MSN + Y! -> :)

October 14, 2005

Ah finally, MSN and Y! have decided to throw down the gauntlet and join IM networks. Man, has this been a long time in the coming or what?

Why does this excite me? Because to me, the fact that the IM networks were never connected has always been a major annoyance. Think about it this way, when you send an e-mail, do you have to think about what domain the recipient is on and switch to the appropriate client? Heck no, you just send it off and SMTP does its magic! Now there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel for the IM world – maybe we’ll get completely interoperable IM one day.

What does this mean? Users win. Imagine if the IM network itself was commoditized. At this point, the competition in IM clients really starts to heat up – after all, why would I use MSN Messenger if it didn’t have the coolest features? I could simply download Y! Messenger and IM all my MSN friends.

And lastly, I’m excited because I think Plaxo has the potential to enhance the user experience as well. For the next version of AIM, we’ve already built really cool address book features which differentiate AIM from the other IM clients. What’s up next? Sorry, can’t blog about it. You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


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  1. […] As pointed out by Mark, do we really need to think about the email service-provider of the recipient while writing an email? It just works. […]

  2. Microsoft and Yahoo,…Google wanting to team up with the likes of Comcast. You shouldn’t be excited but rather worried. These corporations have no morals. Most of them have money tied up in real estate so you could be paying rent to them too. You might remember @home leaders in cable broadband. They were destroyed by their parent company At&T who owned the majority controling stock so they could profit from it themselves along with comcast and cox. Then the crook At&t who ripped off so many customers hides under SBC which have ties to Yahoo…thats just one tenticle that I discribed. These companies have CEO’s serving on each others boards its like, very interconnected like some kind of Billionare Boys Club. Lot of these companies also sponsor open source software, with them looking as more like outsource to them. So the moral of the story is that these companies are the leaches of society, and we as a society should not glorify them but punish them. As far as moral companies out there, Costco Wholesale Corp. have been making news in that front, and they stick out like a “sore thumb” too, which does prove that you can be big and make enough money for your employees, yourself, and your suppliers and still be a value to your customers.

  3. markjen Says:

    Hi Freedomfighter, that’s an interesting perspective you bring up. It is very true that many of these large companies work like a billionare boys club since all the top-level people and investors are the same people. At least some of them provide a little bit of value to the public (internet search, connectivity, etc.) although they definitely charge an arm and a leg for it 😉

    I remember reading an article about Costco a few months ago and it sounds like a pretty cool outfit. Unfortunately, as you said, the Costcos of the world are few and far between.

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