SBC Yahoo! DSL works as advertised

October 6, 2005

I just got my DSL installed and here are my speed test results:


I’m currently subscribed to the “express” 1.5Mbps/384Kbps SBC Yahoo! DSL service for $14.95 / mo. with a 1 year contract. The surprising thing to me is that I’m actually getting the advertised speeds; I thought for sure I’d be seeing something more along the lines of 768Kbps/128Kbps.

But wait, it’s actually $38 / mo. You see, to get DSL for $14.95, you also have to sign up for a SBC bundle, the cheapest one being $23 / mo. Totally weak in my opinion, but then again, Comcast wants $24.95 / mo. for the first 3 months and then a whopping $56 / mo. after that. Wow, that’s pretty much highway robbery. To top it off, they want $54 / mo. for Digital Cable (with pretty much no channels) and another $5 / mo. for HDTV…

I said no thanks and ordered satellite service (120 channels + HD for “only” $42 / mo.), but then I realized that I won’t be getting my local channels in HD. I have an OTA HD receiver in my Media Center (the ATI HDTV Wonder) so maybe if I can get reception, it won’t be so bad 🙂

So anyways, back to the broadband speed, SBC claims that they have a faster “pro” service offering at 3.0Mbps / 512Kbps for $24.95 / mo., but I think I’ll stick with “express” unless I notice it being way too slow over the next few days. Man, I wish I could get Verizon Fios in my area!


3 Responses to “SBC Yahoo! DSL works as advertised”

  1. Joey Chen Says:

    i have sbc dsl too. have to pay 14 dollars for a phone line that only exists for dsl. so total is like 30 dollars. i also pay $2 per month for freedomlink wireless. I can use it at B&N and Caribou =)

    sorry i missed you in chicago!

  2. User Says:

    I don’t understand YahooSBC, My stepmother has it here, but it is never fast, nor stable. She pays $25 a month and gets only 100k download speeds and 10k uploads. Wiring in the house was redone about two years ago, afew months after the dsl was ordered and she was having problems staying connected. It stays connected now, but isnt fast.

    IE: Your lucky your Yahoo SBC DSL works properly! I sure wish it would here.

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