Congrats Jason Calacanis!

October 6, 2005

Ripping through the blogosphere tonight is news that Weblogs Inc. just got bought by AOL. Congratulations Jason, that’s quite a sum to walk away with 🙂

For AOL, I bet the $20-35 million was a bargain. Think about how much content, how many channels, and most importantly how many consistent eyeballs they are getting. From AOL’s perspective, that money is pocket change anyways and it might turn out to be a brilliant strategic move.

Oh, and if anyone wants to buy my blog, just name your price 😛


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  1. […] The buzz is definately out though, with everyone and their brother talking about the possibility of the sale, or the sale, or the consequences of the sale. Jason is of course, keeping mum about the whole thing. Expect some further news today regarding the sale. […]

  2. Ron Says:

    5 bucks!

    Going once, going twice…. SOLD! 😉

  3. Chris Meller Says:

    $20… final offer! And the first order of business has GOT to be getting rid of this Mark guy… jeeze!

  4. markjen Says:

    Oooo.. harsh 😉

  5. rose Says:

    mark pays me to read his blog and make obnoxious comments…

  6. Chris Meller Says:

    Really Rose? How can I get in on this deal?

  7. Frances M. Says:

    Rubbing my eyes, Mark I thought it was the story of your transition from Go-ogle to Plaxo that was worth a lot of money!

  8. trolo Says:

    Chris Meller you just need a pussy.

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