed, 2 dressers, and a mattress), but after that I had to finish up on my own. As always, the last 10 percent is the hardest.

Will I learn my lesson and stop accruing junk? Probably not 😦 But maybe I’ll just hire professionals next time 😉


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  1. ayn Says:

    Welcome to sby, I’m new here too, I didn’t have that much junk as my company put me in a hotel ’til I found a place to live, but moving still sucked! It’s pretty darn boring here, I might move to the city next year…

  2. Andy Tovar Says:

    Welcome to Sunnyvale. Which area are you near?

  3. markjen Says:

    Ayn, I really enjoyed living in the city, but I really couldn’t stand the 1.5 hour daily commute anymore 😦 If you work in the south bay, be ready for the fight of your life every morning and evening on 101 🙂

    Andy, I’m living right by Wolfe and El Camino

  4. Congrats on becomming a south bayer!

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